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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a popular light novel written by Satou Tsutomu . The story is translated to lớn English và covers Action, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei & can be read for free.

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It is a sản phẩm of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people.

Supernatural power became a công nghệ systematized through magic, while magic became a technical skill. A “Supernatural power User” became a “Magic Technician”.

Magic Technicians (in short, Magicians) are nurtured through Magic High Schools and Universities.

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This is a story about:

A defective elder brother & low achiever.

A perfect, flawless younger sister & high achiever.

After both siblings entered a Magic High School,

The stage of daily turbulence was unveiled —.

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Seijo ni Narunode Nidoume no Jinsei wa Katte ni Sasetemoraimasu ~Outaihi wa, Zensei de Watashi wo Futta Koibito Deshita~
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