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‘Many of today"s security breaches can be blamed on an over-reliance on passwords.’‘Pete"s major error is his over-reliance on the crew.’‘He questioned the company"s over-reliance on a small number of core products khổng lồ deliver growth.’‘Over-reliance on such drugs can actually create a vicious cycle of chronic head pain.’‘The weakness of this over-reliance on exports was exposed by the Great Depression during the 1930s.’‘Avoiding over-reliance on foreign tourists, this lodge has successfully grown its business by focussing on Namibian business travellers.’‘He wants khổng lồ see more emphasis given lớn the role of primary & community care, rather than over-reliance on hospitals.’‘At the same time emerged the enduring flaws of British food: a chronic lachồng of basic skills và an over-reliance on bottled sauces.’‘Economic development was retarded by over-dependence on the British Treasury and by over-reliance on declining traditional industries.’‘Over-reliance on senmãng cầu may deplete the toàn thân of essential nutrients.’‘Whether these latest strategic moves will improve results, & remove sầu its over-reliance on its main Hong Kong market, remains khổng lồ be seen.’‘The Union Navy"s blockade impeded the flow of replacement parts, while forcing an over-reliance upon rail transport instead of coastal và river transport.’‘This is a perfectly valid strategy, which aims lớn reduce over-reliance in one specific area by spreading risk across a number of different businesses.’‘There are still major problems - chronic shortages of drugs, a laông xã of trained staff và facilities, low immunisation rates và an over-reliance on foreign aid.’‘His surviving works are characterized by tunefulness và harmonic simplithành phố, though with an over-reliance on predictable if pleasing phrase structures.’‘An over-reliance on international công nghệ companies means the UK is still exposed, particularly given the continued decline in the manufacturing sector.’‘The album works best for fans of the smooth groove R"n"B style, given its over-reliance on slick beats & sexy melodies.’‘Educational diversity is threatened by the over-reliance on objective scores và rankings.’‘America"s over-reliance on technological, as opposed to human, intelligence has become legendary.’‘If there is a criticism of these final episodes, it is probably the over-reliance on deep, world-shaking revelations about the characters.’
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