aim Young children will become aware of and have the opportunity khổng lồ experience the four basic tastes : sweetly, sourness, salty, và bitter .Download Project

Research Questions

Can you identify the four basic tastes : sweet, sour, piquant, & bitter ? Can you recognize these tastes in a kind of foods ? ( This makes a courteous “ taste ” component for a larger project on the five senses.

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Amounts will vary if more than one child participates in the project. The materials used below are suggestions ; substitute foods as you see meet .

Twelve small containersOne spoonful of sugarOne mint candyOne spoonful of honeyOne lemon wedgeOne pickleOne spoonful of plain yogurtOne spoonful of saltOne salted potato chipOne bit of parmesan cheeseOne bit of unsweetened baker’s chocolateOne spoonful of decaf coffeeOne piece of grapefruit rindExperimental ProcedurePut one food thành tựu into each small container.Place all the containers on a table.Taste the sugar. This is SWEET!Taste the lemon. This is SOUR!Taste the salt. This is SALTY!Taste the baker’s chocolate. This is BITTER! These are the four basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, & bitter.Now taste each of the other foods, & decide which of the above four tastes it’s most like. Place the foods with similar tastes next lớn each other. (You will probably come up with four groups of three foods each: three sweet things, three sour things, three salty things, and three bitter things.

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If not, that’s okay; the important thing is that you are exploring the sense of taste.)All flavors are made up of some combination of these tastes. Try tasting other foods. Where would you place them among the twelve you began with?Terms/Concepts

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