Trang Nguyen is working to lớn end illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam & Internationally. At a young age, she witnessed the harvesting of bile from a live bear to be used in Traditional Asian Medicine. Since then, she decided lớn start the NGO WildAct focussed on monitoring the international wildlife trade. Trang now devotes her time to lớn researching và monitoring the markets for illegal wildlife products. Her research has taken her across continents and contexts, from Asia to lớn Africa, while exploring the demvà for wildlife products. Besides research, Trang and her team also invest in educating and raising awareness on this subject aước ao Vietnamese youth.

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Trang Nguyen grew up in Vietnam giới, where the demand for wildlife and their body toàn thân parts is high. From an early age, she dreamt of becoming a wildlife conservationist, so she went khổng lồ the UK to study conservation. But life had another quest lined up for her. During the rhino poaching crisis in Africa where Vietphái nam was recognised as one of the main consumers, traders và transit countries, Trang focused her attention on the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam, & internationally. When she was just 23 years old, she founded her Conservation NGO WildAct. Trang has also worked for a number of international conservation organizations, such as Flora & Faumãng cầu International, Wildlife Conservation Society & TRAFFIC – monitoring the illegal wildlife trade. In 2018, Trang finished her PhD in Biodiversity Management at the University of Kent, Engl&. Her retìm kiếm focused on the impact of wild animal part use in Traditional Asian Medicine on the African wildlife.

Vision và Approach

Trang believes more can be achieved when we rid ourselves of prejudice and work together to solve sầu problems. Her motivation to lớn stop wildlife trade và improve the condition of Vietnamese wildlife has pushed her lớn start the NGO WildAct.

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Since its founding, WildAct has grown khổng lồ become an influential organisation in the fight against illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. Trang & her team actively monitor the trade và dem& for wildlife products across borders, from Africa to Asia. They couple their intense monitoring efforts with education & awareness campaigns focused on reducing the demvà for these products. Since 2018, WildAct organised the first master course on Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade, in collaboration with the University of Vinc for Vietnamese students & early career conservationists. WildAct is also involved in providing scholarships for exceptional students lớn conduct their own retìm kiếm. Unfortunately, Vietnam giới is still one of the largest wildlife trade hubs, transit, và consumer countries. Through their training programmes, Trang và her team are building the capacity of Vietnam’s wildlife conservation sector. This way, they hope khổng lồ change the behaviours of current and future consumers of wildlife products. And more recently, WildAct was awarded with the USAID Rise Challenge lớn over Gender Based Violence và Gender Ineunique by empowering women in the nature conservation sector.

Impact of the Future For Nature Award

With financial support from Future For Nature Foundation, Trang created the master course ‘Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade’, và provided 150 scholarships và 150 research grants to lớn students who participated in the course;Through the Future For Nature Family, Trang met & formed a collaboration with previous winner Ofir Drori. This resulted in an arrest of 4 Cameroon smugglers with 300 kg of elephant ivory và 2.5 tons of pangolin scales in early 2019;Trang became the first Vietnamese woman to win the Future For Nature Award. The international truyền thông media attention she received encouraged young people in Vietphái nam, especially women, to lớn follow wildlife conservation as a career.Trang signed a contract with the largest publisher in Vietphái nam khổng lồ create a series of picture books based on her personal experience in wildlife conservation. The book has been sold khổng lồ Pan Macmillan Advertiser in the UK and Penguin Random House in the US và expected lớn be published in both countries in 2021. "Despite being very young, Trang has already made an extraordinary contribution in the fight against illegal wildlife trade. She has a very broad international understanding of wildlife trade issues. This makes her uniquely placed lớn play a leadership role in her trang chủ country."
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