There Is Always, Always Something To Be Thankful For

- Rhonda Byrne

As fall approaches và we get closer to November, many people will begin reflecting on what they"re thankful for this year. For myself so far, I"m grateful for some of the new journeys I"ve started.

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I"ve tied the knot, moved into a new apartment, and have begun to lớn establish a new life for myself. You may be grateful for being physically well or just having a roof over your head.

But sometimes in the midst of daily struggles & challenges, you begin to feel like there"s nothing lớn appreciate in life. Maybe you"re dealing with chronic pain right now. Perhaps you"re dealing with a lot of stress from a difficult situation.

In spite of that, as long as we"re still alive, we can always be glad for at least one thing that"s good. If you feel unsure of what good you have to appreciate, here are some reminders of what you can always be glad for.

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1 6 Reminders of What You Can Always Be Glad For
2 1. You can always be thankful for being alive
3 2. You can always be thankful for people
4 3. You can always be thankful for good memories
5 4. You can always be thankful for laughter
6 5. You can always be thankful for alone time
7 6. If you're religious, you can always be thankful for God
8 Final thoughts

6 Reminders of What You Can Always Be Glad For


1. You can always be thankful for being alive

"No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning and be thankful you still have one."

- Unknown

You may not be waking up in the best of circumstances, but many people today didn"t wake up to lớn any circumstances at all. Instead, they left this earth in their sleep or in some other fashion, và can no longer appreciate the things they enjoy in life.

It can be a good practice lớn wake up everyday and just take a moment lớn appreciate the blessing of just still breathing và living. You may not feel the best, but you"re still here lớn potentially feel better, và feel more good things than bad hopefully.

If you"re one of those people that"s unsure what to give thanks for around the Thanksgiving table, give thanks for waking up today. Be glad you can still have chances lớn experience and feel great things in life.

2. You can always be thankful for people

"Always be grateful for those people in life who give you love. Because they don"t have to, but they choose to."

- Unknown

Initially this may sound strange lớn you, because maybe you really don"t lượt thích the people around you. It might also be the case you live alone with no one near you.

But still, all of us can always be thankful for people. Vày you know how much people are required in order for us khổng lồ have the lives we have? Here"s a short list of just a few of the types of people we can all be appreciative for having in our community.

Power company workersFood workersGrocery workersSanitation workersNursesDoctorsFirefightersEmergency RespondersOfficersVolunteers

This danh mục could go on. Even if you don"t have many friends or family, the one person you can also always be glad for is yourself. You can show yourself appreciation for all the hard work and effort you put in to lớn give yourself a happy life.

3. You can always be thankful for good memories

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

- Dr. Seuss

I would guess everyone reading this has had at least one good memory they can think back on in life. Even if it was something small like playing in the park as a child, that"s still a memory lớn look back on with gratitude.

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Take a moment to lớn reflect on those moments in your life. Pick out a few that were some of your favorites. It might make you feel good to close your eyes & vividly put yourself back in that time.

These good memories can potentially help lift you up on your worst days. Make it habit khổng lồ focus on less of the bad ones & more of the good ones.

4. You can always be thankful for laughter

"Life is better when you"re laughing."

- Unknown

Even though life can be very serious sometimes, we can always be glad for laughter to lớn lessen the găng tay of it all. You can reflect on the times you found something really funny.

You can watch one of your favorite comedians or talk to lớn someone who can always get you to lớn laugh. Appreciate that feeling of letting out a good laugh when you need it.

5. You can always be thankful for alone time

"Sometimes you just need khổng lồ disconnect và enjoy your own company."

- Unknown

Some of us can have a harder time getting alone than others. But perhaps a majority of us are able to lớn get at least one moment in our day by ourselves. That moment may be as simple as just having five minutes in the bathroom.

Appreciate every minute you get khổng lồ just be with yourself. Be glad to lớn experience not having to lớn live or act in a certain way because you know somebody else is in the room. Sometimes it"s the little joys that can make a big difference in keeping us going in life.

6. If you"re religious, you can always be thankful for God

"I am thankful khổng lồ God for the grace of being alive."

- Lailah Gifty Akita

I think everyone could find at least one thing on this danh mục to always be appreciative of. If you happen lớn be religious, you can always be grateful for God in your life.

Take time to vì things that help you khổng lồ feel spiritually connected. You can pray, read scripture, go lớn church, or just choose to lớn be out in nature.

Think of all the blessings you have in life currently. You can give thanks to lớn God for having those things.

Final thoughts

We don"t always have a lot khổng lồ be grateful for in life, but there"s always at least one thing we can appreciate having. Remembering what we"re thankful for can help keep us in a more positive and peaceful state of mind.

You can make it your mission lớn find one thing everyday that makes you glad. Challenge yourself to lớn see more of the good in your life than the bad. Feel free to nói qua anything that you"re always thankful for in the comments.

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