Thuyết Trình Về Water Pollution

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Viết 1 bài thuyết trình bằng giờ anh về Water Pollution, nđính gọn gàng nhằm nói đầy đủ trong 3 phút . MÌNH SẼ VOTE 5 SAO CHO CÂU TRẢ LỜI HAY VÀ NHANH NHẤT Ạ, K

Viết 1 bài trình bày bởi tiếng anh về Water Pollution, nthêm gọn gàng để nói đầy đủ vào 3 phút ít . MÌNH SẼ VOTE 5 SAO CHO CÂU TRẢ LỜI HAY VÀ NHANH NHẤT Ạ, KHÔNG CHÉPhường MẠNG NHÉ.CẢM ƠN CÁC BẠN NHÌU


MB: Our world is facing serious environmental problems. Amuốn them, … pollution which is reached an alarming cấp độ.

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Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, oceans, và groundwater.

so that the water

Causes: There are many causes of … pollution, including natural và human:

+ Firstly, farmers use khổng lồ much chemicals & pesticides in their fields

When the weather rains, these chemicals flow into lớn the rivers, canals, lakes, … that is why the water is polluted

+ Moreover, people throw domestic waste, garbage, plastic bags, … down the drain, the lake or the sea, so that the water environment is polluted, the surrounding stinks.

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+ Secondly, the factories dump industrial waste inkhổng lồ the lakes and rivers that is cause all the fish and other aquatic animals

+ The ship that spills oil inlớn the seas causing water pollution

+ Thirdly, melting ice or floods, … are also the factors causing water pollution on a large area

why the aquatic animals will die

Effects : water pollution may cause serious environmental disaster. If people drink contaminated water, they will get dangerous diseases & die. Water pollution affects the heath of animals & humans

Solutions : To limit the environmental pollution, people must stop litter & throw rubbish into lớn the water. In addition, goverment should monetary fine who litering and factories that dump industrial waste water into ponds & lakes. We should save sầu the fresh water so that it can be available for everyone khổng lồ use.

KB : In short, the quality of the water is getting worse và worse because of human actions. Therefore, we need to protect the environment now lớn prsự kiện future water pollution.

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