Take Time To Make Your Soul Happy

We spend our lives chasing happiness. However, we often kết thúc up distracted & looking for it in the wrong places. Corporations convince us lớn buy things that we don’t need khổng lồ impress people that we don’t even like. & we work jobs we hate khổng lồ make money that we think will bring us happiness. However, rather than focusing on pleasing others or collecting material goods, here I will show you how to vì what makes your soul happy.

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Instead of chasing money and things, what if you learned how khổng lồ find internal happiness? What if you managed to lớn connect with your inner self and your inner soul and find out what it needs? Take a minute to think about how different your day would be today if you actively decided lớn only vị what makes your soul happy. What would your day look like? How would your inner self feel?

Let’s dive into eleven ways to vì what makes your soul happy!

Things That Make Me Happy

To start, grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen (or use the notes on your phone) và make yourself a list titled: “Things that make me happy“. Start writing down anything that makes you happy. Write down things that put a burning passion in your heart, anything that lights a fire in your soul.


Don’t worry about making a neat & organized list. Just write whatever comes to your mind. If you had all the time in the world và you could vì chưng what makes your soul happy every day, what would it look like? Write each và every one of those ideas down now!

When you are done writing all of the amazing things that light your soul on fire, keep your các mục handy. It is time lớn find ways that you can find happiness và actually vị what makes your soul happy. Let your beautiful light shine bright in this incredible life!

How To vì chưng What Makes Your Soul Happy

Remember khổng lồ think about your “Things that make me happy” menu as you đánh giá these 11 ways to do what makes your soul happy.

#1. Focus on What Makes You Happy

In order to do what makes your soul happy, you need to lớn focus on what makes you happy. Remember your “Things that make me happy” list? Those are the things that you want khổng lồ be spending time on each and every day.

Have you ever been stuck in a rut in your life? Actively engaging in the things you are passionate about is one way get yourself unstuck. This means that you can get back lớn a life of passion & happiness. Find your passion, a job you love, and work that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. If your day is spent doing things that you absolutely love, focusing on what makes you happy will be very easy!


Doing what makes your soul happy is tricky. We are constantly pulled toward material goods và spending money that we end up prioritizing our work. However, we vị this so we can have a sense of financial security, which is important for a happy soul.

However, you bởi vì have a choice in the work that you do! & finding a job that you love và makes you want khổng lồ jump out of bed in the morning with passion is one way to vị what makes your soul happy. Being paid to vị something that sets your soul on fire is the greatest feeling you can have. In fact, the Japanese believe that finding your ‘ikigai’ (your life passion & life purpose) is the key lớn a long & happy life.

Our Finding Your Ikigai guide will get you started with finding your ikigai & a job that sets your soul on fire!

If you aren’t working a job you love, consider looking for work that uses your passions and strengths. It can be difficult lớn find the courage to lớn quit your job, but if you find work that lights your soul on fire, it will be a decision you will never regret. Let these ikigai examples inspire you lớn find your passion và purpose in your work.

#2. Choose Happiness & a Growth Mindset

Another way to bởi vì what makes your soul happy is to change your mindset. In simplest terms, your mindset is the way that you choose to lớn see the world & the things that happen lớn you throughout your day.

People who rely on a fixed mindset tend to see the negative things in their lives as horrible obstacles that vì chưng no good. However, people who use a growth mindset see challenges và obstacles as opportunities for growth. The idea of a growth mindset was explored in Carol Dweck’s transformative book Mindset. If you haven’t read it, these 5 key takeaways will completely change the way you live, work, parent, and maintain relationships.

Let’s face it, life is hard! It isn’t very often that we just get lớn go through life without experiencing any sort of challenge or setback. Choosing to look at these setbacks as opportunities lớn improve our skills, relationships, và personal traits is a highly effective way to vì what makes your soul happy.

When we conquer challenges, we feel happy & proud of ourselves. This reinforces the belief that we can vày anything we put our minds to. The feeling of happiness comes from within yourself, so using a mindset that builds up the way you react to lớn negativity will help you keep your soul happy.

Find và revisit your favorite quotes on growth mindset as often as you can. Doing this will keep you inspired to change the way you see challenges and setbacks in your life.

#3. Vị What Makes Your Soul Happy By Living a Life Filled With Gratitude

Being grateful for every opportunity, every setback, và every blessing in your life is a key way to vì chưng what makes your soul happy. If you are able lớn see your life as full of abundance, you will feel less desire lớn fill it with things that bởi vì not bring your soul happiness.

Choosing gratitude and happiness comes down khổng lồ the story that we tell ourselves when we are facing a challenge or an obstacle. This is deeply connected lớn the way we use a growth mindset to lớn react to lớn negative experiences.


It is very easy khổng lồ point out the negative in everything. In fact, our brains our wired for it! It is much more difficult lớn react with gratitude since it doesn’t always come naturally.

However, using this simple word-swap approach will help:

Next time you feel lượt thích complaining about something, change your “I really hate when…” statement to a “I am so grateful for…” statement. Take a moment và let your growth mindset find the opportunity in the struggle. Find something lớn be grateful for in whatever you are complaining about.

For example, my husband hates getting up early. Sometimes our girls will wake him up at 5 am, & man does he complain about it. Instead of saying “I can’t stand when these kids wake me up so early!” he works really hard to say “I am so grateful that I get to spend this time with these beautiful souls”.

It isn’t always easy by any means, but choosing happiness and choosing gratitude will help you bởi what makes your soul happy.

#4. Vì chưng Things that Energize Your Soul

Sometimes it feels like we spend our days doing everything for everyone else. It is easy khổng lồ forget about ourselves và to take time to take care of ourselves as well.

If you are always doing things for other people, then how will you have have the time to do what makes your soul happy? This isn’t to lớn say that you should be selfish và completely forget about others. However, it is very important that you take time for yourself & do things that energize your soul.

Carving out time for a good self-care routine is one way khổng lồ prioritize yourself amongst all of the chaos of life. Do the things that you lượt thích to vì chưng for yourself that energize you! Go for a run, or lift some weights. These are easy things to vì that give your body toàn thân a quick jolt of energy and a sense of accomplishment.

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Some people neglect their self-care so much that they become people pleasers. These are the types of people who let others make their decisions for them. People pleasers will give up their own wellness to lớn earn the validation of others.

If you are going to bởi vì what makes your soul happy, it is important to stop being a people pleaser. Doing so will make you more confident in your decision making so that you know you are always looking out for your soul’s happiness.

#5. Be Inquisitive & Creative

If you are anything lượt thích me, you have inquisitive và creative ideas that come to your mind all the time. However, more often than not, you probably shrug off these thoughts và ideas because you are just too busy to lớn pursue these little urges in your life. Or at least you think you are too busy!

What if instead of shrugging these urges off, you started diving into them. Instead, what would happen if you started setting and working toward goals to connect with and pursue your inquisitive và creative ideas?


When we are young, we are không lấy phí to play, imagine, and be silly. As we grow up, these pursuits are replaced with responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be so black and white though! Let’s bring back play và creativity!

By letting your creative side run wild you can do what makes your soul happy. You can let yourself try khổng lồ discover a passion in your life that could lead you down all sorts of amazing roads. Your creative ideas may even give new life lớn routines in your life that have become dull!

#6. Do What Makes Your Soul Happy By Embracing Your chất lượng Self

You were uniquely made to lớn be the one and only you on this planet. There are special gifts that you have that are quality to you & only you. You have the right khổng lồ shine your beautiful light for the rest of the world lớn see. Don’t strive khổng lồ be lượt thích everyone else. Và don’t strive to lớn be complacent in this world. Don’t strive lớn be the person the rest of the world tells you khổng lồ be. Be you. The one & only you.

People spend so much of their lives trying to lớn fit in khổng lồ be lượt thích the rest of the world instead of trying khổng lồ find happiness within themselves. Embracing your quality self and living your own story will lead to lớn a life of fulfillment & satisfaction.

Do what makes your soul happy by choosing lớn embrace your gifts and talents. By doing so, you are saying yes lớn you and listening to your soul. Saying yes khổng lồ you leads to a happier soul!

#7. Appreciate the Simple Beauty In Life

Take a look back at your “Things that make me happy” list. How many of the things that make you happy are things found in nature? Does your các mục have a lot of material things? How many are things that you need to spend money on?

It is natural khổng lồ want to be loved & feel like we belong. Because of this, we buy things we don’t need và say “yes” to lớn things we don’t want khổng lồ do. We vì chưng this to lớn feel a sense of love và belonging in our lives.

To bởi what makes your soul happy, try lớn focus on simple and beautiful things that bring out your happiness from within. It always feels good lớn make a purchase, but the happiness that comes with spending money is fleeting và doesn’t always last. This leaves us wanting more & spending more. It ends up being a cycle that continues without end.

To do what makes your soul happy, take the time to lớn slow down & appreciate the beauty in life. It has become so normal to fill our lives with so many responsibilities that we struggle to appreciate the simple things.

One thing that makes me happy is taking a moment khổng lồ stop and appreciate the weather. Where we live, every season brings its own unique và beautiful weather. In the winter, we enjoy a hot chocolate and watch big, fluffy snowflakes fall lớn the ground. In the fall, our family takes a walk through the park to lớn enjoy the vibrant colors, cool weather, & the falling leaves.

These are examples of simple beauty in nature that is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Slowing down & appreciating this beauty is one way to vày what makes your soul happy.

#8. Take Care of Yourself

In order to bởi what makes your soul happy, you need to lớn take care of yourself. It is easy to lớn push taking care of yourself khổng lồ the side while trying lớn manage all of the other responsibilities you have. However, doing so can be detrimental to lớn your overall health and your soul. How are you supposed to vì what makes your soul happy if you are not taking care of yourself?

Consider the following simple tips for how you can take better care of yourself:

get more sleepmake healthy eating choicesmove your body toàn thân every dayfind your “one thing that makes me happy” và do it every dayjournalexpress gratitudeget outside and enjoy nature

#9. Vị What Makes Your Soul Happy By Following Your Heart

It is so easy to bởi vì what you think you’re supposed to do, or vì chưng what others want you to do. It’s easy to lớn pretend that you don’t have a burning passion in your heart lớn reach some big crazy audacious goal.

Perhaps you’ve pushed your goals so far away from yourself that you don’t even know what they are anymore. The easy life is the one where we choose not lớn follow our hearts and shush the voice within us that tells us that we can vì chưng amazing things. But we get one chance in this life, & for that reason alone you should bởi vì what makes your soul happy.

If you aren’t a vision board person, become one! Make yourself a vision board and include all of the crazy dreams that you have always wanted in your life. Include so many vision board quotes that you can feel your dreams jumping out at you every time you look at your vision board.

Remember the “Things That Make Me Happy List”? Use that các mục as inspiration to lớn get your creative juices flowing for your vision board. Bởi what makes your soul happy – follow your heart. You can do amazing things in this life, don’t let anyone (especially yourself) tell you otherwise.

#10. Be Present In All That You Do

In a world filled with technology & distractions, it’s so easy to spend most of your day disconnected from people & connected to lớn your phone, computer, or some other size of technology. It has become harder và harder to disconnect from work, technology, & other distractions khổng lồ be truly present in what we are doing.

Remember, being present is a choice, and it’s your choice! You can choose whether or not you show up for a task or for your family. You can choose whether you bring your phone to the dinner table, or whether you leave it in your room on the charger when you get trang chủ from work.

We all make choices in life (some good & others not so good). Make the choice to be present in your life rather than letting it pass you by. Bởi what makes your soul happy, be present, & show up for those around you.

#11. Make Value-Centric Choices

In order to vày what makes your soul happy, you need to lớn make value-centric choices. Your values are the beliefs you hold that align with what your soul wants for you in life.

Your goals in life will establish your priorities. If you are making choices that do not line up with you values, then you are going to lớn struggle keeping your soul happy.

For example, imagine that you wanted lớn be a millionaire so that you could have tons of money and buy lots of stuff. Unless you hold money as a value, this would not be a value-centric goal.

Instead, perhaps you value family and time with your loved ones. Deciding to put a plan into place so that you can quit your job khổng lồ spend more time with your family would be a value-centric goal. Not only are you more likely lớn accomplish goals that are value-centric, but you are also doing what makes your soul happy by pursuing a value-driven goal.

Your Soul, Your Happiness

We are all born with our own souls. Each of our souls has its own needs. You are the only one who can get in touch with yours lớn find ways to vì what makes your soul happy. However, in general, the ideas described here will get you started as you work lớn connect with yourself & what makes your soul happy.

In order to vị what makes your soul happy, you need lớn believe that you are worthy of letting your light shine. Don’t let the pressures of the world dim your light Listen lớn what your soul needs & work hard khổng lồ find lasting happiness for it!

Don’t forget to mô tả this post with your friends & family on social media! If you know someone who could use some help with making their soul happy, this could be what they need to find joy inside!

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