There are innumerable causes that their needs khổng lồ be a higher awareness about…and that is one of the reasons awareness ribbons have come into style. The ribbon that most people have seen are the pink Breast Cancer ribbon, the yellow Armed Forces ribbon, & the puzzle pieces Autism ribbon. But there are so many more. Here is a các mục of the colors of other Awareness Ribbons. Today we will show you how to lớn draw awareness ribbons with a few simple illustrated steps.

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How to lớn Draw Awareness Ribbons for Causes such as Breast Cancer & Autism

Step 1


Draw a #9-like shape.

Step 2


Draw an upside down letter ‘J’ shape lớn thicken the shape of the #9 you drew.

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Step 3


Continue the ribbon from up above. There is a criss-cross of the ribbon as you can see above.

Step 4


Draw a curved line up at the top…this is the underside of the top of the ribbon.

Finished Drawing of a Cause or Awareness Ribbon


And there you have it, a finished awareness / cause ribbon. Almost every cause has an awareness ribbon…the most seen ribbons are pink for Breast Cancer awareness, yellow for the troops và Bone Cancer (as well as many other things), puzzle pieces for Autism, red for aids awareness. There are too many causes khổng lồ list. The important thing is that you learned how to lớn draw one.

If You Want the Tutorial in One Picture:


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