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The consequences of drinking alcohol are incalculable. Therefore, the prevention of harmful effects of alcohol is extremely necessary for everyone. To vày this, it is first necessary to lớn know "say no" khổng lồ alcohol.
When it comes lớn the harmful effects of alcohol and beer, people often think of traffic accidents và mental disorders. In reality, however, the consequences of drinking are much more varied & complex. According khổng lồ WHO statistics, out of a total of 549,000 deaths in năm 2016 from all causes, there were about 39,000 deaths due to lớn alcohol, beer (leading khổng lồ cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis, cancer, accidents, etc.) traffic & mental disorders). The harmful effects of alcohol are caused by alcohol (ethanol), through 3 main direct mechanisms including: Alcohol in alcohol causes chronic toxicity: When people drink in small doses and slowly, Alcohol has caused chronic toxicity khổng lồ organs & tissues in the body, gradually leading to cell damage & consequent chronic diseases, affecting human physical and mental development. Alcohol causes acute intoxication: The impact on the structure và transmitters of the central nervous system will lead lớn the consequences of coordination disorders, decreased alertness, impaired awareness, thereby affecting behavior. Vi should cause consequences for the drinker và people around. For example, causing injuries, traffic accidents, violence... Alcohol causes dependence: As a psychotropic substance, alcohol in alcohol can cause drinkers to lớn increase the dose as well as reuse. Thereby making people dependent on it, leading lớn alcohol-induced psychosis and increasing the risk of chronic disease, causing immediate và long-term consequences. * In addition, alcohol can interact badly with other chemicals in the body, exacerbating existing physical and mental damage.

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In fact, there is no standard as khổng lồ how much alcohol is harmful lớn drink, because tolerance & risk of drinking vary from person lớn person, depending on age, sex, other biological properties. There is no safe level of alcohol consumption because even very small amounts of alcohol can cause certain health risks và consequences. Some studies have shown that drinking alcohol at any level increases the risk of cancer, especially oral cavity cancer, larynx cancer, throat cancer, & esophagus cancer. , colorectal cancer , liver cancer & breast cancer . The dysfunction of the body will appear right from drinking a very small amount of alcohol. Specifically, if a person has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.01g/dl, it is equivalent lớn just drinking a sip of wine or 1⁄4 cans of beer & starting khổng lồ have disorders such as: Drinker alcohol will reduce the function of the central brain; Increased excitement, lack of control in all situations; Disorders of coordination of movement should make drinkers unsteady walking, falling, etc. The above disorders of alcohol will affect speed control, direction maintenance or reflexes. Braking,... In the process of driving a vehicle, as well as inciting the mood, easily leading to conflict, not being able khổng lồ control the drinker"s own behavior. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of traffic accidents, unnecessary conflicts and leads to death or severe disability. Therefore, people need to be aware of the harmful effects of alcohol.
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To prevent the harmful effects of alcohol, doctors recommend that all organizations & individuals limit alcohol consumption lớn the maximum because there is no safe threshold. In case of drinking, there are some important things lớn note: vì not drink more than 2 units of alcohol/day for men, 1 unit of alcohol/day for women và no more than 5 days/week. 1 unit of alcohol is equivalent to ba phần tư of a 330 ml beer bottle/can (5%); 1 cup of draft beer 330 ml; 1 glass of wine 100 ml (13.5%); or 1 cup of spirits 30 ml (40%). Try lớn control the amount of drinking to the lowest risk in 1 drink. Should drink slowly, combine eating & drinking, drinking alternately with filtered water. Must drink wine & beer of clear origin and chất lượng assurance. After drinking, should not participate in outdoor activities or in dangerous & unsafe places because it is easy khổng lồ fall, collision, injury,... In particular, vì not use alcohol in cases of alcohol. Driving a motor vehicle, operating machinery, pregnant or lactating women, patients receiving drug treatment that react to lớn alcohol, have medical conditions where alcohol makes the disease worse. People who have a habit of drinking alcohol, in addition khổng lồ gradually quitting, need lớn have regular health check-ups to lớn screen for alcohol-related diseases effectively. Currently, daichiensk.com International General Hospital is implementing a lot of general health checkup packages suitable for each age, gender và individual needs of customers with a very favorable price policy, including: Packages General health check-up Work permit- granting work permit Child general health check-up package Standard general health check-up package Special general health check-up package VIP general health check-up package General health check-up package đá quí The advantage of daichiensk.com"s health check-up packages is that customers will be screened và screened by a system of modern equipment such as PET/CT, MRI, CT 640, advanced ultrasound system. The world"s leading technology, international standard laboratory system,... After a general examination, if any diseases are detected, customers can use services from other specialties at the hospital with superior quality of treatment.
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