There are some situations where I struggle to apply cold solid butter, which is hard khổng lồ spread on breads/sandwiches. I usually cut it in small pieces, put it between the pieces of bread and microwave them. How can I handle this when I vị not have access khổng lồ a microwave? (Even the microwave doesn"t help spread the butter evenly on the entire area.)

Usually I keep it under sunlight for some time, but during early breakfast & winter this doesn"t work, and it takes time as well.

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How can I overcome this scenario?

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This is how I vày it:

Get a knife and cut thin slices of butter.Lay the butter slices on the bread, if the air in the room is warm the butter will become more soft for several minutesIf the air in the room is cold, take a cup of warm water (or use your hot breakfast tea if you don"t mind some butter in it) and put the knife into the cup for several second lớn increase its temperature.Spread the butter on the bread using the warm knife


Alternatively you can warm the bread before applying the butter with a toaster or similar electric appliance.

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If you can"t cut the butter because it is in something like a cup or due to lớn other reason, you can warm its surface with a hairdryer and then use the knife to apply it và spread it on the bread.

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The breakfast dilemma of trying to lớn spread cold butter straight from the fridge onto toast in the morning has been voted into Britain"s vị trí cao nhất five breakfast annoyances!

But wait, Warburtons, the family baker in the UK, has created the Toastie Knife to help with this breakfast dilemma.

This prototype called “Toastie Knife” is basically a butter knife with some batteries in the handle that heat up the blade. It"s called “the most desired breakfast innovation” by The Daily Mail.Reaching an optimum spreading temperature of 41.8oC in under 30 seconds, the Toastie Knife allows you to lớn spread fridge-cold butter straight onto toast. So you can enjoy spreading the perfect slice of toast. For best results use a good chất lượng bread loaf which is soft enough to guarantee a taste, but strong enough it won"t tear when buttered.

This is how it works:


Here’s a clip by Warburtons UK of this cutting-edge technology in action:


Using this state of the art giải pháp công nghệ it can now ensure your optimum butter spread experience!

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