Having water is having life - this saying holds true for all things in nature, including humans. Water makes up most of the body"s weight, is necessary for health, và is involved in many important functions. What role does water play in the human body?

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In terms of the role of water in the body, water has functions such as: Water helps regulate body temperature Water helps the toàn thân excrete waste Water increases energy, strength and endurance for the body, protects tissues, spinal cord and joints. Improves blood oxygen circulation Water aids the body toàn thân in digestion by secreting saliva, promotes digestion, prevents constipation, dissolves, transports and enhances absorption of nutrients, vitamins & minerals Water supports brain function support. When there is not enough water in the human body, it can negatively affect concentration, alertness and short-term memory. Water helps keep skin youthful, aids weight loss,...
Our body needs to replenish 1.5 to lớn 2 liters of water per day on average. If you exercise, the amount of water you need will be more. You should drink water even if you are not thirsty khổng lồ make sure you have enough water lost. In addition khổng lồ filtered water, you can drink other types of water such as fruit juice, tea, coffee, smoothies... Not only adding water, these fruits also provide good fiber, vitamins, & minerals. For body. Should drink water in a sitting position, instead of a standing position. When drinking water in a standing position, water will quickly go down the intestines, nutrients are not absorbed into the organs because water helps transport vitamins và nutrients lớn each cell in the body, helping to eliminate toxins. Harm. Drinking water in a sitting position helps water lớn be retained in the body toàn thân for longer, the body toàn thân can absorb nutrients more efficiently.

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Mild dehydration: body toàn thân fatigue, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, constipation, mood swings, irritability, increased anxiety, cramps, joint pain, sunken eyes, wrinkled skin squint. Severe dehydration: fever, low blood pressure, tachycardia, delirium, unconsciousness,... Other harmful effects of dehydration ● Metabolism slows down: A study found that if the toàn thân is dehydrated, the metabolism slows down. Drinking enough water will increase the metabolic rate by 30%, making the body healthier. ● Increase the feeling of hunger: When you chiến bại water, the body toàn thân will confuse with the feeling of fullness - hunger makes you eat when you don"t need it ● Decreased ability to regulate body toàn thân temperature: When you lack water, the toàn thân will increase the ability khổng lồ eat. Ability to lớn retain heat và reduce the body"s ability to adapt lớn the environment with too high temperature. ● Digestive problems: Lack of water in the body toàn thân causes constipation. Fatigue và Hyperglycemia: Your body toàn thân needs water khổng lồ dilute or digest sugar. If you have diabetes & lack of water in your body, it will be especially dangerous.
A few typical signs that your body toàn thân is lacking water. Urinating less: The average healthy person urinates about 6-7 times a day. If you urinate less than 2-3 times a day or can"t urinate for hours, you should drink more water right away... Because this is a warning sign that your body toàn thân is lacking water. Dry skin: Even if you use moisturizer... & your skin is still dry, chances are you need to drink more water. Headache: This type of headache is slightly different from the usual headaches. You feel more pain with any movement, such as when you bend over to lớn get something, go up and down stairs, the pain becomes worse. Headaches of this type are usually caused by not drinking enough water or sweating too much. Dry throat: Decreased saliva production will make your throat dry, usually due lớn lack of water Urine color: Lack of water in the body causes urine to turn dark brown, dark yellow, cloudy... Loss of taste: Lack of Water makes you thua your taste buds, thus reducing your appetite. Dizziness, tinnitus: Drinking a lot of water helps blood flow easily, bringing blood to the auditory nerve cells in the inner ear to help improve symptoms of tinnitus & dizziness.
The kidneys are responsible for producing urine & removing waste through the urine. When the body lacks water, it is difficult for the waste products in the body to be eliminated normally. The first manifestation is that the kidneys have difficulty excreting waste in the urinary tract, making the urine dark brown, dark yellow, or cloudy (instead of clear, pale màu sắc if the toàn thân is sufficiently hydrated). The kidneys also warn the body toàn thân of dehydration by limiting urine production, making it possible to urinate less often (2-3 times a day, instead of 6-7 times a day in people who drink enough water). In short, water plays an extremely important role for the body, so you should pay attention khổng lồ drink enough water and eat enough nutrients lớn ensure your body toàn thân is always healthy.
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