Why is Greenland called the land of the midnight sun

Various Arctic regions can quite rightly be called “The land of the midnight sun.” Any region close to the Arctic Circle falls within the land of the midnight sun. But the actual experience of the midnight sun may differ from one Arctic region khổng lồ another, whether it’s Arctic Norway, Lapland, Iceland, Greenland, or Nunavut in Arctic Canada. But few Arctic destinations offer the same wonder of the midnight sun as Greenland.

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So what does that phrase, “the land of the midnight sun,” actually mean khổng lồ a traveler? The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon whereby the sun does not set for a matter of days or months. I recall my first visit lớn the Arctic Circle about a decade ago and I recall being puzzled by the triple-layered curtains in my khách sạn room. It was at 1:15 in the morning—with daylight outside my window—that I realized they were actually blackout curtains lớn block the Greenland midnight sun so I could sleep.


Quark Expeditions guests can camp overnight along the Tasermiut Fjord in South Greenland.Photo: Peter Lindstrom/Visit Greenland

So, why does it never get dark at night at certain times of the year if you’re in the land of the midnight sun, be it in Greenland, Iceland, or the Canadian High Arctic? As scientists have explained, the midnight sun occurs when the Earth’s axis is tilted more towards the sun, & peaks when the summer solstice is in full swing (late June). It’s possible at these times to lớn observe the sun moving in the sky—however you don’t see it dip below the horizon completely. Depending on how far your travels take you in the northern regions of the world, this continuous daylight can last from one day to lớn as long as five months.

Seasoned visitors to lớn central Greenland have found that the sun does not mix from the over of May until the over of July, early August. So, in this particular part of Greenland, the midnight sun is visible khổng lồ visitors for 24 hours. & that’s why Greenland is called the land of the midnight sun.

So, what is it like for the traveler who visits Greenland on a quest to lớn witness the midnight sun? to lớn quote one longtime Greenlandic resident: “If you have not seen the Greenland Midnight Sun setting behind the wall of icebergs, then you have missed something fundamental in your life!” Others talk about Greenland being completely enveloped in a muted golden light for days, weeks, or months on end.

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When is the best time to lớn see the midnight sun in Greenland

The midnight sun in Greenland is between late April và late August in the island’s northernmost regions. Closer khổng lồ the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun is visible between early June and mid-July. Of course, you need to lớn factor in navigation and weather. Quark Expeditions offers voyages lớn various parts of Greenland from July to lớn late August/early September. Essential Greenland: Southern Coasts và Disko Bay, for instance, is offered in July which aligns with one of the best times to see the midnight sun in Greenland.


Prolonged daylight in Greenland's Land of the Midnight Sun. Photo: Ben Haggar

Most polar ships are designed with blackout curtains that keep the light from coming in—so there’ll be little chance of the midnight sun keeping you awake when you’re about to fall to lớn sleep. Additionally, blackout curtains on ships also prevent inside light from penetrating the dark Arctic surroundings. This is to lớn reduce the impact on local wildlife which is central khổng lồ Quark Expeditions’ Polar Promise sustainability practice of protecting the places and wildlife we visit in the Polar Regions. Và remember to lớn pack your eye mask just in case!

What lớn expect when you embrace the Greenland nightlife

What’s meant by “Greenland nightlife” to one traveler could very well differ from someone else’s sense of “Greenland nightlife.” If you’re looking khổng lồ “check out the night scene” in the small capital of Nuuk, of course, you will find restaurants & bars. But, as we well know, the lure of visiting Greenland, the land of the midnight sun, is to experience a late night with the sun still shining in all of its Arctic glory!

The continuous light means that photography, wilderness viewing, và landscape discoveries will go late in the day into the evening—much later than in other parts of the world. Who knew that icebergs, glaciers, and wildlife would be part of the Greenland nightlife? Can you imagine taking a Zodiac cruise to view the icebergs of Ilulissat Icefjord with that prolonged sunlight in the background at midnight?


The light plays on icebergs in South Greenland. Photo: Aningaaq R. Carlsen/Visit GreenlandE

How to lớn get to lớn Greenland

Planning how lớn get lớn Greenland khổng lồ experience the wonders of the land of the midnight sun starts with choosing the trip lớn match your Arctic travel desires. Greenland offers many natural wonders ranging from polar bears & muskoxen to lớn deep fjords & snow-covered peaks. So you’ll want to align the various goals on your travel các mục as you plan how lớn get to Greenland.

Some itineraries, such as the multi-destination Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland, and Spitsbergen, depart from three different places based on the schedule: Oslo, Norway; Reykjavik, Iceland; và Helsinki, Finland. Other voyages, such as Best of the Western Arctic: Canada và Greenland, will see guests departing on their flight from Toronto, Canada, then joining their ship in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Guests who join Quark Expeditions’ Greenland Adventure: daichiensk.com by Sea, Land and Air will rendezvous in Reykjavik, Iceland, & then fly by private charter flight from the Icelandic capital lớn Narsarsuaq, Greenland, where they’ll embark on their ship into the beauty of Greenland.

For more expert tips on traveling lớn Greenland, the land of the midnight sun, kiểm tra out How khổng lồ Fly to lớn Greenland From Canada and The Ultimate Greenland Travel Guide.

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