Fill Out Pdf Forms In Google Drive

Google Drive sầu has come a long way from being an online-only document viewer và editor. Drive"s native sầu PDF features make it an excellent PDF tool, but its third-các buổi party Drive apps extover its functionality & usefulness.

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Let"s take a look at ten fantastic ways you can make Google Drive work for you.

Fortunately, Google Drive sầu comes equipped with some fantastic features to lớn handle PDF management. Before you look for any tiện ích mở rộng for Google Drive sầu PDF editing, double-kiểm tra to see if it"s not already a feature.


While Chrome is a fantastic PDF viewer, it can also save PDFs to your Google Drive. You don"t even need khổng lồ open Drive; the PDF viewer handles everything. However, lớn bởi vì this, you"ll need the Save lớn Google Drive sầu extension, so be sure to download that at the bottom of this tip.

Now that we"re ready khổng lồ save sầu PDFs straight khổng lồ Drive, we need to lớn take an odd path khổng lồ bởi. First, open the tệp tin you want to lớn save to lớn your Drive sầu in Chrome"s PDF viewer, then look at the top of the page where the additional controls are. If you don"t see the controls, move your mouse to lớn the top of the page.

You might be tempted to cliông xã on the download button, but don"t. Instead, clichồng on the Print button. Under the Destination category, select Save khổng lồ Google Drive. Then, cliông xã Print. You may need to cliông chồng See more... lớn reveal the Save sầu lớn Google Drive option.

Chrome will upload your PDF to lớn your Google Drive. It may take a little while khổng lồ upload larger files, so don"t try to cđại bại out of the prompt if it appears khổng lồ freeze up. Don"t worry; you won"t print out the document. VIDEO OF THE DAY

Download: Save sầu to Google Drive (Free)

2. Search With Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


OCR is a công nghệ that takes text from images and PDFs & converts them into lớn a searchable and editable document.

To use OCR in Google Drive sầu, right-click on a PDF, then xuất hiện with > Google Docs. Once you have opened it in Google Docs format, save it again, & you"ll have your searchable doc.


If you have sầu a Google Doc which you"d lượt thích khổng lồ convert to lớn PDF, open up the document in Docs. Once it"s open, click File > Download > PDF Document.


Saving physical information lớn the cloud greatly benefits going paperless, especially with Google Drive"s OCR technology. If you need to backup receipts or important documents, you can take a pholớn of it và automatically convert it into a PDF tệp tin.

To get started, download và open the Drive sầu tiện ích. Then, tap on the Plus icon that appears above the controls. In the pop-up that appears, tap Scan. Take a photograph of what you want lớn scan, và Drive will automatically convert it inlớn a PDF tệp tin.

After you take the picture, you"ll see some editing options in the top right corner. The plus sign at the lower left allows you khổng lồ upload several photos và upload them as a single PDF. When you"re happy with the image, tap the checkmark in the lower right corner lớn name, và save the document khổng lồ Google Drive.

If scanning documents to lớn create digital backups sounds lượt thích a fantastic idea, be sure also lớn check out ZipScan, which can scan your documents in seconds.


Google recently added the ability to highlight PDFs in Google Drive sầu natively. When you"re looking at a PDF in Drive, cliông chồng the Add a Comment ibé at the top left. It looks like a speech bubble with a plus inhỏ in it.

Then, highlight the area where you want to lớn phản hồi. You can drag a highlight box across what you want khổng lồ annotate, then type a phản hồi in the box that appears.

These comments carry over if you save the PDF file khổng lồ your desktop, which is excellent for showing other people what you annotated.

If you want khổng lồ add or remove sầu specific pages in a PDF file, you can bởi this with DocHub. This add-on features many excellent features, but not many extensions allow you to edit the pages directly.

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If this sounds interesting to you, go to lớn the DocHub website & sign in with the Google account you want it to lớn access. Once you"ve added DocHub to lớn Google Drive sầu, right-click a PDF tệp tin in Google Drive sầu & select Open With > DocHub.

Once the document is open, clichồng the button at the top-left that looks lượt thích a 3x3 grid of boxes. This button opens the page manager sidebar. You can drag pages around in this sidebar khổng lồ manage them or use the buttons underneath to add & delete files.

Chrome"s built-in PDF viewer works great for filling out interactive sầu PDFs, but if you have sầu lớn add checkmarks, signatures, or repetitive information, you may want to look at a service such as HelloSign (shown above) or DocuSign.

Both have modern interfaces allowing you to lớn find your way around quickly, & also allow you to lớn draw or import a picture of your signature. Free accounts are quite similar as well.

If you"re going to be collaborating and sharing a lot of PDFs, you may want lớn consider a premium tài khoản. HelloSign allows you khổng lồ send three documents every month for không tính phí, where DocuSign only lets you skết thúc a total of three. Signing up for the services (but not sharing) is always không lấy phí.

If you want to lớn learn how to merge PDF files in Google Drive sầu, PDF Mergy has all the answers. It"s easy khổng lồ use và provides excellent results.

To combine PDFs in Google Drive, install PDF Mergy. Once installed, select all the PDF files you want khổng lồ merge. You can select multiple files in Google Drive by holding down the CTRL button và clicking on each.

Once you"ve selected all the files you want to combine, right-clichồng, hover over Open With, and click PDF Mergy. The files will appear on the PDF Mergy website.

Once you"re satisfied with the file selection, click the blue "Merge" button. You"ll be prompted lớn name và save locally or khổng lồ Google Drive sầu.

Download: PDF Mergy (Free)

If you want khổng lồ split one PDF into lớn a file per page, try Split PDF. The name gives away its primary function, but it contains some additional features that make it a useful PDF editing suite.

If you want khổng lồ split a PDF, vị note that Split PDF comes with a few restrictions. You can split documents without an account, or you can create a không tính phí trương mục to lớn split more.

However, free accounts are limited khổng lồ splitting a certain number of documents each day, while premium members can split as many as they lượt thích. Premium plans are $2.99 a month, or $47 for two years.

To split a PDF, tải về & install the extension. Then, clichồng the extension button on your browser, và you"ll see a PDF upload page.

Select the Drive icon lớn upload via Drive, and upload your PDF tệp tin. Then, wait for Split PDF to lớn process it. Once done, click the Split button at the bottom right. Once it"s done splitting, you"ll receive a zipped folder containing every page of the PDF as an individual PDF tệp tin.

Download: Split PDF (Free with premium option)

Large PDF files can take up a lot of your limited Google Drive space. If you want to make more room on your Drive, SmallPDF can help squash your PDF file sizes down. Of course, there is plenty of fantastic tệp tin compression & extraction software available already, but doing it inside of your browser is very convenient.

To use it, download & install the extension. Open the app, then cliông chồng From Google Drive sầu on the upload screen. Select the PDF you want to lớn compress, then click Select.

SmallPDF will offer you a premium option to compress your PDF khổng lồ a further degree, but the regular compression works very well. In fact, during testing, SmallPDF squashed an 8MB PDF file inlớn an 800KB one.

Download: PDF Compressor (Free with premium option)

Getting the Most Out of PDFs

Google Drive sầu has fantastic PDF support built inlớn it. However, if you find that it cannot handle something, there are plenty of other add-ons that can. Therefore, Google Drive sầu is a great tool for managing & editing PDF files.

You should also find out how khổng lồ pichồng up a PDF where you left it. If you fancy upgrading your computer"s PDF reader, there are plenty of readers out there to choose from. It"s all about picking the one that suits your needs best và does its job well.

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