Tall Nghĩa Là Gì

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used lớn describe an organization with many levels of jobs between top management & the workers at the bottom:
In a tall organizational structure, employees often lie at the bottom of a long chain of supervisors, managers, & executives.
Marble vases average 13 centimet in height & 13 centimet in diameter; they are typically taller than they are wide.
Blocks of the pie chart clockwise from the bull"s-eye represent the percentage of trees where the surrounding canopy is taller than the target tree.
The resulting plots of height vs. Dbh were inspected lớn see if the tallest trees were outliers for each species.
As we lacked the necessary height distributions for such methods at most sites, we simply took the heights of the tallest trees per species, as direct measures of maximum height.
No significant difference was found between the median heights of the tallest seedlings in clumps at nest sites and the tallest labelled seedlings under individual conspecific trees.
The boy removing his shorts khổng lồ the right of the canvas appears not just bigger or taller than the figure lớn his left but actually of a different scale.
The tallest in the family, she is a lawyer, previously divorced, & her first appearance is in chapter 25.
Su-metal, the tallest of the three, is typically in the centre, with the other two members positioned either side of her.
He is described as slightly taller than previously known, và heavier, with hair still remarkably dark for his age.
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