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In an era where traditions fade away fast, birthday cards are still the most popular type of greeting card globally. Nearly half of everyday greeting cards are created with a birthday in mind.

But, not enough of us take advantage of all the creative ways there are to địa chỉ a personal touch và unique flair lớn the next birthday card we send.

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Why wait lớn celebrate? There’s never been a better time than the—you guessed it—present khổng lồ flip the script and imagine what kind you send next.

In this blog post, we’ll show you a wide variety of birthday card art & DIY examples that’ll delight your next birthday thẻ recipient.

So, come on in, và welcome lớn the party.

Birthday thẻ Art Done 6 Ways

Want lớn win over someone with a card as they take another trip around the sun? Go for a birthday thẻ style that captures their spirit.

If a specific thẻ style appears to not be a fit, ponder other ways it can be reimagined so that it caters to them.

Here are six quality birthday card styles.

1. Drawn Birthday Card

Minimalistic drawing birthday card with a gentle touch by Caitlin E. Aguilar.

Drawing on birthday cards isn’t a brand new trend, but it’s aged gracefully. It makes for a wildly popular birthday thẻ design choice. It’s no coincidence that it boosts the moods of those who draw them or gaze into them.

Once we grow up, we often forget how much joy doodling once brought us. Children celebrating birthdays may not need a reason lớn laugh or giggle at a drawing on cards they receive.

However, we need drawing lớn remind us it’s okay to feel lượt thích a kid again.

Just take a peek at this hand-drawn birthday card. The back-to-basics kiến thiết opts for a trắng background và thin đen ink—as well as a lovely combination of fruits và florals that look like they fell off a cornucopia.

There’s nothing quite like that homemade feel, even if you kiến thiết it digitally!

2. Zentangle Birthday Card

Find peace inside this Zentangle happy birthday card. License this image via H Art.

Tired of templates? Look no further than Zentangle. This drawing style trades traditional templates for a patterned system.

Zentangle is just structured enough for beginners khổng lồ not feel like they’re falling behind. Yet, it allows you to lớn create chất lượng patterns from dots, circles, curves, lines, và s-shaped lines.

This Zentangle birthday card touts a semi-symmetric look across a mandala banner—a geometric thiết kế representing the universe in Hinduism và Buddhism.

Zentangle leaves a soothing effect on the eye & even sida meditation practices.

Once you draw yours by hand, Zentangle will prompt you lớn hyper-focus on small details, unlocking both your focus và creativity.

3. Pop-up Art Birthday Card

This pop-up birthday card wants lớn stand out from the rest. Image via Toni Brack.

Pop-up art got its start in books, not for entertainment, but to lớn launch the 13th century equivalent of Google.

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Nowadays, you don’t have to tìm kiếm long before discovering why pop-up art is a fantastic way lớn transform a flat birthday card.

Pop-up art cards exude a 3D-esque nature that breaks dimensions và our expectations of what a top-notch experience as a birthday thẻ recipient should be.

So, is it a surprise pop-up art can mix off a purple birthday explosion lượt thích this? Of course not.

On a Rectangles-Crosshatch background, this birthday card uses balloon dye, confetti, & a reliable pair of scissors to lớn ensure this KABOOM didn’t just come out of nowhere.

4. Color Birthday Card

Beautiful color birthday thẻ design for pet-obsessed gal pals by Lolita.

How you go about choosing the right color for your birthday thẻ depends on who it’s for. Birthday cards for kids may feature a fair nội dung of neons and pastels.

Adult birthday cards aren’t limited to one or two dominant colors. Still, plenty of birthday cards (like this one) come in pink.

Vector graphics unleash a Millennial-esque pink that establishes a smooth background in this birthday card.

By opting for a digital postcard format, this thẻ proves you don’t have to follow too many traditions while celebrating someone’s special day.

5. Painted Birthday Card

Bluesy paints & feathers depict a water-y setting in this birthday card. License this image via Lera Efremova.

Were we getting lớn the end of this blog post without dripping a few paint-related pro tips for your birthday thẻ design? Of course not!

Whether or not you take or pass up a chance lớn channel your inner Picasso, you can still include it on your card.

You’re not expected to lớn pick a multi-color aesthetic if you opt for a paint design. However, this happy birthday card builds enough consistency with different shades of blue before letting secondary colors make short & sweet appearances.

6. Calligraphy Birthday Card

Easy-breezy calligraphy và peach-y colors steal this birthday card headline by Natalie Avalos.

Calligraphy has transformed global art và innovation since the days of Ancient Rome. Back then, it was so useful it brought the Latin alphabet to life in Roman cursive.

If it’s good enough to create a world-famous alphabet và font, then you can count on it to lớn be the focal point of your birthday card design.

We can’t confirm how Julius Caesar would feel about receiving this happy birthday message. But, we vì know its hand-lettered calligraphy flows lượt thích butter on a hot knife.

The cursive phông doesn’t mimic John Hancock’s signature, và it tiptoes close to lớn a collegiate varsity-style font. Yet, after dimming down the tints, the card’s sunny disposition is delicately understated.

The Most Important design Tip

When push comes lớn shove, finding a birthday card style that gets the job done boils down lớn one element that’s not exclusive khổng lồ brilliant design. The secret recipe for a birthday thẻ they’ll keep forever is as old as time—it starts & ends with empathy.

You’ll score big when you tailor your birthday thẻ to the recipient’s outlook of the world. Dive deep và think about what and who they care about.

From there, imagine what their utopia would look lượt thích if it came lớn life. Then, hop into Create & get to lớn crafting your person’s best birthday thẻ yet! How? Easy!

Quick Steps khổng lồ Make a Birthday thẻ in Create

Make your person’s day with a memorable & personalized birthday thẻ in Create.Add personal pics, textures, effects, và graphics khổng lồ make your card pop.

If you decide to print, be sure lớn use thẻ stock or a more durable paper than your average printing paper for longevity. Also, you’ll want to trương mục for bleed space by leaving 1/8″ on each side.

That’s it, tiệc nhỏ people! There’s truly no wrong way to lớn create with Create. Happy birthday to your loved ones, now go celebrate!

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