How to dive head first into water

Scuba Rangers is a great way lớn introduce the world of scuba diving to lớn your children. Scuba Rangers is a scuba activities club for kids ages 8 lớn 10.

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By learning to lớn snorkel & scuba dive in a swimming pool or confined water environment, your children build confidence, discipline and respect for the water, while setting và accomplishing goals, and having fun!

What’s Cool About Scuba Rangers?– Scuba dive in a pool with real diving equipment– Play games underwater, và other fun stuff– Get a cool Scuba Ranger t-shirt– Enjoy snacks & drinks during training sessions– Develop good sense around the water and increase awareness of water safety– Build confidence, self-esteem, và pride

What’s Required lớn participate?

Your children must have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, & be in good health. Scuba Rangers students are expected to make a commitment khổng lồ learning proper diving skills and following safe diving practices, and to having fun!

During pool training sessions, your children are always under the direct supervision of a certified Scuba Ranger Instructor. Parent or legal guardian optionally present during all pool training sessions and diving activities. You vày not have to lớn be a certified scuba diver to lớn participate.

For the pool training sessions, students must have a scuba mask, adjustable fins, dive boots, và snorkel. You may purchase this basic equipment package at our dive center. Please let us know if your children plan to use any equipment that they may already own. Viet Divers provides all of the required scuba equipment: scuba tanks, regulator, BCs in kid size, ect.


Becoming a Scuba RangerYour children will receive a Scuba Rangers’ kit including: student folder, manual, online training video, & a Scuba Rangers’ Log, và Completion Card/ Certification. Kids earn Scuba Rangers Recognition Stickers & achieve five Ranger Levels where they receive cool rewards and a diploma for each cấp độ they complete.

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Red Ranger – water safety techniques, swimming và snorkeling skillsWhite Ranger – snorkel đánh giá and first time on scubaBlue Ranger – more scuba skills và underwater photographySilver Ranger – more scuba, fun and gamesDemo Ranger – demonstrate skills to lớn parents, family & friends

Class and pool are located in Ho đưa ra Minh City.

Scuba Rangers & Beyond

After successful completion of the five Ranger Levels, your children can join the Scuba Rangers Club; that’s where the fun really begins. Kids attend club events, scuba dive in the pool or confined water environment, and can achieve other Scuba Ranger Specialties, such as Night Ranger, Computer Ranger, Navigation Ranger, and many more.

The Scuba Ranger can also join a real Diving Trips, where the rangers allow khổng lồ dive at max 5 meters with the direct supervision of certified scuba instructor . It’s a great way lớn inspire your child & provide you with an unforgettable family vacation.

Becoming a certified Scuba DiverChildren between the ages of 10 to lớn 15 can become certified as a SSI Junior xuất hiện Water Diver & go scuba diving under the direct supervision of a certified scuba instructor or scuba certified parent or legal guardian. By becoming a Scuba Ranger, students receive discounts on our other training.

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