How To Take Pictures To Send To Your Boyfriend

With the Snapchat age came this one great trend of sending your partner dirty pictures – & we’re ever so thankful for it! vì chưng you girls ever wonder what kind of pictures vì guys lượt thích to see? Go through this post to lớn find out.

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Send Your Boyfriend Picture lượt thích This lớn Make Him Go Crazy

Know what we lượt thích and know what we want when we ask you lớn send your naughty pictures.

1. The lingerie-trial picture

Nothing fancy, just you in a sexy lace bra… Damn, it’s almost hotter than a picture of your boobs. Almost. 

2. The just-woke-up selfie with a twist

If you sleep in the nude, we so totally want your I-woke-up-like-this selfie & we want it just for our eyes only. 

3. The come-join-me-in-the-shower picture

Don’t let the steam get in the way of us seeing you, though – we want lớn be able khổng lồ make out each và every drop of water that’s clinging lớn your body!

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4. The full-nude shot

Your cell phone has this amazing feature – a self-timer! Please use it khổng lồ click a full-body shot of yours? We’ll be SO thrilled!

5. The getting-hot-in-here selfie

In which you proceed lớn take off all your clothes… Or, at least, give us a glimpse of exactly how little you’re wearing!

6. The miss-you pic

You know the one in which you’re on the bed và doing things that you wish we had been doing to you had we been there? That pic!

7. The virtual striptease

A slideshow of sorts – with one more thắng lợi of clothing missing as we progress. This will have us hooked khổng lồ the screen!

8. The one with a naughty caption

Sometimes an innocent picture can be turned into something naughty with the help of a few explicit words… 


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The POV bodyshot

Looking at your beautiful toàn thân from your point of view… What a stunning picture! và since your one hand would be free… You know where we’re going with this, right?!


10. The licking-an-ice-candy picture

It’s a schoolboy thing that we never really grew out of. Sorry, ladies! We still get super turned on by this kind of picture. Can’t be helped!

11. Wrapped in a blanket và nothing else

Looking at your bare shoulders and back while you wrap the rest of your body with just a plain blanket is absolutely tempting for us. While we revel in the sight of your exposed body, we imagine what’s hidden underneath the blanket which makes it all the more attractive. 

12. Drape a saree but leave the blouse in the wardrobe

We love it when you are dressed in a saree. Và we love it more when you tease us with a picture of you wearing just a saree và not the blouse. Send your picture like this! 


13. An after-bath selfie (with your wet hair in the frame)

There’s something so enticing about your wet hair falling on your face và shoulders that we can’t take our eyes off you. 

14. A Bathroom selfie when you’re wearing just a towel

After or before your shower, when you are wrapped in just a towel that covers you from your breast lớn thighs… please capture this moment for us.


You are special và beautiful in the way you are… and that’s why we can never have enough of you!

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