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Stickman Master: Shadow Legends
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Android 5.0+
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April 7, 2022 (5 months ago )

The context of the game tells us that the people of Wuno are being devastated by the forces of darkness. Stickman Master: Shadow Legends allows players lớn become warriors with a noble mission lớn ensure the safety of the people. Enemies take advantage of a large number, rushing to lớn attack you massively. Constantly putting pressure & difficulties on players. However, your character has great skills & strengths. Can stand alone against all those monsters. Use a sharp sword that glows when attacking an enemy. Give players a feeling of excitement và excitement while playing. The main màu sắc of the game is mysterious black. When the character uses skills, executes moves, it will emit extremely beautiful light. Dispel the dark, gloomy space. Especially the sound every time the character knocks down the target makes the player feel attractive,

Download Stickman Master: Shadow Legends thủ thuật – Stickman warrior destroys shadow monsters

Download Stickman Master: Shadow Legends mod – Stickman warrior destroys shadow monsters

Stickman Master: Shadow Legends mod creates difficult situations, forcing players into a dead end. There are times, your character will be blocked by enemies at both ends. Going forward also encounters the enemy, but retreating is also attacked. It is necessary to lớn use và coordinate techniques together in a rhythmic manner. Come up with tactics, smart fighting style khổng lồ help you defeat all enemies và move forward. In the next step, you will face many more dangerous, giant monsters. In the beginning, you only need a few slashes lớn make the opponent defeated & dismembered. But go deeper into the monster’s lair. The number of them is not only more numerous but also many new bosses appear. If you vị not grasp the information of the quái vật species at each level, it will be difficult khổng lồ overcome. Need to know where their weak point is lớn attack,


Exciting adventure journey

Belonging to lớn the action game genre, but Stickman Master: Shadow Legends thủ thuật has a bit of a mysterious adventure genre. Players will not know in advance what events will happen next. This creates a feeling of suspense and curiosity for you to lớn want to continue to lớn explore. When moving forward, the enemy will have a change in both appearance và strength. At the same time, the surrounding scenery will not be the same as in the background. Create a new space for players lớn experience và explore is extremely attractive. The challenges will be gradually increased in difficulty. Please nâng cấp the strength of the stickman warrior. To be able to lớn defeat them all, continue your adventure journey.

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Mysterious chests

During the move, you will see a lot of chests appearing on the way. It contains extremely useful equipment, necessary for the battle ahead. Will help the warriors have more strength, armor, skills, etc… Especially you can get gold coins inside those red chests. Just see the evil chest, cut it all down & collect all the items inside. Don’t miss out on anything. You also need to be very careful because behind there are monsters lurking, waiting khổng lồ attack you.


Improved combat skills

Upgrade your fighting skills to lớn a higher cấp độ every day. No matter how much you progress, as long as today is better than yesterday. Each character will have 4 moves for you lớn use and manipulate during the battle. At first, the system will only unlock 2 skills. Then, when collecting items in the chest, there will be skills or coins that will allow you khổng lồ unlock the remaining skills. Practice daily lớn improve character control skills, faster manipulations.

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Graphics & sound

Stickman Master: Shadow Legends has the same graphics as other action games. The quality is really great, the detail, the finish is extremely high. The common point of Stickman games is to use black as the main color. The warriors are designed very simply, without many elaborate và ornate patterns và patterns. The sound of using moves khổng lồ attack the enemy really makes the player feel a lot more excited. Along with that, the exciting và dramatic background music creates a feeling of suspense và excitement for players.


Stickman Master: Shadow Legends is really an action game worth playing. With direct confrontation between warriors và dozens of monsters. Give players a feeling, the best experience. Difficulties will continue to occur, & the number of enemies will also constantly increase. You should nâng cấp your warrior lớn a higher cấp độ to be able to pass the screen in the easiest way.

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