Google Slides - Edit PowerPoint Presentation

Google Slides is an online tool used lớn create presentations within Google Drive. In this tutorial we will show you how to edit an existing PowerPoint presentation & convert it into lớn a Google Slide Presentation and export it baông xã to lớn a PowerPoint presentation.

First, import your PowerPoint tệp tin khổng lồ Google Drive sầu. To bởi vì this, open Google Drive và cliông xã New > File Upload.

Choose your file & click "Open".
You will then see a pop up appear on the bottom right of your browser's window showing your document's upload progess.

Next, we need lớn open the file we just uploaded in Google Slides. You can bởi vì this in one of two ways.

a. Right Click on tệp tin, and go to lớn mở cửa With > Google Slides.


b. Double Click on the file in Google Drive, your presentation will pop-up, then clichồng mở cửa with Google Slides from the top.


You will be taken khổng lồ the Google Slides Editor.

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