Prize là gì

something valuable, such as an amount of money, that is given lớn someone who succeeds in a competition or trò chơi or that is given to someone as a reward for doing very good work:

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to use force lớn lift something off something else, for example by pressing a tool against a fixed point; to separate things using force:
A prize animal, flower, or vegetable is one that has won or deserves to lớn win a prize in a competition because it is of very good quality:
something such as an amount of money that is given khổng lồ a person or organization that wins a competition:
The promotion, launched on a national breakfast show, involves a competition with a daily prize of $10,000.
Cash prizes are awarded lớn winners and runners-up with the Student Journalist of the Year offered a paid summer placement.
a $100,000/£70,000, etc. Prize More than a dozen young interior designers are fighting for the $150,000 prize.
win/get/share a prize Loan sharks sometimes use tactics which include sending letters khổng lồ home-owners telling them they"ve won a prize và urging them to lớn get in touch.

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award/offer/present a prize Each award category offers prizes for small, medium, và large businesses.
top/big/major prize Several small businesses in the area are challenging for the đứng top prize in the Entrepreneur Award scheme.
first/second/third prize She won first prize in a literary competition and has just had her first book published.
a prize for sth The London-based agency has been awarded several prizes for its original & creative advertising campaigns.
prize asset/possession The group plans lớn sell off its prize asset, a Russian oil company, at a knockdown price.




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