Google drive

ORcreate a Google tài khoản by clicking on "Get Started." You can use ANY tin nhắn address; it doesn't have to lớn be a Gmail account.

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The Collaborations tab in your Canvas course an easy place to lớn keep trachồng of group projects, và also khổng lồ phối up collaboration easily without having khổng lồ swap emails. You (and all your collaborators) will need a Google tài khoản in order to participate in any Google Docs collaborations. Instructions.


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Google Docs

Alternative lớn Microsoft Word

Google Sheets

Alternative sầu khổng lồ Microsoft Excel

Google Slides

Alternative sầu to Microsoft PowerPoint

Arguably one of the best (free) ways khổng lồ collaborate from a distance, your Google Drive tài khoản will automatically save sầu any nội dung you create or edit using one of Google's alternatives khổng lồ Microsoft Office tools above sầu. Drive features include:

You can sign up for a không tính tiền Drive account with any email address - it doesn't have sầu to be a Gmail account.

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Documents, spreadsheets, và presentations are stored online & can be accessed from any computer, anywhere & anytime.There is a live sầu chat function within Docs, Presentations, và Spreadsheets so you can collaborate in real time.

Comparison Chart

max. # of people you can invite khổng lồ collaborate or view your doc*200200200
max. # of people editing doc at the same time505010
chatyesyesyes, in view presentation mode

1,024,000 characters

4000,000 cells

200 slides

*You can make yourGoogle Docavailable khổng lồ anyone by publishing it, without having to specifically invite people lớn view it.

Google Drive Cheat Sheet





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