These ‘We Don’t Care’ bathroom signs are gender-inclusive

“We Don’t Care” bathroom signs are here, & we love them. They’re sending the right message about the bathroom debate North Carolina started – using the restroom should have nothing to vày with your gender.

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Kansas city artist Peregrine Honig created the sign that features a half-man and half-woman figure with the word “We Don’t Care” written underneath. The creation was in response khổng lồ the bathroom debate, but the gender-inclusive signs became super popular this week when Canada decided lớn use a whole bunch of them at Canadian National Exhibition, which is the country’s largest national fair. “We thought it said exactly what we wanted lớn say. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, you can use this washroom,” General Manager of CNE Virginia Ludy explained lớn Mashable.

The response online has been overwhelmingly supportive, và people have been posting photos of them on every social truyền thông media site. “I think that we, as an event, want to be fair lớn everybody and so if we can kiến thiết washrooms that are a little bit more private và accommodating for our customers, that don’t make them uncomfortable because of the facilities they think they should be using or not using, or how the public will react, then that’s a good thing,” Ludy said.

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Imagine that – people taking the time to lớn think about how their actions would impact those around them and then choosing khổng lồ make folks feel at ease. If only some of our southern states would look khổng lồ the north before creating discriminatory legislation. The debacle started back in March when N.C. Passed a law requiring transgender people use the bathroom that corresponds to lớn the sex on their birth certificate. Most of the country agreed – North Carolina gone lost its mind.

We all tried our best to lớn show N.C. Politicians how absurd they’re being. Transgender woman Sarah McBride’s selfie và corresponding post pointed out how insane it would be for her lớn use a men’s restroom. Target responded with a policy allowing transgender people to lớn use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Countless artists canceled their performances in the state. & a single dad wrote a heartfelt post reminding us why the whole bathroom debate is ridiculous.

While we wait on elected officials lớn get the message, it’s nice to lớn know that others are moving forward in the right direction. Organizers of the Canadian fair said progress with the bathroom sign situation was long overdue. Ludy added,” We need to lớn have facilities that reflect the makeup of the community today.” We couldn’t agree more.

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