Small Master Closet Floor Plan + Design Tips

A master suite is a bedroom that includes both an attached private en suite/bathroom và a closet — usually the walk in variety. There are numerous ways lớn configure these three rooms. However, master bedroom floor plans where the closet và bathroom are arranged so that you must walk through one lớn get to the other are on the rise. Builders and home buyers alike seem to lượt thích these tandem room arrangements for the master suite because less square footage is taken up by hallways, allowing the home to feel more spacious. Whether it is better to lớn walk through the master closet to lớn get to the bathroom, or place the closet first và walk through it khổng lồ get to the bathroom is a hotly debated topic among new home buyers. There are pros và cons khổng lồ each side of the issue.

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The pros và cons of walking through the closet to the bathroom or vice versa are fairly evenly divided between advantages & disadvantages, making the decision a personal one for each homeowner.

Walk Through Closet to lớn Bathroom:

With this floor plan, homeowners enter the bedroom, then must pass through their closet to access the master bath.

Example of a master closet that connects the bedroom lớn a large en suite/master bath area at the end. The closet functions as a hallway in this instance, with traffic flowing around either side of the closet island. Notice that the windows are all in the bathroom, và the windowless area was used for the closet. Also notice the mirrored cabinet door, the baskets và the numerous drawers that conceal areas of the closet that might become messy. The owner"s suits are left hanging in the open, as the always neat & pressed.

Walk In Closet to Bathroom Pros:

Greater privacy for the bathroom: Even if your commode is enclosed by a door, bởi vì you really want someone walking through while you"re doing your business? The closet lớn bathroom arrangement gives spouses direct access khổng lồ clothing changes & accessories kept in the closet without disturbing their partner"s private moments.Quiet: A full closet acts as a sound barrier to typical bathroom noises lượt thích running water, hair dryers, electric razors, etc. This can be a great advantage when one partner works different hours and one needs lớn get ready for work while the other is still sleeping.Odor không lấy phí Bedroom: Even if you vent your bathroom with a fan, lets face it, sometimes there will be unpleasant odors around the commode. There is less chance of these smells reaching the delicate nose of a partner when there is a closet in between the bathroom & bedroom.Open closet: This arrangement allows for more versatility và the possibility of an mở cửa closet layout, where a closet/dressing room simply becomes part of the master bedroom, making the room appear larger và more personal. This arrangement is particularly popular with homeowners who favor open floor plans.Convenience: If you lượt thích to use your bed as a staging area when packing a suitcase or selecting the next day"s clothing, this layout allows you khổng lồ lay out your clothes on the bed. This is especially convenient when figuring out what to lớn pack.

Walk In Closet khổng lồ Bathroom Cons:

Closet does double duty as a hallway: Closets can be messy and cluttered, especially if you don"t have a professionally designed closet organization system. No one really likes to look at a mess. Alternately, you can simply choose to be very neat in your closet all the time. For some people, this comes naturally. For others, it can be quite a challenge.Cost: This ties in with the "closet as hallway" drawback. You may need lớn include cabinet doors to lớn cover some of your hanging and shelving areas in order khổng lồ consistently present a neat và orderly closet space. This is an additional expense that can địa chỉ cửa hàng up depending on the style of door chosen.Closet becomes a quasi public area of the home: Some people lượt thích to keep their closets locked for privacy & security reasons during parties or when domestic staff is on the premises for cleaning, etc. If you lock your walk through closet, you also prevent anyone from being able to lớn clean or use the bathroom.Longer walk to the bathroom: Depending on your situation, this might be a problem. When you are laid up sick or even pregnant, sometimes there are advantages to lớn having your bed closer lớn the toilet.

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Less privacy for the closet: If guests (ahem... In-laws) are talking in your room and need to lớn use the bathroom, they have lớn go through your closet. You may not want them looking at your slinky lingerie.

Bathroom with Walk In Closet:

With this floor plan, homeowners enter the bedroom, then must pass through their attached bathroom lớn access the walk in closet.

Example of a master bathroom that connects the bedroom khổng lồ a large walk in closet/dressing area at the end. The bathroom functions as a hallway in this instance, conducting the user to lớn the closet.

Bathroom lớn Walk In Closet Pros:

Greater security for the items in the closet: You can lock your closet without restricting access to the bathroom.Shorter walk lớn the toilet: Depending on your situation, this may be important.Cost: With this setup, you và your partner are the only ones who will see the closet, so you may choose khổng lồ use less expensive finishes and options than you would in a more public space.The closet will be a separate, private room: If the closet is to lớn serve a dual purpose as your dressing room, office, exercise room or private retreat, you may not want it lớn be used as a hallway. In this instance, passing through the bathroom lớn access the closet is better than vice versa. Additionally, the inherent restricted access that goes along with having to pass through the master bath on your way khổng lồ the closet keeps that closet space quieter and more private.

Bathroom khổng lồ Walk In Closet Cons:

Lack of privacy: Your bathroom will be performing double duty as a hallway for accessing the closet. Even if you have other bathrooms in your trang chủ for other people lớn use, you may not want your partner walking through your space while you are sitting on the john.Restricted access khổng lồ closet may be inconvenient: If you lock the bathroom door, your spouse will have lớn wait until you are finished in the bathroom before being able lớn retrieve a sweater or other article of clothing from the closet.Odor: Odors from the nhà vệ sinh will be closer to lớn the bedroom/sleeping areas. Need we say more?Noise: Typical bathroom noises lượt thích running water, hair dryers, electric razors, etc. Are closer khổng lồ the bedroom area & could disturb a sleeping partner.Ventilation Adequate ventilation for both the closet & en suite is paramount when you must pass through the bathroom to access the closet. Code requires that bathrooms be ventilated. However, some humid air from the shower is certain khổng lồ leak out khổng lồ adjoining spaces anyway. If steam from the shower gets into a closet, especially a windowless closet with no other openings other than the bathroom door, it could cause mold and/or mustiness in the clothing. This problem can be avoided, however, if you remember lớn also vent the closet.

So which is better?

Many homeowners love having a tandem arrangement of the master bathroom và master closet. They swear by the extra convenience that comes from not having lớn go back into the bedroom after taking a shower in order khổng lồ get dressed. That type of added convenience applies khổng lồ either arrangement — walk through closet to lớn master bathroom or bathroom with walk in closet. It confirms that the question of which is better ultimately comes down to individual preference. Personally, if I were to choose between the two, my decision would be based on the position of the windows in the home. Although it isn"t required by code và may be impossible in some condominiums or attached housing situations, you want the bathrooms/tub areas and toilets to lớn have windows. An exhaust fan simply cannot meet the freshness that comes from an mở cửa window. Natural daylight is also a benefit, more so for bathrooms than closets. Therefore, the best choice when locating the bathroom & closet is to lớn place the bathroom where you can easily have access lớn a window.

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