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the suburbs có nghĩa làa place where the houses are newer than the houses in the inner city. Also it"s a less crowded, more spread out and usually predominated by mid to upper income whites

Examplethe suburbs có nghĩa làA place on the outskirts of the city, this way more people can live in a city. It is often confused with the rich suburbs, such as Beverly Hills, California, and Ladue, Missouri. Many races live here, not just whites.

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ExampleBob: Dude, the suburbs suck!Frank: Meh, depends on which one.the suburbs gồm nghĩa làA Neighborhood where the entire area is clean or quiet.

ExampleExample: My friend lives somewhere in the Suburbs out of town.the suburbs gồm nghĩa làSuburbs are generally located in metropolitan areas and are for strange reasons, considered to be the worst places in the United States. Many people (especially from the Inner City) think of suburbs as places populated by soccer moms and such, when that isn"t entirely true. Other people that live in suburbs will think of them as worthless places with houses that look exactly the same. The truyền thông also portrays suburbs with houses that look exactly the same, but that isn"t true. There are plenty of nice places in the suburbs, and these are all stereotypes given by ignorant people và spoiled brats that continue lớn explain suburbs as being boring. Saying such about suburbs is equal lớn saying that rural areas are filled with rednecks or urban areas are filled with ghettos and thugs. Not all suburbs contain the same looking houses or monotonous mcmansions & ranch houses. I personally live in a suburb that has old but large & unique houses that are at a good distance và the neighbors are friendly. Sure there are many faults with suburbs, but there are also many in urban areas.

ExampleA Conversation about the SuburbsSpoiled suburban brat: "Man these suburbs are so boring, there"s nothing to do. This is the worst place in the world."Someone from an urban area after seeing a movie: "How can anyone live in the suburbs, there are soccer moms driving SUV"s và houses that look exactly the same."Moderately Intelligent Person actually from suburbs: "I live in the suburbs and the houses don"t look exactly the same. Infact they would be easier khổng lồ find than a specific apartment. Stop coming up with stereotypes. Also, there is plenty to do if you aren"t lazy, just hangout with friends or find a hobby và quit whining you simpleton."the suburbs tất cả nghĩa làan area that is somewhat in between the rural areas và the cities. It is a typical neighborhood, with usually no apartments. Watch the movie "over the hedge" & you will get a vague idea of what it is. Contrary lớn what all the other dumb asses are saying on this site about suburbs, the suburbs are pretty freakin" much the best type of area to live in. They are not hellholes or places where white people steal & do drugs. If anything, I think that would be called the ghetto? just maybe? (sarcasm). They are perfect in virtually every way. They also have sidewalks. The houses don"t all look alike either. I know, i live in one.

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Examplehey man, i live in the suburbs.oh yeah?yeah man, it"s lượt thích a cross between the country & the city.the suburbs gồm nghĩa làDespite what some people who aren"t from the suburbs claim, the presence of "wiggers" in the suburbs is about as likely as the presence of ginger-haired leprechauns in Ireland. As a lifelong suburbanite I can say from my experiences that anyone close to lớn a "wigger" tends lớn lower class & it"s something they actually can identify with. However the suburbs may be partly responsible for the consumption of a lot of shitty pop rap and the commercialization of gangster rap, but few trắng suburbans actually over up trying lớn emulate these pop icons. People in the suburbs actually have jobs, and the people who are constantly buying things probably don"t actually have the money lớn pay for them & are probably putting themselves in debt. The suburbs are only boring if you"re boring. People in the suburbs have more time và access for a broader range of musical taste, so it"s great if you"re a real music enthusiast, if you"re not there"s the accessible top 40 crap for you. Some suburban kids may waste their time with pointless parties and drug use but there"s plenty of other things to vì chưng in the comfort of the suburbs like starting your own band, writing a novel, preforming Shakespeare"s plays in your backyard, skateboarding, etc. Boredom necessitates creativity. The cliques only matter if you"re a stupid superficial person. At the over of the day though, the suburbs are really just bigger houses relatively far apart though, nothing inherently good or bad about them.

ExampleNon-suburban: The suburbs are full of wiggers, it must be hell living in the suburbs, everyone there wants lớn kill themselves.Suburban: What"s a wigger?Non-suburban: They"re all over the place in the suburbs!Suburban: Whatever, I"m off lớn go watch my leprechauns preform Shakespeare in my backyard while the neighbor kids smoke weed và listen khổng lồ Lil" Wayne.Non-suburban: trắng kids listening khổng lồ little Wayne và smoking weed? They must be wiggers!Suburban: Not really, they"re just, whatever, Hamlet is almost starting!the suburbs gồm nghĩa làIn the cases I know of, it has: a neighborhood with mostly two-story houses, a place khổng lồ hang out within walking distance((Consists of a movie theater, food place, etc.), and schools within bike-riding distance. Unlike cities, it isn"t loud and noisy at night. Usually has middle-class people because the houses are nice. A police station is just a mile away, so crime rate is lower than in most cities even.

ExampleExample:Person 1: I bet living in the suburbs sucks, with it being so boring, and filled with crime!Person 2: Where"d you get that idea? We don"t need cars honking outside our windows for life to be interesting, và the crime rate is very low.the suburbs gồm nghĩa làThe suburbs is where most americans want khổng lồ make a living. It is where successful individuals or couples who have made it somewhere in life through determination live. Whether or not the same can be said about their children is up for debate, but it is a HAVEN from the noise-ridden, polluted, và often crime / poverty infested city. People living in a suburb ADVANCED in life, & made it out of the city, or were lucky enough khổng lồ have educated parents who raised them here. Whether or not those privileged appreciate it or not is also up for debate, but as one of those privileged individuals myself, I can honestly say that after 30 years of living in a New Jersey suburb, I have WISENED up enough to say that I am THANKFUL khổng lồ live in a suburb. Sure, it can get boring, and there are downsides to living in a suburb, but as with anything in life, there are solutions, like earning your own car to get places, as I did (which I must say most "urbanites" at my job are jealous of). Và I must địa chỉ its nice khổng lồ come home from a 12 hour shift in the middle of summer khổng lồ a very suburban SWIMMING POOL, rather than cooling off to lớn a very urban FIRE HYDRANT.There are mostly negative definitions of suburbanites here, và they are most likely coming from biased and jealous urban folks, who will NEVER make it out of the city, due to lớn their child support issues, or their little record.

Example"Hello and welcome khổng lồ my home. If for any reason you don"t like it, then by all means leave my PALACE in the suburbs, and return khổng lồ your urban HOVEL, peasant.the suburbs có nghĩa làSee also Winter Park.

ExampleWinter Park, home of multimillionaires và Carrot Top.the suburbs bao gồm nghĩa làIf you ain"t ever been khổng lồ the suburbs, don"t you ever come lớn the suburbs, because you wouldn"t understand the suburbs

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