Google Meet At Prairie State College

Select "start a new meeting" A box will pop up, which reads "add others" và contains a URL và a dial-in option (pictured here). Select "copy joining info" & email this information to lớn those you want in the meeting Once they have sầu this information, they will be able khổng lồ connect khổng lồ your meeting

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Setting up and starting planned meetings:

xuất hiện your PSC GSuite Thư điện tử Navigate lớn your "calendar" through the apps (waffle) icon When looking at your Google Calendar clichồng on the red circle in the lower right-h& corner with a white plus sign inside Fill out the relevant information, such as the name of the meeting, the meeting"s time, and a short description of the meeting. Clichồng "Add conferencing" then select "Hangouts Meet" (pictured here beneath "Add location") In the "Add guests" box on the right, type the emails of whoever you want lớn join the meeting Once you hit save, the guests will get a calendar invite to lớn the meeting At the time of the meeting, guests can join the meeting directly from their PSC calendar

Connecting to a Meeting:

Through URL:

Copy và paste URL from host"s tin nhắn with joining information inlớn web browser Select "Join Meeting"

Dial in (audio only):

From a standard l& line or cell phone, Call the phone number from the host"s tin nhắn with joining information Once prompted, type the PIN number inlớn your phone.

Through Calendar:

At or before the time of meeting, navigate khổng lồ your PSC calendar Select the meeting on the calendar On the pop-up menu (pictured below) select "Join Hangouts Meet"

Connecting Camera và Microphone


A pop-up will likely appear asking if Meet has permission khổng lồ use camera và microphone; select "Allow" Once in the điện thoại tư vấn, make sure the microphone and camera are not muted. Cliông xã on the logos on either side of the "end call" button If your microphone is muted, the background of the button with a camera will be red. Others in the meeting will be unable to lớn hear you if the background is red. (pictured below: settings as they should be) If your camera is muted, the background of the button with a camera will be red. Others in the meeting will be unable to hear you if the background is red. (pictured below: settings as they should be)

Adjusting Settings:

If you are using an external camera and microphone, Meet may mặc định to lớn your computer"s camera và microphone. To change this:

Clichồng the "More Options"(three dots) button in the lower right-hvà corner of the screen in the meeting Select "Settings" Navigate to the "Devices" tab Under each category (Camera,Microphone, & Speakers) make sure the correct camera, microphone, và speaker is selected You can also adjust the Clip chất lượng under the "Quality" tab: Lowering the quality will reduce lag Increasing chất lượng will produce a better picture
Chat Feature

Talking into lớn the microphone is not the only way lớn speak with other members of your meeting; you can also use the chat function khổng lồ type messages! To vị so:

Find the box in the upper right-hvà corner. It has two tabs: one with people, one with a textbox. Below is a darkened pĐánh Giá of your own camera.
Cliông xã on the tab with the textbox image; it will now expand khổng lồ reveal the word "Chat" Type your message at the bottom of the box, where it says,"Skết thúc a message to everyone" Once you have sầu sent it, other members of your meeting will receive a notification along with your message

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Adding and Removing People

Adding directly from the meeting:

Cliông xã on the "People" tab in the upper right hvà corner above sầu the self-view (indicated by the head & shoulders silhouette) Select "Add People" Enter the intended guests" gmail address(es) into lớn the box labeled "Enter name or email" They will receive sầu a links khổng lồ join the meeting If desired, you can also dial a phone number under the "Call" tab In the lower left-h& corner of the screen, select "Meeting Details" Removing people from the meeting: Select the "People" tab on the right-hand side of the screen Find the name of the individual you wish to remove from the meeting Cliông xã on the down-facing arrow next to lớn their name; this will reveal three buttons (pictured below) Clichồng the third button (a circle with the line in the middle) to lớn remove the person from the meeting

Presenting From a Device

While in a meeting, you may wish to present something like a presentation from Google Slides or some other khung of truyền thông to lớn people in your meeting.

Piông xã how you"d like khổng lồ present If you"d lượt thích khổng lồ replace your camera feed with your presentation, cliông chồng the "Present Now" button On the screen, a menu with possible meetings should appear. Join the intended meeting by clicking on it or by typing the meeting code in where it says “Present using a meeting code” Note: If you do not see this thực đơn, try opening an incognikhổng lồ window, going to & signing into lớn your PSC GSuite account Select what you would lượt thích lớn present: Cliông chồng "Your Entire Screen" tab khổng lồ mô tả your screen If your computer has a single monitor (e.g. a máy tính with no external screen), you will only have sầu one choice here If your computer has two monitors (e.g. a dual-monitor setup), you can choose which screen you want to chia sẻ. Under the "Application Window" tab, you can select which application/program you want to mô tả & keep the rest of your screen private If someone else shares nội dung, your computer will automatically stop sharing its content

Who shows up in the larger image:

There should be one large image with several smaller images to lớn the right of the screen. Google Meet automatically switches which meeting thành viên is larger based on who is speaking. To change this, click on an image on the right. This “pins” that individual as the primary image

Muting others:

Everyone in the meeting has the power lớn mute others. lưu ý that only individuals can unmute themselves, so each person will have sầu to unmute themselves after you have sầu muted them. To vày so:

Navigate to the “People” tab Find the name of the individual you wish to mute Cliông xã the downward facing arrow next khổng lồ their name; three buttons should appear Select the middle button (a crossed-out microphone) to lớn mute them
Disconnecting From The Meeting

To disconnect, simply hit "leave call" (red telephone) button at the bottom of the screen


Main Campus: 202 S. Halsted St. Chicago Heights, IL 60411 (708) 709-3500

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