What bởi Cold Air Returns vì Anyways?

Well, they vày pretty much exactly what they say; they return cold air back khổng lồ your furnace khổng lồ be heated and then distributed throughout your home.

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You will find cold air returns near the floor of your rooms as cold air falls.

The returns at the đứng top of your rooms are hot air returns, since warm air rises. Amazing stuff, I know.

These vents are essentially the “lungs” of your HVAC system.

It “breathes in” via the return air vents, and “breathes out” via the supply vents.

Cold Air Return Tips

Be sure khổng lồ keep the area around your cold air return vents clear và clean so that air can recirculate properly.A professional HVAC company can diagnose this issue for you.
How many cold air returns vị I need?

Ideally you want a cold air return register in every major room in your home. This would not include bathrooms và closets, but bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Older homes might only have just one or two on each floor.

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Where are cold air returns located?

Cold air returns are located on interior walls in a home, typically close to the floor or low on the wall. You want khổng lồ make sure that cold air return vents are not blocked or covered by furniture so that your home can get proper air circulation.

Where is the cold air returning to on a furnace?

The cold air from the returning vents is cycled back into the furnace where it is heated & cycled back into the house.

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