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Google slide là gì

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Everyone has heard of Google"s search engine. What you might not know is that Google also offers a suite of professional office tools. Google Slides is one of those tools.

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If you haven"t considered Google Slides, you should. It"s a great alternative sầu to other professional office tools. And even better—it"s không tính tiền online presentation software.

What is Google Slides? Should you (and your team) start using it? (photo lớn source)

In this article, we"ll introduce you to Google Slides (also known as Google Drive Slides). 

You"ll learn what you can bởi vì with Google Slides. We"ll also hook you up with some resources that"ll get you started with Google Slides online presentation software quickly. Finally, we"ll mô tả a good source for professional themes & templates for Google Slides.

1. An Introduction to lớn Google Slides

When you phối up a không tính phí Google tài khoản, several software tools become available khổng lồ you. Those tools include:

Google Slides. Google Slides is a presentation tool that allows you to lớn make both online & offline presentations.

Google first offered a presentation program for Google Docs in 2007. Google"s không tính tiền presentation software has been named Google Slides since 2012.

While the basic Google Slides is không lấy phí, Google"s premium office software, GSuite, includes a presentation tool called Slides that"s similar to Google Slides.

Because Google Slides is cloud-based, you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection. Simply log in khổng lồ your Google tài khoản. It also supports real-time editing & collaboration.

If you"re ready to get started with Google Slides, you"ll find help in this multi-part learning guide: How to lớn Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide).

Is Google Slides for you? Next, read a discussion of who might find Google Slides useful.

2. Who Needs Google Slides?

Anyone who needs to make a presentation can benefit from using Google Slides. This includes small owners, students and educators, public speakers, và more.

Anyone can make Google Slides presentation slideshows. (Phokhổng lồ source)

Google Slides is không lấy phí, so that makes it an igiảm giá khuyến mãi tool for anyone on a tight budget. That also means it won"t strain your budget if you"re a small owner or a student struggling to lớn make ends meet. You can use Google Slides if you"ve sầu already got a free Google account phối up.

Google Slides is also a great option for anyone who doesn"t regularly give presentations & can"t justify purchasing presentation software, but who occasionally needs lớn create or edit a presentation.

Like many tools found in Google Drive, a strength of Google Slides is the ability khổng lồ collaborate. Anyone with an Internet connection can be given access to lớn the presentation, regardless of the computer platform they use. This makes it a great tool for project teams.

Now that we"ve sầu explored who might want khổng lồ use Google Slides, let"s examine some of the advantages of using it.

3. Google Slides Benefits (What Makes it a Great Presentation Tool?)

Google Slides is a serious contender when it comes to lớn presentation software. If you choose Google Slides as your presentation tool, here are some of the benefits you"ll enjoy:

No cost alternative. Unlike some of the pricier alternatives, Google Slides is available for miễn phí lớn anyone with a Google account. Choose Google Slides and your wallet will thank you.Real-time editing. With Google Slides, the version of your online presentation is always the most current. You don"t even have lớn rethành viên to lớn save it.Collaboration. Do you work with a team? With Google Slides, teamwork isn"t a problem. Share your presentation with anyone who has Internet access, no matter what type of computer system they use.Secure sharing. Control who has access khổng lồ your presentation when you share it. Depending on the màn chơi of sharing you mix up, co-authors can view, phản hồi on, or edit Google presentations.Revision history. Not only does Google Slides auto-save sầu your professional presentation, it also keeps traông xã of past versions. Go baông xã to an earlier version of your presentation using the Revision History feature.Compatibility. With Google Slides, import slideshows from other presentation software tools. You can also export Google presentations to other software tool formats.Professional features. Google Slides includes professional presentation features such the ability lớn format slides, change text, import images, import videos, & more.Online publishing.

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Google Slides lets you publish your presentation online. Use a secure link khổng lồ nói qua your presentation or embed the presentation inkhổng lồ your trang web.

For a more detailed comparison between Google Slides and the other leading presentation software tools, read our article:

Next, let"s take a more in-depth look at how you might use Google Slides:

4. What Is Google Slides & What Can It Do?

Whether you"ve chosen Google Slides as your presentation software or you"re still considering software presentation tools, you may wonder exactly what you can bởi vì with Google Slides. Here are ten powerful uses for it:

1. Create và Present a Professional Presentation

Google Slides is ikhuyến mãi for authoring and presenting a professional presentation. Presenter tools include speaker notes and the ability to phối up a Q và A session during your presentation. 

For a more complete look at creating a professional presentation, turn to lớn our eBook, The Complete Guide to lớn Making Great Presentations. 

2. Share a Google Slideshow Presentation Online

Use Google Slides to lớn create a slideshow presentation that runs automatically online whenever anyone accesses it. With Google Slides, you can create a shareable link to lớn your presentation for use with social truyền thông. You can also generate code that allows you lớn embed your presentation inkhổng lồ your trang web. To get step-by-step guidance on sharing your presentation online, study this tutorial:

 3. Create a Timeline in Google Slides

Many presentations revolve around a timeline. Whether you"re on a project team or a sales team, your work probably includes timelines.

You could create a timeline with Google Slides using drawing tools. That takes a bit of work though. With the right Google Slides template, creating your timeline presentation is easy. To see details on how we used a GraphicRiver template khổng lồ quickly create a timeline, Đánh Giá this tutorial:

4. Work as a Team in Google Slides

As we mentioned earlier, Google Slides is a great tool for teams. The following screen shows how to lớn nội dung a professional Google Slides online presentation. Then we"ll touch on how you define each user"s màn chơi of access:

When you cốt truyện a Google Slides presentation, you can set the cấp độ of access the user has.

As you can see, the màn chơi of access varies by user according to lớn how you define it. You can set sharing up so that some users can only view the presentation. Others can phản hồi or even edit the presentation. You can also remove access if someone leaves your project. Learn more: 

5. Add a Video lớn Google Slides

A great way to add a little excitement khổng lồ your presentation is to lớn add a video. In today"s multi-truyền thông media saturated environment, adding đoạn Clip can give your presentation the edge it needs to lớn hold your audience"s attention.

For example, maybe you want to include a few words from your company"s founder in your presentation—but they can"t be there in person. With Google Slides, simply link lớn an .mp4 or YouTube video with a short talk from your founder. Voila! Your founder is now part of your presentation.

For a closer look at how khổng lồ add đoạn Clip lớn your Google Slides presentation, study this tutorial:

6. Create a Presentation for SlideShare

SlideShare is không tính tiền online platsize that allows you to lớn nói qua presentations with a wider audience. The SlideShare site states that it"s got over 80 million users. That"s a lot of users! Since SlideShare ranks as one of the top sites worldwide, publishing a Google presentation on SlideShare can grow your market giới thiệu.

With Google Slides, you can create a compelling & professional presentation lớn upload to lớn SlideShare và reach potential customers. Discover some examples of top SlideShare presentations for inspiration in this article:

7. Create Google Slide Layouts

A layout is a pre-built set of elements that you can use to lớn fill your Google Slides. Choose a layout and you"ll instantly see placeholders added that are waiting for your content.

However, pre-built templates typically only include a handful of layouts. That"s why it"s so useful to lớn learn how to lớn create và customize your Google Slides layouts. Investing the time in building additional layouts will help speed up your production time. 

Use the tutorial below to lớn learn how to lớn create and customize Google Slide layouts:

8. Add Text và Bullet Points

Text & bullet points are the basis for most Google Slides presentations. However, it"s crucial lớn use text correctly with the tricks of the trade.

Google Slide online presentations need lớn find a balance of informative và engaging. Load your slide with too much text & you"ll quickly đại bại an audience"s attention.

Chechồng out the Google Slides tutorial below for tasteful tips on how lớn use text và bullets to lớn drive your points:

9. Convert PowerPoint Presentations khổng lồ Google Slides

When your co-workers are interested and start asking, "what is Google Slides?" it helps lớn assure them that they can convert their existing presentations. One of my favorite Google Slides tips is khổng lồ continue your progress by converting your PowerPoint presentations.

With just a few clicks, you can transkhung a PPTX (PowerPoint presentation) inkhổng lồ a Google Slides online presentation. Almost every element is preserved, and Google has even added direct editing of the original PTPX file to make it even easier.

One of the advantages of Google Slides is that you don"t have lớn abandon all of your progress. Use the tutorial below to lớn do just that:

10. Use Animations & Slide Transitions

As mentioned above sầu, keeping the excitement in your presentation is a crucial factor for success. One of my favorite ways khổng lồ vì chưng that is lớn introduce a bit of tasteful animation khổng lồ your Google Slides online presentation.

Luckily, Google"s interface lớn control animation is intuitive sầu & flexible. It takes less time khổng lồ add animations so that you can introduce your key points with an impact. Save sầu a key point in the baông chồng of your pocket, & use animation lớn bring it on the slide at the most important moments!

With animations, you can also create Google Slideshows by sequencing photos & elements on the slide. Use the tutorial below khổng lồ learn the most important techniques:

5. How Can I Get Started Using Google Slides?

After reading all about Google Slides, you may think "I"d like lớn get started with Google Slides, but I just don"t know what to vì next." This section is for you.

Your Google account gives you access to lớn all of Google"s office suite, including Google Drive sầu & Google Slides. If you"ve already got a Google tài khoản, you can access Google Drive sầu even if you"ve sầu never used it before. The best part is that you can use Google Slides for không lấy phí.

If you don"t have a Google account, learn how to set one up by following the steps in this Google tutorial:

Once you"ve sầu signed up for a Google Account, access Google Drive sầu. From Google Drive sầu, you can work with Google"s không tính tiền office suite tools. Those tools include Google Slides (và Gmail too, if you want it).

To get started quickly và easily with Google Slides, follow the instructions in this Quiông chồng Start Google Slides tutorial:

For more in-depth instructions on the advantages of Google Slides, turn to our Google Slides learning guide for a series of helpful tutorials: How khổng lồ Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide). Or, jump inlớn these quiông chồng Google Slides tips:

6. Where Can I Find Great Themes và Templates for Google Slides?

With a professionally designed template or theme, your presentation is sure lớn make a good impression, as they come with lots of creative sầu slide designs that are ready to use. The appearance of your presentation is especially important if you"re creating a Google slideshow.

Normally, you"d expect to lớn pay big bucks lớn get someone khổng lồ design the "look & feel" of your professional Google Slides presentation. Of course, Google includes some professional themes that you can access from within Google Slides. But everyone who uses Google Slides can use those same basic themes.

Thanks to Envato Elements, you can construct your next Google Slides presentation in less time than ever! It"s home khổng lồ thousands of templates that you can source for a single flat subscription fee.

Use templates from Envakhổng lồ Elements khổng lồ build your best Google Slides presentation ever.

One of the advantages of Google Slides is that you can keep using PPTX themes to lớn start your presentation. When you start with a pre-built Google Slides presentation, you start with all of the blueprints you need for a great kiến thiết. All you have sầu khổng lồ do is drop your personalized details into lớn the template and you"ll build a great presentation. 

Because you can use Google Slides for không tính phí, springing for a premium template is still affordable. Here are three of my favorite Google Slides presentation templates that you can use for a huge advantage in building your next presentation.

1. Nuevo Abstract Google Slides Template


Nuevo makes heavy use of bold geometry lớn promote your content. It"s the type of Google Slides design that puts your nội dung front và center and uses complementary kiến thiết to vị so. It"s flexible enough to lớn be used for practically any Google Slides online presentation.

2. Screen Google Slides Template


Minimalism is more popular in kiến thiết circles than ever before. Screen helps you emtoàn thân that kiến thiết philosophy by focusing its designs on a few key elements for each slide. Screen is also an ikhuyến mãi Google slideshow template because of its heavy focus on imagery. 

3. Winn Google Slides Fresh Template


Bright & flashy, Winn is far from neutral. When you need khổng lồ build Google Slides online presentation that stands out from everything else your audience will see, Winn might just be the perfect option for you. It has all of the most popular slide designs you need khổng lồ save hours while designing your next presentation.

4. Netlớn - Architectural & Real Estate Template


Netlớn is marketed as a presentation template for architecture & real estate, but it"s really ikhuyến mãi for any bold kiến thiết. It"s got the pricing table, map slides, and portfolgame ios that could make it perfect for everything from to lớn trang chủ design proposal. 

A slide presentation template or theme makes it easier for you lớn create a professional-looking presentation quickly. 

For a more quality look for your presentation, turn lớn the professional designers at Envakhổng lồ Elements that offer many top-notch Google Slides template designs. Here are a few more examples of our trending Google Slides Themes:

Plus, it"s not difficult khổng lồ add a professional theme or template khổng lồ your presentation. This tutorial shows you how lớn quickly change the theme of your Google slideshow: 

Go Build a Google Slides Presentation Today!

Whether you"re a professional, a student or teacher, or just someone who needs khổng lồ give sầu a presentation—it"s worth looking at Google Slides online presentation software.

Be sure to browse through premium Google slides templates on Envato lớn Elements or GraphicRiver lớn start your presentation with a professional design.

You"ll find that this tiện ích is easy khổng lồ use, and don"t forget that you can use Google Slides for không tính tiền. Depending on your needs, Google Slides may be your best choice for a presentation software tool.

In this article, we"ve provided an overview of Google Slides (also known as Google Drive Slides) that answers the questions: 

What is Google Slides? Can you get Google Slides for free?

You"ve also learned about some of the advantages of Google Slides. We"ve sầu even provided miễn phí tutorial resources to help you get started quickly using Google Slides online presentation software. 

So, what"s holding you back? Set up a Google account và start using Google Slides for your presentation needs today. Also, grab our new eBook for more help:

Learn All About How to lớn Make Great Presentations (Free PDF eBook)

Take the knowledge you gained in this tutorial further with our new eBook: The Complete Guide khổng lồ Making Great Presentations. Grab this PDF Download now for Free with your subscription to lớn the Tuts+ Newsletter.

It"ll help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, kiến thiết it lượt thích a pro, & prepare it to lớn present powerfully.

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published in October of 2017. It"s been updated khổng lồ include new information—with special assistance from Andrew Childress.

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