Everything About The Color Seafoam Green

The màu sắc described as “seafoam” can evoke images of white-crested waves; however, the màu sắc named seafoam green is derived more from the ocean và water itself. So, what màu sắc is seafoam green & how can the color be used in designs? to find the answers, read on to learn all about the seafoam color.

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1 What màu sắc Is Seafoam Green?2 Shades of Seafoam Green3 What Colors Go With Seafoam Green?6 Frequently Asked Questions

What color Is Seafoam Green?

The seafoam green màu sắc can be described as being a soft green-blue, which contains a little more green than xanh when looking at the RGB color code. This màu sắc code is what is used when designing websites and other online images. The percentages show you how much of each red, blue, & green color is present khổng lồ make the seafoam color. The hex code #93e9be is simply a universal way lớn identify colors online.


The seafoam color can also be described as an extremely soft cyan or lime green, with a slight grayish undertone. When trying lớn find a seafoam green màu sắc on a color wheel, it is situated between blue & green, close khổng lồ aqua. This makes it a fresh & relaxing color, and very similar to mint green. However, when it comes khổng lồ seafoam green vs. Mint green, you will notice the mint green has a definite green hue to it. There is no doubt as to lớn whether it appears blue or green, lượt thích the seafoam màu sắc sometimes can.

Seafoam Green ShadeSeafoam Green Hex CodeCMYK Seafoam Green color Code (%)RGB Seafoam Green color CodeSeafoam Green Color
Seafoam Green#93e9be37, 0, 18, 9147, 233, 190
Mint Green#98ff9840, 0, 40, 0152, 255, 152


Seafoam Green Color: A Brief History

The name, as we have mentioned, is derived from the ocean waters, but the màu sắc has been around for some years. The màu sắc can be traced as far back as the 18th century, but only became more popular in fashion and interior design during the 1950s. Ford had a Seafoam green và Pearl white Ford, while Chevrolet came out with the Chevrolet 150 Holley that was painted Indian ivory and seafoam green.


More recently, in 2001, Crayola included a seafoam màu sắc in their crayon collection. The màu sắc made it lớn the spring collection in 2014 and was named “hemlock”. This color then began showing up in fabric lines. Today, there are many shades of seafoam green, and it continues lớn be a popular màu sắc for all types of kiến thiết projects, for its fresh and subtle color.


Meaning of Seafoam Green Color

Seafoam green is a soft color that has properties of both blue & green colors. The màu sắc is fresh, but also has a calming effect và has a close association with nature and the environment. The soft green màu sắc can also be associated with things lượt thích luck và can hotline to mind things lượt thích innocence as well as youth. As with all colors, you also have a few negative associations. The màu sắc can also have associations with jealousy, and a lack of confidence, và it can even have depressing qualities. Other meanings behind the seafoam màu sắc include the following.

The màu sắc can help to lớn balance emotions & helps khổng lồ promote a sense of calm và provides clarity.Keeping with nature, renewal, và growth, the seafoam color is also associated with health và happiness.The color is fresh, yet soft and soothing, & can create a sense of tranquility.The Seafoam color feels clean and is in harmony with all natural things.


Shades of Seafoam Green

When it comes lớn the ocean và the ocean waves, there are many colors và shades involved. Think of the different colors on a calm, warm & sunny day, versus a stormy & dark day. Just like in nature, there are numerous shades of seafoam green, especially if you are trying lớn find web colors. The most common are sea green, light green, và spring green.


Sea Green

This màu sắc may also remind you of the ocean, but not the water, instead the kelp that floats in the water. This màu sắc is darker than the seafoam color and can be described as a medium-dark cyan or lime green. Sea green màu sắc formed part of the Levellers tiệc nhỏ in England during the 1640s, which was a political interest group during the English civil war.


Seafoam Green ShadeSeafoam Green Hex CodeCMYK Seafoam Green màu sắc Code (%)RGB Seafoam Green màu sắc CodeSeafoam Green Color
Sea Green#2e8b5767, 0, 37, 4546, 139, 87

Light Green

This color has a definite green undertone, with less xanh when compared lớn the seafoam color. The color, as with seafoam green, can bring about feelings of relaxation, calmness, & peace. Light green usually goes well with soft pink or magenta colors và other shades of blue và green.


Seafoam Green ShadeSeafoam Green Hex CodeCMYK Seafoam Green color Code (%)RGB Seafoam Green color CodeSeafoam Green Color
Light Green#90ee9039, 0, 39, 7144, 238, 144

Spring Green

A more vibrant cyan color can be found about midway between green & cyan on the color wheel. The màu sắc was recorded as an English color name in 1766. The spring green & spring bud colors used to be similar. However, the spring green web color you see below was developed in 1987 and formed part of the original X11 web colors. So, the original spring green màu sắc is now known as spring bud, to lớn avoid any mix-up with the web màu sắc spring green.


Seafoam Green ShadeSeafoam Green Hex CodeCMYK Seafoam Green color Code (%)RGB Seafoam Green color CodeSeafoam Green Color
Spring Green#00ff7f100, 0, 50, 00, 255, 127
Spring Bud#a7fc0034, 0, 100, 1167, 252, 0

What Colors Go With Seafoam Green?

Seafoam green is quite a useful color, as it goes well with most colors. The color will lend some màu sắc to neutrals, especially white but it can also work well with brown, black, & cream. To lớn understand color combinations more, following color theory & bringing in a color wheel can help. Some of the colors that complement seafoam green include the following:

ShadeHex CodeCMYK màu sắc Code (%)RGB color CodeColor
Taupe#483c320, 17, 31, 7272, 60, 50
Salmon#ff8c690, 45, 59, 0255, 140, 105
Tangerine#f285000, 45, 100, 5242, 133, 0
Coral#ff7f500, 50, 69, 0255, 127, 80
Lilac#c8a2c80, 19, 0, 22200, 162, 200
Light Yellow#ffff620, 0, 62, 0255, 255, 98


There are a few màu sắc combinations you can follow, for example, complementary colors. These colors are positioned across from one another when considering the color wheel. When these colors are placed alongside one another, they stand out and form a contrast. In the case of the seafoam color, it is a soft pink color. The coral, salmon, & tangerine colors also fall into this category.

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ShadeHex CodeCMYK color Code (%)RGB color CodeColor
Seafoam Green#93e9be37, 0, 18, 9147, 233, 190
Soft Pink#e993be0, 37, 18, 9233, 147, 190


Analogous Seafoam Colors

These colors are found next lớn each other when viewing the màu sắc wheel. So, shades of green & blue will go nicely with the seafoam color. These color combinations are easy o the eyes as they are alike.


ShadeHex CodeCMYK màu sắc Code (%)RGB màu sắc CodeColor
Very Soft Cyan#93e9e937, 0, 0, 9147, 233, 233
Seafoam Green#93e9be37, 0, 18, 9147, 233, 190
Soft Lime Green#93e99337, 0, 37, 9147, 233, 147

Monochromatic Seafoam Colors

Monochromatic colors are similar lớn the above analogous colors, in that they go well together and are calming to lớn look at. The colors are achieved by using a single color and then creating variations of this color.


ShadeHex CodeCMYK color Code (%)RGB màu sắc CodeColor
Soft Cyan#53dc9862, 0, 31, 1483, 220, 152
Seafoam Green#93e9be37, 0, 18, 9147, 233, 190
Light Grayish Cyan#d3f6e414, 0, 7, 4211, 246, 228

Triadic Seafoam Colors

Triadic colors are again contrasting colors, và these form a triangular shape that is equally spaced on the color wheel. You can even go up khổng lồ four colors và these are known as square or tetradic màu sắc combinations.


ShadeHex CodeCMYK màu sắc Code (%)RGB màu sắc CodeColor
Very Soft Orange#e9be930, 18, 37, 9233, 190, 147
Seafoam Green#93e9be37, 0, 18, 9147, 233, 190
Very Soft Violet#be93e918, 37, 0, 9190, 147, 233

Mixing a Seafoam color With Acrylics

The easiest way to lớn mix a seafoam color is khổng lồ take a basic blue and green và then showroom a small amount of gray or white. You can experiment with the ratios until you reach the desired color. You can also create a green base màu sắc from blue và yellow.


Then you can deepen the color by adding more blue và once you have the green you want, you can địa chỉ cửa hàng white lớn lighten & adjust the màu sắc tone. When experimenting with mixing colors, it is a good idea to create your own seafoam green màu sắc palette. This way you have notes of what you have been doing, and can always find a specific màu sắc again.

Designing With a Seafoam Color

The seafoam color is quite flexible & can easily be used in clothing, jewelry as a nail varnish color, or even as a hair color. The màu sắc works wonderfully with health & wellness-related businesses like spas và salons as it is a calming & refreshing color, without being overwhelming. However, it is also a favorite for many as a color palette for interior kiến thiết projects.


The seafoam green màu sắc can be used in most rooms in the home, but it is especially popular in the bedroom và bathroom areas. This is because it has a calming & clean feel lớn it. You can create a seafoam green màu sắc palette that involves the seafoam màu sắc as your main feature, as it is soft và can easily be balanced with neutral colors lượt thích white. The màu sắc can also work as an accent color, for example, if you vì chưng not wish to have an entire room painted seafoam green, then simply create a single accent wall.


If you have a more neutral màu sắc palette, you can also bring in furnishings and accessories that are in a seafoam color. Consider adding a soft splash of màu sắc using a throw or hanging up some curtains. Cushions, vases, and rugs also make great accessories. For the kitchen, you can consider painting the cupboards a seafoam green color.

Create different color combinations for more depth, just remember lớn stick lớn the 60:30:10 rule for a more balanced look, where you choose a dominant màu sắc and then showroom your accent colors. This way you can địa chỉ cửa hàng more vibrant colors, without it getting too overpowering.


This also means not using every màu sắc in the rainbow when decorating with seafoam green. The màu sắc itself is fairly vibrant & should be used carefully, with only two or a maximum of three other colors. However, this is only a recommendation and choosing colors for decorating is entirely up khổng lồ each person.

If you prefer a more subdued green that still retains some vibrancy and has a calming, yet refreshing appeal, then seafoam green is the right choice. Not overbearing and versatile, it is a color that can work in many designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What màu sắc Is Seafoam Green?

The seafoam màu sắc is a soft green-blue màu sắc or a soft cyan color. Since it has both green & blue, it calls to mind similar feelings. The green brings freshness và nature, while the xanh is calming và tranquil.

What Colors Go With Seafoam Green?

Seafoam green is one of the easier colors to lớn work with, as it can go with a variety of colors. The colors that complement seafoam green includes warm colors like coral or tangerine. However, similar shades of green as well as xanh also work well. Gray, white, & other neutral colors are also good khổng lồ use along with seafoam green.

Are Mint Green and Seafoam Green Similar?

These are all different colors, and each has its own hex code. When it comes khổng lồ seafoam green vs. Mint green, they are similar, the only difference is in the amount of green và blue present. Mint green has a lot more green, while seafoam has a little less green và more blue.

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