First aid for a broken bone: don't try to move the patient

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Fractures are caused by external forces from daily-life accidents, traffic accidents, etc., which cause broken bones. Broken bones are one of the common accidents that need lớn be treated promptly and properly.
Some of the symptoms that can occur with a fracture include: Pain, swelling, bruising or deformity of the injured area; Severe pain during transportation Numbness in the injured area Loss of function in the injured area Bones protruding from the skin The injured area bleeds heavily
Sơ cứu vớt khi bị gãy xương
Vùng bị yêu đương bị đau, sưng, bầm tím, mất tính năng ở vùng bị mến là đa số triệu bệnh của gãy xương

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Broken bones are a common injury. This condition, if not treated promptly & properly, can lead lớn lifelong disability or even death.
When you break a bone, you need medical help if: The person is unresponsive, not breathing or not moving. Start CPR if there is no breathing or heart rate. Heavy bleeding occurs Even slight pressure or movement causes pain. The limbs or joints appear deformed. The bone has penetrated the skin. The extremity of an injured arm or leg, such as a toe or finger, is numb or bluish at the tip. You suspect a broken bone in your neck, head, or back. Vày not move the injured person unless necessary to lớn avoid further deterioration. While waiting for medical help you should bởi vì the following: Stop bleeding : apply pressure to lớn the wound. With a sterile bandage, a clean cloth, or a clean piece of clothing. Immobilize the injured area: vày not attempt to realign the bone or push the bone back. If you have had training in splinting và professional help is not available, apply a splint lớn the area above và below the fracture site. Padded splints can help reduce discomfort. Apply an ice pack lớn limit swelling and help relieve pain: vì chưng not apply ice directly lớn the skin. Wrap the bandage in a towel, piece of cloth, or some other item.
Sơ cứu vãn khi bị gãy xương
Treating shock: If the person feels faint or is breathing with short, rapid breaths, lay the person down with the head slightly lower than the body and, if possible, elevate the legs. First aid for leg fractures: Place the victim on a flat surface, straighten the leg, và the foot perpendicular khổng lồ the shin. Use a splint to lớn place the inside and outside of the injured area Padded cốt tông on the ends of the splint & the inside và outside of the bone ends Secure the two splints together & secure the foot perpendicular to lớn the shin bởi vì not tie too tightly to save Blood circulation First aid for broken arm When breaking the arm bone, place the broken arm close khổng lồ the victim"s body, the forearm perpendicular to the 2 splints. Fix the splint above & below the fracture. When the forearm is broken, the forearm should be close to lớn the body, perpendicular to lớn the arm. Splint from the palm lớn the elbow, the outer brace from the tips of the fingers to the elbow. Fix the splints of the hand and forearm body. In case the elbow cannot be bent, bởi not use force lớn bend it. Lay the casualty down and place the injured hand along the torso. Place a long pad between the injured hand và the torso. Tie the injured hand to the body around the wrists and thighs, around the arms and chest, và around the forearms and abdomen. First aid for spine fractures: If neck fractures: place the victim on his or her back on a stiff stretcher & immobilize the victim. Keep the head straight và use soft pillows lớn cover the sides of the victim"s neck. If the spine is broken in the back: lay the victim on his back, keep the victim"s head straight, feet perpendicular to the shins. Immobilize the victim, use soft pillows to lớn insert into the victim"s sides. In cases of broken bones, it is necessary to lớn give first aid to lớn fix the injured area và quickly take the injured person to a medical facility for timely treatment. Treatment. Currently, International General Hospital applies the surgical method of combining bones on the bright screen in the treatment of fractures. This is a method khổng lồ help people with fractures without a cast, has only been applied in the past few years, with the following advantages: Less damage lớn surrounding soft tissue, short surgery time, accurate exposure the location of the fracture, minimize the risk of infection, reduce the number of days in hospital after surgery, reduce pain during surgery và after surgery well, facilitate early rehabilitation exercises, patients soon return to normal activities; With high aesthetics, the patient does not need a cast, minimizing complications During his work, the doctor has successfully performed many high-tech surgeries & is always the leading doctor in the implementation of techniques. New in the field of Orthopedic Trauma in nhị Phong such as: arthroscopic surgery khổng lồ reconstruct the knee cruciate ligament by All inside technique, arthroscopic shoulder surgery lớn suture rotator cuff tear, knee and hip replacement surgery. ..

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