Unit 11 Lớp 12 Speaking

Bài giảng giờ Anh 12 - Unit 11: Books (Speaking) giúp học viên biết cách mô tả về đặc thù và văn bản của một quyển sách trong thực tế.

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Đây là tài liệu tìm hiểu thêm hữu ích đối với giáo viên và học sinh, cung cấp cho vận động giảng dạy với học tập.


WARM­UP: In three minutes, think and tell the types (sorts) of books  Th romance c e rille i e n sc rFiction DETECTIVE i c craf com t biography BEFORE SPEAKINGWork in pairs. Ask & answer the following questions:Aims: Engage students’ attention khổng lồ books & reading books. ENGAGE What types of booksDo you often bởi you often read?read books? When bởi vì you read books? How vì chưng you read books?TASK 1: Work in pairs. Complete the following conversation & practise reading it. A:- What ________________________________? sort (kind) of books vì chưng you like to read B:- Well, I like reading all sorts of books. Short stories, science fiction, romance, everything. A:- How _________________________? vày you often read books? B:- Well, I often read through the book quickly first. Then I start reading it again, và this time very slowly to lớn enjoy every detail of it.

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A:- When _________________________? vì you often read books? B:- I read books whenever I have a little không tính tiền time. I also read while waiting for the bus or during the break at school.TASK 2:Aim: - Develop students’speaking skills by freespeaking about readinghabits.Work in pairs.Ask and answerabout each other’sreading habits, usingthe questions in theabove conversation.Suggested answer:A:- What vì chưng you often do in your không tính phí time?B:- Reading booksA:- What sort (kind) of books vày you often read?B:- Short stories.A:- How vì chưng you often read them?B:- When I find a good storyA:- When vì chưng you often read books?B:- Whenever I have không tính phí time.TASK 3: Work in pairs. Complete the following conversation và practise reading it.A:- What ________________________________? are you reading at the momentB:- At the moment? Well, I‘m reading “The Chamber of secrets”, one of Harry Potter books.A:- Who _________________________? Is the main characterB:- The main character? A young boy, Harry Potter, whose parents are dead và who is trained lớn be a wizard in a wizard school.A:- What _________________________? Is she/he like?B:- He is brave, witty và very kind lớn other people. TASK 4: Work in pairs. Ask và answerabout the book you are reading at themoment or you have already readrecently. Chú ý down the answers. TASK 5:Work individually.Report the result khổng lồ the class.Suggested answer: At the moment, nam giới is reading “DieAnother Day” – a detective story. The maincharacter is James Bond – 007. He is verybrave, talented, handsome, intelligent andhumorous. He struggled against terrorismand saved the world from the war.
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