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occupation /,ɔkju"peiʃn/ danh từ sự chiếm, sự giữ, sự chiếm giữ, sự chiếm đóngthe occupation of the city: sự chiếm phần đóng thành phố sự sinh hoạt (một ngôi nhà) thời hạn thuê nghề nghiệp; công việc, câu hỏi làmto look for an occupation: tìm việc làmwhat is your occupation?: anh làm cho nghề gì?nghề nghiệpoccupation disease: bệnh dịch nghề nghiệpoccupation mortality: tỉ trọng tử vong nghề nghiệpsự chỉ chiếm chỗfissure occupationsự đậy đầy khe nứtfissure occupationsự trát khe nứtroute occupationchiếm dụng mặt đường chạytrack occupationchiếm dụng đườngtrack occupation periodthời gian đường bị chỉ chiếm dụng

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Từ điển Collocation

occupation noun

1 job

ADJ. full-time | dangerous, hazardous | female, male Agricultural work is traditionally seen as a male occupation. | low-paid, well-paid | high-status, low-status | sedentary | managerial, professional, technical | skilled, unskilled | manual, non-manual | blue-collar, white-collar | industrial, service service occupations such as cleaning và catering

VERB + OCCUPATION choose, find | take up | follow The people interviewed followed a variety of occupations | give up He gave up his occupation as a farmer và became a teacher. | resume | provide (sb with)

PHRASES a range of occupations The college provides training in a wide range of occupations.

2 control of another country

ADJ. continuing | military

VERB + OCCUPATION begin, take up | be/remain in | give up The invaders have given up occupation of large parts of the territories. | resume

OCCUPATION + VERB begin, end

OCCUPATION + NOUN force, power nguồn | zone

PREP. during the ~ During the occupation, the church was used as a mosque. | under ~ Large parts of Britain were under Roman occupation.

3 living in a room, house, etc.

ADJ. exclusive | joint, multiple the conversion of big old buildings to multiple occupation | peaceful the right to peaceful occupation of the property | land | illegal, unlawful illegal occupation of the premises

VERB + OCCUPATION take up You can only take up occupation once the tenancy has been signed. | be/remain in, enjoy | nói qua | give up | resume

PREP. in ~ of He intends to remain in occupation of the building for as long as possible.

PHRASES ready for occupation The flats will be ready for occupation by March. | unfit for occupation The houses were judged to lớn be unfit for human occupation.

Từ điển WordNet


any activity that occupies a person"s attention

he missed the bell in his occupation with the computer game

the period of time during which a place or position or nation is occupied

during the German occupation of Paris

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

occupationssyn.: activity affair business capacity concern duty employment function holding interest job matter ownership possession role stint task trade workant.: rest
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