Stick War: Legacy Apk + Mod (Vô Hạn Tiền) V2022

Stick War Legacy Mod is a game with an attractive strategy style. When participating, players will be playing the role of becoming a commander, the person with the highest position holds full authority. With the work of finding ways to develop, and build a powerful army to lớn resist the attack from other forces. Or you can also lead troops to fight, regain the area và rob resources. The game is created by Max Games Studios team with over 2 million downloads. With a 2 chiều character thiết kế in the style of a stickman, it will bring an extremely interesting battle. The army will be created with different warriors, each with an ability. From the normal appearance to the tall character, there will certainly be harsh battles.

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Download Stick War Legacy hack – Stickman Great War

Download Stick War Legacy mod – Stickman Great War

Playing Stick War Legacy Mod you will have khổng lồ start from available resources. Must know how lớn make the most of what is available, and reasonably calculate what to lớn prioritize. địa chỉ a stickman to start the mining process in the available ore mines that will mine gold. From there, they can điện thoại tư vấn up other stickmen, forming an army lớn fight the enemy. Of course, there are not only mining soldiers but also warriors. With different weapons, their abilities will be different. For melee combat, swords are used, long-range archers use bows, & at higher levels, there are elite troops and witches. The stronger it is, the more gold it will cost lớn summon to lớn battle. Having a reasonable strategy will create an extremely strong army khổng lồ defeat all the enemies. Create a sweeping army, and win all opponents khổng lồ achieve high results.


Various Modes

Stick War Legacy Mod is built with four different game modes for players khổng lồ try. Each mode will bring different gameplay, và get attractive experiences. Most often the classic, the player will have to lớn participate in countless battles, seamlessly in the series. The difficulty will be increased gradually as you pass each level. Or with survival mode, it is no longer a fight between stickman warriors but with zombies. Those are the undead with outstanding strength và they also vị not hesitate khổng lồ completely destroy you. In tournament mode with the reward of the supreme crown, only the one who surpasses other opponents has a chance khổng lồ hold it


Various Props, Weapons

For any fighting game, weapons are the most important thing. It is something that directly determines the strength of the army and the outcome of the war. Stick War Legacy Mod is the same, weapons give soldiers different abilities. With a variety of systems such as swords, spears, and spears for close-range combat, there are bows và arrows shot from a distance. Hammers, sticks, and whips that were considered ordinary also became weapons used in battle. There is also a magic staff that gives power to magicians. There are also props that are also used to increase strength. Create moves to khuyến mãi great damage lớn enemies.

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Map Diversity

Stick War Legacy Mod is designed with a lot of different maps. Each battle is changed to lớn avoid being boring & unattractive. The battlefield is in the desert with four sides of sand, around a yellow color, or vast grasslands. Even the bright red semi-recessed areas were also used as raw materials khổng lồ build landscapes for battles. Or in the high mountains with night views, even the moon. Make the battles even more fierce. Either way, there will be a defeated side to over the war.


The trò chơi Stick War Legacy Mod is antagonistic, but the chơi game still requires tactics. A reasonable way of deploying an army, knowing how lớn combine their abilities together will bring victory. But the opponent might think so too. In battle, it is normal lớn win or lose. But with the hack built more features such as immortality so that your troops bởi vì not get killed. One hit to destroy the troops faster with just one hit, guaranteed victory. Or with unlimited money so players can buy any thành tựu if needed. No longer have to accumulate, try khổng lồ get money lớn buy items khổng lồ increase strength.

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