Make A Slideshow With Music And Pictures

Do you want a simple way to lớn play audio while showing photos in a lightbox? With Envira Gallery’s Audio Addon, you can địa chỉ audio to individual galleries on your website.

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Here, we’ll discuss how khổng lồ activate the Audio Addon so that you can add music & other audio tracks khổng lồ your Envira galleries & albums.

This addon is currently being beta tested. Please watch for its official release.



WordPress 4.9+Envira Gallery 1.8.8+


To access the Audio Addon, you’ll first have to install & activate the feature. Please follow our instructions on how lớn install and activate addons. The documentation traces the process using the Albums Addon but, in this case, you’ll need to lớn activate the Envira Audio Addon.


Step 1 – Create or edit your gallery

First, you’ll need lớn create a new Envira gallery to địa chỉ cửa hàng audio to, or edit an existing gallery. Follow along with our documentation for creating your first gallery lớn get started making your own photo and video galleries.

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Step 2 – Choose your audio options

Once you’ve created your gallery, navigate lớn the Audio tab. Select the kiểm tra box toEnable Gallery Audio. Then, upload your MP3 audio file.



Q: What kind of audio tệp tin can I upload?

A: At this time, the Audio Addon only works with MP3 files.

Q: Does this feature limit the length of the audio track or the form size of the audio file?

A: In short, no. You can upload an audio tệp tin of any length and kích thước to accompany your Envira gallery. However, keep in mind that the longer the audio track, the bigger the audio file. You may experience page loading delays & audio file loading delays when opening the Lightbox if the file is too long or large.

We recommend keeping your audio files as short và small as you can to lớn maintain fast loading speeds.


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