This error message, commonly known as the Blue screen of death, is one of the most annoying errors to lớn receive. Not only does your computer randomly crash without warning, but it might have trouble starting back up. The main fixes for this issue involve running various Windows inbuilt tools and updating your software and drivers.

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Depending on the specific case, you might be encountering other issues that come with this error, such as infinite boot cycles, updates being stuck on 0%, or your PC will entirely not start back up. Don’t worry, as even though the name blue screen of death sounds intimidating, it has some relatively simple fixes.

In this article, you will learn the common causes for this error message, how lớn fix it, & how khổng lồ prevent it from occurring again in the future.

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Your Device Ran Into a Problem & Needs khổng lồ Restart(Fixes)Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Causes

If you are getting this error message onto a blue screen on Windows, the following issues might be present on your computer:

Damaged or missing system filesCorrupted registry files Overclocking of hardware RAM errorsOut of date drivers Software incompatibility Improperly installed Windows UpdateHard drive issues

Most of the causes for this error are software related, but lousy hardware parts can also cause it.

You might get specific error codes or từ khoá such as MEMORY_MANAGEMENT next lớn the error code. If you get such a code, it can narrow down the causes of your crash by a lot, so pay attention if you get an error code there. Sometimes you will not get any error code, in which case you must perform basic troubleshooting.

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List of Error Messages & Their Meaning

Below is a danh mục of the most common error codes you might get along with the xanh screen. There are over 100 different error messages that can be generated so make sure to check specific ones and what causes them.

FAULTY_HARDWARE-CORRUPTED_PAGE: Your drivers are missing or corruptINACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE: Incorrectly configured primary boot driveCRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED: Application issue or Windows service errorBAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO: Windows registry related error

All of the xanh screen of death fixes we’ve listed below generally apply và work for most of the error codes you might receive, with the exception of some very specific and rare ones.

Just follow the steps below in order lớn ensure that your system is running error không lấy phí without any abrupt xanh screen crashes.

Your Device Ran Into a Problem và Needs to Restart(Fixes)

Fix Damaged System Files

Windows has a built-in utility tool that allows users khổng lồ run checks on the integrity of crucial system files that might have become corrupt or damaged for some reason.

To access this tool, follow these steps:

Open the Windows Start MenuType: “CMD” in the tìm kiếm field and press EnterWhen the Command Prompt opens, type: sfc /scannow

9" alt="startup-repair" height="288" width="500" srcset=" 500w, 300w, 150w, 450w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px">If these steps still don’t solve your boot loop, navigate to the same menu but click on Startup Settings > Start windows in Safe mode instead.

If your PC still keeps stuck in an infinite boot loop with the blue screen of death, it might be time to lớn perform a factory reset on your Windows. Only vì this step as a last resort.


The xanh screen of death is an age-old issue that persists even on Windows 10 The way lớn fix it is by scanning & repairing corrupt files or wrong settingsSome applications can cause this crash when run with incompatible software or driversIf you can’t access any of the basic troubleshooting steps, you need a Windows Installation disk or USB lớn perform a system repair or restore
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