Ready to lớn make the most of your square footage? Consider these two beds in one small room ideas to find a layout (and furniture pieces) you love.

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Fitting two beds in one small room isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. Whether you’re designing a kids’ room for your little ones to tóm tắt or a guest room for families, you have more options than you might imagine.

Tiny houses và shrinking trang chủ sizes have opened up a world of space-saving furniture and arrangement ideas. As a result, small space setups are more popular than ever, và we’re here to help you find a layout you love.

Discover our six favorite two beds in one small room ideas so that you can make the most of your square footage. We’ve also included some hàng hóa recommendations lớn make furniture shopping even easier.

How lớn fit two beds in one small room


Creating a shared room in a small bedroom is possible with the right tactics and furniture. Before you dive into layout ideas, here are some tips to bring out your inner interior designer:

Use twin beds: Twin mattresses are an excellent choice for fitting two beds in a small room. However, you can always form size up if you have space, và some of the ideas in this guide already work with larger mattress sizes.Be flexible: Don’t hesitate to convert kids’ bedroom ideas into adult ones — just look for more mature furniture and designs.Test everything: Test the size of every piece of furniture before you buy. You can vày this by outlining the shape of each piece on your floor with masking tape lớn see if everything fits.Measure first: Record the exact dimensions of your bedroom before you begin planning và shopping.Go bright: Bright màu sắc palettes and lots of natural light help make tiny bedroom spaces feel larger. Don’t forget to showroom a few pops of color. For example, your màu sắc scheme might include white, beige, and tan, with light blue and green accents.

Bringing your favorite design ideas khổng lồ life in your own space will be easier with the help of these tips. Bookmark this page so you can refer back as needed during your bedroom makeover project.

Two beds in one small room ideas: 6 options khổng lồ try

Fitting two beds in one small room is a balancing act — you need the room khổng lồ be functional without feeling cramped. As you browse these ideas, think about how they would work for your space. For example, the best thiết kế for a guest room you’ll use on the holidays will differ from what you’d want for a full-time kids’ bedroom.

1. Side-by-side


Placing two twin beds side-by-side is a popular choice that can work a few different ways. This is an excellent option if you’d lượt thích to offer privacy by placing a room divider between the beds. 

If you need more space, you can create this layout with bunk beds lớn accomodate additional mattresses. This might mean that the beds will be against the walls in a tiny room, leaving space for a bedside table between the two. If you have more floor space, you might place each bed on one side of the room, leaving an opening for a nightstand between each bed and the wall.

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Our picks

2. Foot-to-foot or head-to-head


If you have a long, narrow room, you can place two beds foot-to-foot or head-to-head against one wall. You can position a dresser or a room divider between the two beds, space permitting. A pair of canopy beds can also vì the trick for those who’d like privacy but don’t have the extra space.

For this layout, use traditional bed frames, bunk beds, loft beds, day beds, or even sofa beds, which opens the possibility of adding more sleeping space. If you don’t have much room for bedroom storage, consider using beds with built-in storage options.

Our picks

3. L-shaped layout


Placing two beds in an L-shaped layout maximizes square footage while creating a more modern, mở cửa look for your sleeping space.

You could opt for an L-shaped bunk bed, which is typically more space-efficient and may even include a desk for homework or a computer. Or you can place two beds in an L-shaped layout, either head-to-head or foot-to-foot, with a nightstand or square accent table in the space between them.

Our picks

4. Bunk beds, loft beds, and trundle beds

Bunk beds offer a fun and practical way lớn fit two (or more) beds into a small room. They’re popular for small bedroom ideas, & they’re not just for kids — bunk beds, loft beds, and trundle beds are also an option for adult and guest bedrooms. These beds use your vertical wall space instead of the limited floor space in a small room.

Another benefit of bunk beds is that you can often find options with a full mattress on the bottom & a twin on top. With loft beds, they may feature a seat or desk built into the bed frame underneath the mattress for further versatility. As for trundles, they offer a simple way khổng lồ tuck an extra mattress beneath a compatible bunk bed or single bed.

Our picks

5. One bed with a sofa bed

If your guest room is seldom used, you can maximize your extra space by adding a sofa bed & a twin bed lớn the room. The sofa bed can stay folded up when you don’t have company và the twin bed will always be there if you need an extra mattress on short notice. In fact, if you host different groups of guests, this can make the room more enjoyable for those who stay in the room alone.

Our picks

6. Two sofa beds

Two sofa beds can work well for adding two mattresses to a trang chủ office, living room, or another functional space that needs to double as a guest bedroom. Instead of bedroom decor, you might include bookshelves, a TV stand, desk, or whatever else would make the space enjoyable when you don’t have company.

Just don’t forget lớn include storage for linens and a space for guests to keep their things when they’re staying with you. Consider picking paint colors that are soothing & neutral (e.g., white, beige, grey, seafoam green, or light blue) so the walls are suitable for multiple functions.

Our picks

Conquer your small space with style

We get it — it’s not always easy lớn figure out the best two beds in one small room ideas. Remember to thử nghiệm the measurements of the furniture first. You can use masking tape on your floor to lớn see how each piece will fit in the room you’re designing. Once you have the basics down, you’ll have fun with your trang chủ decor.

For more options to lớn fill your space, check out Coaster Furniture’s full selection of beds. Our store locator will help you find a convenient retailer near you when you’ve found the perfect fit.

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