Ha Giang Motorcycle Dirt Bike Tour 4 Days $ 356 Vnd 8

Giá toàn bộ về Việt Nam56,826,000 đ
Giá Trước Thuế trên Mỹ$1,040.00
Trọng Lượng chuyển động (Tạm Tính)102.36kg

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Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.Moto Pro brings 125cc Gas Dirt Pit Bike.Semi-auto Clutch is the perfect choice for riders stepping into the 125 class.14" front and 12" knobby rear wheels get ready for great traction on a variety of tracks and terrain.Front và Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake. 420 Gold Chain w/ 14T Front và 41T Rear Sprocket.Some assembly required: Assembly for dirt bikes include Handle bar brackets, wheels, brakes, number plate & fender. (May differ per model)

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Sau khi nhận được đơn mua hàng và tiền thanh toán giao dịch của quý khách, sản phẩm hóa sẽ tiến hành Amazon giữ hộ từ Mỹ về Việt Nam, daichiensk.com đã thực hiện ship hàng tới tận nhà quý khách sớm nhất có thể.Thời gian ngóng hàng thường thì khoảng10 mang đến 15 ngày, daichiensk.com luôn nỗ lực giao mặt hàng sớm nhất rất có thể cho quý khách, tuy vậy hàng rất có thể về lừ đừ hơn vì nhiều vì sao như chậm, lỡ chuyến bay,nhà cung cấp tại Mỹ giao hàng chậm, thiên tai, chiến tranh... Vào trường vừa lòng này khôn cùng mong quý khách thông cảm chờ đón thêm.Trước lúc mua hàng khách hàng vui lòng xem kỹ hình ảnh, biểu hiện sản phẩm, sàng lọc kỹ những thông số sản phẩm như size, màu. daichiensk.com chỉ chịu trách nhiệm đổi trả khi hàng về không đúng với biểu hiện trên websitekhi khách hàng mua hàng.Hàng hóa được bh theo bao gồm sách bảo hành của hãng, trong trường hòa hợp hãng không có trung tâm bảo hành tại Việt Nam, daichiensk.com rất có thể hỗ trợ quý kháchgửi hàng về Mỹ bảo hành.

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This 125cc Dirtbike can"t be sold lớn California! Engine/Drive Chain Engine: 125cc,4-Stroke Cylinder Arrangement: Single Cooling System:Air Cooled Transmission: Semi-Automatic Horsepower(hp): 7.75hp/7500pm Max Torque: 8.0N.m/5500rpm Start System: Kick Start Ignition: CDI Final Drive: 420 Chain w/ 14T Front & 41T Rear Sprocket Max tốc độ (MPH): 60+ (Depending on Riders Weight và Road Conditions) Frame /Body/ Suspension / Brakes Plastic Body: CRF50 Style Front Suspension: XR70 Replica Forks, w/ Springs and Oil Damper Rear Suspension: 9.5" Mono Shock, Non Adjustable Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc Front Tire: 2.75 - 14, Dirt Tire Rear Tire: 3.0 - 12, Dirt Tire Capacities / Dimensions Weight Capacity (lbs): 132 Net Weight (lbs) : 130 Gross Weight (lbs) : 150 Overall Length: 59.25" Overall Width: 31.75" Overall Height: 41.75" Carton Size: 54.3 x 15 x 24.8 " Seat Height: 31.5" Wheelbase: 42.3" Ground Clearance: 12.4" Fuel Tank: 1 gal Safety / Control Engine Kill Switch: Yes Foot Brake: Yes Others Decals (Y/N): Yes Tool Kit: Yes C.A.R.B Approved: Yes

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ITEM WEIGHT225 pounds
BEST SELLERS RANK#269,231 in Automotive (See top 100 in Automotive)#72 in Motorcycles & ATVs
BEST SELLERS RANK#269,231 in Automotive (See đứng top 100 in Automotive)#72 in Motorcycles và ATVs

I received the bike pretty fast once it shipped BUT it leaks gas, badly. Pictures shown are taken about an hour after the leak happened, I closed the gas valve to lớn stop it. I have NOT started this xe đạp ever, since receiving it and have not even put any oil in it yet. I filled it up with about a water bottles worth of gas as i planned on getting it ready to start it for the first time và it immediately began leaking from the two places shown in the pictures. It leaked so heavily it ate through the filter cover và split it. Và it leaks from the over of the hose shown in the other picture since the hose leads absolutely nowhere và is left unplugged. As far as I know, it"s completely unusable until I figure out how to lớn fix this issue. After dealing with shipping issues và being forced to lớn change my màu sắc choice twice even though it said my original choice was in stock when I ordered yên ổn VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS PRODUCT bởi vì NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.
Well I must say I"m very happy with the xe đạp looks way better than in the pic it still saying shipping on my account but I have it early my only issue is it doesn"t have a clutch .... So I just got back from riding it like a bat outta hell so the gearing is neutral is at the top & shift all the way down it stalled out when it saw some real dirt bikes crazy but other than that imma put street tires on it swap the chip & the carb maybe in the future might do an Amazon turbo kit
Your browser does not tư vấn HTML5 video. It"s a nice dirt bike. My son loves it. But having trouble with the rear tire. My son has to put air in the tire. It keeps leaking air. Can"t tell if it"s the valve stem or inter tube. My son is still trouble shooting.

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bởiKindle Customer
Bike was nice and easy khổng lồ set up and. Daughter is very happy with it so far
bởiKeith R.
This is nice looking bike. Seems as if it is a complilation of bikes. The engine is to powerful for anyuse, its not designed for off road or on road. It is made for grass & some dirt. Seat is to high and comfortable. Lớn powerful for kids who arent real xe máy cross people và it wouldn"t take them long khổng lồ find its limitations of use. The front suspension is not matched to even half the performance of the rear suspension.
I dislike the bike because it was damage gas tank etc.etc. Very bad business doesn’t want to take care of the customer
Pretty cool bike. I’m writing this reviews after about a month of having it. Biggest issue for me is that the shifting is backwards, aka all the way up in neutral all the way down is 4th gear but you get used to it. Foot peg feels like it’s gonna fall off but it hasn’t yet. Good temporary bike while you save up for a real 110
Son loves it.Good value for the money.Way cheaper than the Japanese brands!!!A little difficult khổng lồ assemble.Directions are terrible!!Well worth the price just should have better directions.Perfect starter xe đạp for teens!!!

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