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Any of various fat-soluble or water-soluble organic substances that are essential in minute amounts for normal growth & activity of living organisms. They are synthesized by bacteria and plants and are obtained by animals chiefly in their diet.

(Elements & Compounds) any of a group of substances that are essential, in small quantities, for the normal functioning of metabolism in the body. They cannot usually be synthesized in the body but they occur naturally in certain foods: insufficient supply of any particular vitamin results in a deficiency disease


(ˈvaɪ tə mɪn; Brit. also ˈvɪt ə-)

also vi•ta•mine

(-mɪn, -ˌmin) n.
any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to lớn normal metabolism, found in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs và also produced synthetically: deficiencies of vitamins produce specific disorders.
<1912; earlier vitamine vīt(a) life + amine; coined by Casimir Funk (1884–1967), U.S. biochemist, who thought they were amines>
Any of various complex organic compounds that are needed in small amounts for normal growth and activity of the toàn thân & are found naturally in foods obtained from plants và animals.
Did You Know? To help the cells in our bodies work properly, it is essential that we get a daily supply of vitamins. This links between vitamins and good health was made in the early 1900s by the Polish biochemist Casimir Funk. Funk was studying beriberi, a disease that damages nerves, when he discovered an organic compound that prevented this illness. He named the compound vitamine, or "life amine," a name that stuông xã even though most vitamins vì not include the type of chemical called an amine. Today we know that vitamins help keep our bodies strong and healthy, in addition to preventing a variety of illnesses. But because our bodies cannot produce these compounds, we must get them in the foods we eat as part of a well-balanced diet.

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vitamin - any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities lớn normal metabolism
aliment, alimentation, nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, victuals, nutrition - a source of materials khổng lồ nourish the body
B. CPD vitamin content N → contenivì m vitamínicovitamin deficiency N → avitaminosis f, déficit m vitamínicoVi-Ta-Min pill N → pastilla f de vitaminasvitamin supplement N → suplemento lớn m vitamínicovitamin tablet N → pastilla f de vitaminas
modif → en vitamines; → vitaminiquevitamin deficiency n → carence f en vitaminesvitamin-enriched <ˌvɪtəmɪnɪnˈrɪtʃt> adj → enrichi(e) en vitaminesVi-Ta-Min pill n → comprimé m de vitamines
n → Vitamin nt; vitamin A → Vitamin A; with added vitamins → mit Vitaminen angereichert


<ˈvɪtəmɪn> n → vitaminawith added vitamins → vitaminizzato/a
any of a group of substances necessary for healthy life, different ones occurring in different natural things such as raw fruit, dairy products, fish, meat etc. A healthy diet is full of vitamins; Vitamin C is found in fruit & vegetables; (also adjective) vitamin pills. vitamien فيتامين витамин vitamina vitamín(ový) das Vitamin, Vitamin... vitamin; vitamin- βιταμίνηvitamimãng cầu vitamiin ویتامین vitamiini vitamineויטמין विटामिन Vi-Ta-Min Vi-Ta-Min vitamin vítamín vitamina; di vitamimãng cầu ビタミン 비타민 vitaminas vitamīns vitamin vitaminevitaminwitamimãng cầu ويټامين، په خوړوكې هغه مواد چې دژوند دپاره ضروري دي vitamina vitamină витамин vitamín vitamin; vitaminski vitamin Vi-Ta-Min วิตามิน vitamin 維生素 вітамін; вітамінний وٹامن، حياتين sinch tố, Vi-Ta-Min 维生素


→ فِيتَامِيـن vitamín Vi-Ta-Min Vitamin βιταμίνη vitamimãng cầu vitamiini vitamine Vi-Ta-Min vitamimãng cầu ビタミン 비타민 vitamine vitamin witamina vitamimãng cầu витамин Vi-Ta-Min วิตามิน Vi-Ta-Min Vi-Ta-Min 维生素
n. vitamina, uno de los compuestos orgánicos que se encuentran en pequeñas cantidades en los alimentos y que son esenciales en el desarrollo y funcionamienlớn del organismo. V.: Vitamins & Mineral Sources


adj vitamínico; n vitamina; fatsoluble — vitamimãng cầu liposoluble; — A (B12, etc.) vitamina A (B12, etc.); — B complex complejo vitamíniteo B; water-soluble — vitamimãng cầu hidrosoluble
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He put on der gloves vit der boys at Hansen"s loft, he put on der gloves vit de boys at der varehouse.
Silverstein"s hysterical sneer, "keepin" company vit a bruiser." Next, Silverstein và his wife fell to lớn differing on "noted" and "notorious" as applicable to lớn her lover.
(TSXV: GTR, OTC: GATGF) (the "Company" or "Gatling") is pleased to announce that it has received an exploration permit for the Kir Vit Zone at its Larder Gold Project, located 4 kilometers north of the Cadillac Larder Lake Break ("CLLB") in Ontario.
Gatling Receives Exploration Drilling Permit for Kir Vit & Completes Option at Recently Acquired Kir Vit Property
Whereas other 3 groups (T-2, T-3, T-4) were fed with basal diet + 125mg/kg vitamin E (-tocopherol acetate) (T-2), basal diet + 0.5 mg/kilogam Selenium (selenomethionine) (T-3) and basal diet + 125 mg/kilogam Vit E + 0.5 mg/kg Se (T-4), respectively (Table I).
Effect of Dietary Vitamin E, Selenium & Their Combination on Concentration of Selenium, MDA, & Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Some Tissues of Laying Hens
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