Working with the Google Docs ứng dụng is so easy that you may think you never need to lớn vì chưng anything else with these documents once they’re created. Google Docs automatically saves all of the documents you create in the cloud, meaning they’re safely stored away, và you have sầu no worries of a local hard drive sầu crash leaving you with lost documents.

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However, there may be times where using the Google Docs download feature is a smart idea for you. When you tải về your Google Doc, you’ll create a copy of the word processing document on your local hard drive, while leaving a copy in the cloud.

We’ll explain exactly how to lớn tải về your Google Docs and give you some ideas for why this may be a good idea in certain situations.

Do I Need to Use Google Docs Download Before Using Them?

Even though you have sầu the option of using the Google Docs tải về feature, and even though there are times where it may make sense khổng lồ tải về certain documents you’ve created, in reality, there is no requirement that you must download your Google Docs before using them.

You can just allow the Google Docs ứng dụng lớn store all of your word processing documents in the cloud (using Google Drive and your Google account) without ever having to tải về them.

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage can be confusing for some people. Basically, cloud storage is lượt thích having a hard drive sầu for your computer stored in a secure place on the Internet. This means that the data stored in your cloud tài khoản is accessible khổng lồ you any time you have sầu an Internet connection.

Google Docs works with Google Drive, which is a cloud storage phầm mềm. Beyond using Google Drive to lớn store Google Docs, many people use Google Drive sầu or other cloud storage options to lớn create backup copies of the data and files on their local hard drives, ensuring they always have a fresh backup copy of their files, just in case they have sầu a hard drive crash.

How Do I Know if I Have sầu Access khổng lồ Google Drive?

Before you can use Google Docs or Google Drive sầu, you have sầu lớn sign up for a Google account. You would use your Google trương mục for features like:

GmailGoogle DocsGoogle SheetsGoogle SlidesGoogle DriveGoogle Calendar

There are many other apps accessible through your Google tài khoản. If you already use any of these apps from Google, you have sầu signed up for a Google account at some point.

When you are using Google Docs, the documents you create will automatically save sầu into lớn your Google Drive account. The app issues the Save commvà for you every few seconds while you are editing the document (as long as your Internet connection is active & working). You vị not ever have sầu to cliông xã a Save button with Google Docs.

Google Docs documents will not save sầu to any other place automatically. If you want lớn save these documents to another location, you will need lớn use the Google Docs tải về feature.

Reasons to lớn Download Your Google Docs

Here are some reasons why you may want to lớn tải về a Google Doc onto your local hard drive. (Remember that you have khổng lồ have an active sầu Internet connection at the time you attempt lớn download a Google Doc.)

1. No Internet

If you are traveling in a location that does not have WiFi available, having a copy of your Google Doc on your hard drive sầu means you can continue to work on it, using the copy stored locally. Without an active Internet connection, you cannot use the Google Docs phầm mềm khổng lồ edit the document, so working locally is your only option.

2. Airplane Travel

Although some airplanes allow you to lớn purchase WiFi connectivity, you may want khổng lồ save sầu your money & download your Google Docs before you board the plane. You then can work on the documents from your local hard drive while you’re in the air without the need for WiFi.

3. Maintain Your Own Copy

If you are sharing a particular document with coworkers or others, và all of those people have access to lớn the tệp tin for editing và commenting, you may want lớn copy the tệp tin khổng lồ your local hard drive sầu after you edit it to lớn make sure you have sầu a copy with your edits. Otherwise, it is possible one of the other team members could unbởi vì your edits, & you would thua them.

Similarly, if you are working on a project collaboratively with Google Doc files where you are not the administrator of the tile, you may want lớn tải về a copy of the file after you make some edits, so you have a copy of your ideas & work. It is possible at some point that the administrator could remove your permission lớn edit or open the tệp tin, leaving you without the ability to lớn tải về a copy later.

4. Exporting Files

If you have sầu decided you no longer want khổng lồ use Google Docs, switching to another word processing ứng dụng lượt thích Microsoft Word, you can download your Google Doc files to your local hard drive sầu, giving you the ability khổng lồ access them in Word.

Understand that some of the formatting you did in your Google Doc may not fully transfer khổng lồ Word or another word processor, so the tải về may not be a perfect copy.

The Best Way lớn Download Your Google Docs

We will give sầu you step by step directions for the best way to lớn download Google Docs lớn your hard drive. (You can create a chạy thử document khổng lồ try out the steps along with us if you want.)


1. xuất hiện Google Drive

xuất hiện your Google Drive sầu window. You should be able to lớn vày this by opening the Google trang chủ page in a web browser.

Sign in lớn your Google trương mục (if you aren’t already signed into lớn it). Then cliông chồng on the grid of 3×3 dots in the upper right corner và click the Drive sầu phầm mềm.


2. Create a New Google Doc

In the upper left corner of the Drive sầu window, cliông chồng New. Then cliông chồng Google Docs.


3. Name the File

With the new document file open, you’ll want to give it a name. Cliông xã in the text box in the upper left corner of the window (to the right of the blue document icon). Replace the text in the box with the file name you want khổng lồ use.

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Then start typing a few characters in the text area of the document in the middle of the screen. As you type, you’ll see a message in the upper middle of the window that lets you know Google is saving the document every few seconds.


4. Download the Google Doc

To use the Google Docs download feature, clichồng on the File menu in the upper left area of the screen. Click Download, và then select the type of word processing document you’d lượt thích to create from the Google Doc. Your options (with the file name extension in parentheses) are:

Microsoft Word (.doc)OpenDocument format (.odt)Rich Text format (.rtf)PDF document (.pdf)Plain Text (.txt)Web Page (.html)EPUB Publication (.epub)

Depending on the website browser you’re using, you should see a notification that the tệp tin tải về is complete along the bottom of the window. In Google Chrome, for example, you’ll see a box on the bottom of the screen with a label that is the same as the tệp tin name. Cliông chồng on the box khổng lồ open the file in the software that’s associated with the file name extension you chose. You then can use the File menu in the software to lớn save the document khổng lồ your hard drive.

As an alternative sầu, cliông chồng the upward arrowhead on the box to lớn open a popup menu. Cliông xã on Show in Folder to lớn see the file’s current location on your hard drive sầu. You then can copy and paste the file inlớn whatever folder you want to lớn use.

Other Ways lớn Do a Google Docs Download

A few other options exist for downloading a Google Doc from your Google Drive sầu tài khoản lớn your local hard drive.

Copy and Paste

If you are using Google Docs lớn create a word processing tệp tin, và you suddenly thua trận your Internet connection, the Google Doc phầm mềm will no longer automatically save sầu your file lớn Google Drive. It will keep a copy on your local hard drive và attempt lớn save it the next time your Internet connection returns.

However, if you have sầu concerns that the automatic save sầu won’t work when your Internet connection returns, you can tải về the text to lớn your local hard drive sầu to lớn create another backup copy through copying và pasting it.

Cliông xã anywhere inside the Google Doc text area. Click the Edit thực đơn, followed by Select All. Cliông chồng the Edit thực đơn again, và cliông xã Copy.

Then open another piece of software where you can save the text to lớn your local hard drive, whether that’s something like Microsoft Word or something as simple as Windows Notepad. Once you have sầu the word processing software or phầm mềm open, press the CTRL key followed by V, và you should see your text from the Google Doc pasted into lớn the new software.

Then save this new file onkhổng lồ your hard drive sầu, và you’ll have sầu a copy of the text on your hard drive sầu. (Your formatting changes may not save properly using this method, however.)

Download the File From Google Drive

Another option is to lớn download a copy of the tệp tin in Google Drive sầu và save sầu it on your hard drive.

Open your Google Drive sầu window & find the Google Doc file you’d like to lớn tải về. Right-cliông xã on the file name khổng lồ open a popup menu. Then left-click on Download. Google Drive sầu will automatically tải về the tệp tin, giving you a message at the bottom of the web browser window (và usually creating a Microsoft Word file). You then can follow the same steps we described earlier khổng lồ save a copy khổng lồ your hard drive.

Differences Aý muốn Downloading With a PC, Mac, or Other Devices

Whether you’re downloading your Google Doc lớn a PC or a Macintosh computer, the process should work the same, because you’ll be working inside a website browser window with Google Docs. The Google Doc interface should be the same in any website browser.

Google Doc Download in iOS

If you have sầu an iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad, the process to tải về a Google Doc is a little different than with a website browser.

Tap the Google Drive ibé on your Apple Mobile device to open your Google Drive sầu phầm mềm. (If you haven’t yet logged inkhổng lồ your Google trương mục, you will need lớn log in.) Scroll through the menu of files you have sầu saved in Google Drive sầu until you file the document you want to lớn tải về.

You should see three horizontal dots lớn the right of the file name. Tap on these dots to open a new window. Scroll down until you see the Available Offline slider button & slide it to lớn the right to activate it.

You now will be able to lớn access this tệp tin, even when you bởi not have sầu active sầu Internet capability on your iOS device. Just tap on the file name to open it.

Google Doc Download in Android

If you have sầu an Android tablet or điện thoại thông minh, use the following steps to lớn tải về your Google Doc.

Tap the Google Drive sầu ibé và sign in khổng lồ your Google Drive tài khoản, if necessary. Scroll through the files listed on the screen and find the tệp tin you want khổng lồ tải về. To the right of the tệp tin name, you should see three vertical dots. Tap on these dots. In the popup menu, tap on Download.

Android always downloads the Google Doc tệp tin as a PDF file onkhổng lồ your Smartphone device. (Before the download occurs, you may have to lớn give your device access lớn your Google Drive tài khoản by tapping the Allow button.) Look for the Download folder on your Android device. Open the thư mục, & you should see your Google Doc downloaded as a PDF.

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