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Roofing is a concept that can be used while constructing your house. It is an important layer between the interior house và the exterior. Roofing sheets act as a protective layer that shields the interior from several external factors like rain, snow and the harsh rays of the sun. Besides providing this protection, roofing sheets can also địa chỉ cửa hàng to the entire vibe & aesthetic that you are looking for in your house. Roofing sheets play an important role in the construction of the exterior house. Therefore, to lớn make such an investment, it is required to lớn know the different roofing sheets types to lớn make a better choice.

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If you are looking for a particular roofing sheets price, you can consider pop designs for halls without fall ceilings. This article will walk you through the steps of choosing good roofing sheets, the advantages of roofing sheets, roofing sheets types, factors to lớn consider when choosing roofing sheets and roofing sheets price.

Materials used for Roofing Sheets 

Roofing sheets are manufactured with a wide range of materials, depending on the needs of the individuals, or whether it will be used for commercial or private houses. The properties & the application process vary for these different roofing sheets types. Choosing the right kinds of roofing sheets can make the roof of your house stay protected for a long time.

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Generally, two roofing sheets types are available in the market:



While there are other materials used for making roofing sheets like bitumen & fibre cement; plastic and metal roofing sheets are most widely used in both commercial and personal use.

Roofings sheets are manufactured khổng lồ shelter the house from external damage. When it comes khổng lồ roofing sheets types made with plastic, there are three further varieties:


Polycarbonate and 

Acrylic roofing sheets.

The ones made with metal can either be of:

Steel or


They can be made smooth or textured by coating a layer of acrylic or stone granules.

Different Types Of Roofing Sheets

Over the years, raw materials used for manufacturing roofing sheets have become more advanced và modern. Elimination of carcinogen materials & the concept of green building have given a rise khổng lồ a whole new phối of materials that are now being used for making roofing sheets. Some of the highly-used roofing sheets available in the market are as follows:

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Textured roofing sheets

These types of roofing sheets are mainly used in the construction of commercial-sector buildings lượt thích industries, printing presses, medical and architecture sectors. Due khổng lồ their structured texture, corrugated roofing sheets types provide better protection và have proven to be durable for a longer time. They require little maintenance và can withstand severe impacts of objects falling. Corrugated roofing sheets can be further classified into

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