Update The Ide And Sdk Tools

daichiensk.com 10 is a major release and includes a varietyof features & capabilities you can use khổng lồ extendyour tiện ích. daichiensk.com 10 also includes behavior changes (forapps targeting daichiensk.com 10 and forall apps) andprivacy changes that help improve sầu batterylife và security.

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To develop with daichiensk.com 10 APIs and chạy thử your app with the daichiensk.com 10 behaviorchanges, follow the instructions on this page khổng lồ phối up the daichiensk.com 10 SDK indaichiensk.com Studio & build & run your tiện ích on daichiensk.com 10.

Get the lathử nghiệm daichiensk.com Studio

The daichiensk.com 10 SDK includes changes that are not compatible with someolder versions of daichiensk.com Studio. So, for the best development experience,we recommend that you install the latest version of daichiensk.com Studio.

Get daichiensk.com Studio

You can compile và demo daichiensk.com 10 apps using daichiensk.com Studio 3.3 và higher, butsome users of the daichiensk.com 10 SDK may encounter Gradle sync failures andwarnings about outdated dependencies.

Get the daichiensk.com 10 SDK

After you install và open daichiensk.com Studio, install the daichiensk.com 10SDK as follows:

Click Tools > SDK Manager.In the SDK Platforms tab, select daichiensk.com 10 (29).In the SDK Tools tab, select daichiensk.com SDK Build-Tools 29(or higher).Cliông xã OK khổng lồ begin install.

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Update your build configuration

To fully thử nghiệm your app's compatibility with daichiensk.com 10 and begin using the APIsintroduced in this version of the platform, open your module-levelbuild.gradle file and update the compileSdkVersion & targetSdkVersion asshown here:


daichiensk.com compileSdkVersion 29 defaultConfig targetSdkVersion 29 ...


apk compileSdkVersion(29) defaultConfig targetSdkVersion(29) ...
To learn about the changes in daichiensk.com 10 that might affect your ứng dụng & begintesting them, read daichiensk.com 10 behavior changes affecting allapps, daichiensk.com 10 behavior changes affectingapps targeting daichiensk.com 10, và daichiensk.com 10 privacychanges.

To learn more about the APIs available starting in daichiensk.com 10, readdaichiensk.com 10 features và APIs.

Content & code samples on this page are subject khổng lồ the licenses described in the Content License. Java and OpenJDK are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

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