Activities for your glow in the dark party

Want an awesome and inexpensive pool party theme? Throw a Glow Stick Pool Party. Doing a glow-in-the-dark pool party theme is all the rage right now và one of the hottest pool trends of 2021. Swimming after dark can be a ton of fun for kids and adults alike.

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Glow in the dark pool các buổi tiệc nhỏ themes are becoming increasingly popular with kids & adults like. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Glow-in-the-dark items are inexpensive & are super easy to find. Incorporating a few glow in the dark features into your swimming pool area is a fun way to lớn liven up your backyard at night. Adding a bunch of glow sticks to any pool các buổi party is a simple pool gian lận that adds a creative & fun new dimension.


One popular post on social media that is gaining lots of attention looks lượt thích the recipe for a fun night in the pool with friends và family. Michael Quiroz of Tulsa, OK enjoys hanging out with buddies in the backyard. Not only does his inground pool provide the perfect location for creating long lasting summer memories, but the family dog seems to be enjoying the benefits of pool ownership too.


When friends & family drop by for a barbecue or get together, they’re partying well past sun down. Michael knows a few creative tricks to set the backdrop for a fun night swim for his pals. Glow sticks are one of those often over looked và really affordable ways to brighten up the pool at night.


Michael & his guests enjoy a rousing game of night time volleyball in the pool & the glow sticks, well they just địa chỉ to the atmosphere. Kids aren’t the only ones that love glow sticks. A few folks have posted videos on social media and the idea is becoming more và more popular. Creating a themed glow stick pool party is simple. Just purchase a bunch of glow sticks, snap and shake khổng lồ activate and toss them in the pool, the more the merrier. Just remember, however many you throw in the pool is how many you have khổng lồ remove when the parties over.

Plan The Ultimate Glow Stick Pool Party

Glow stick pool parties are a simple, fun and creative way lớn make night swimming fun.

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This is an absolute must if you have own a pool. Swimming at night is entertaining, & if you have kids this is an idea that will go over big. Everything is made better by swimming in a glowing pool. Thinking about giving it a try but worried about messing up your pool? You won’t have lớn worry about liquid seeping into your pool because glow sticks are water resistant. When enough are thrown in, the entire pool will be illuminated by a rainbow of colors. This will be one of the most memorable glow in the dark pool buổi tiệc nhỏ ideas you’ll look back on for years to come.

Throw Your Own Glow In The Dark Pool Party

Thinking about doing a glow in the dark pool party? Try these great ideas. Photo Credit: YouTube

Here are 5 great products that will not only light up the night but showroom will địa chỉ tons of glow in the dark fun lớn your next pool party.


Floating Lights for Pool (Set of 12) 3” Round Light Up Pool Glow Balls màu sắc Changing Pool Decorations LED Lighted Balls for Pool

Choose from 7 Steady Colors plus Slow màu sắc Change. Great for Decorating Pool Parties, Floating in Ponds & Fountains, Lighting Up Gardens và Walkways.CPSIA Compliant + Waterproof.

$39.99 on Amazon

PartySticks Glow Sticks các buổi party Supplies 300pk – 8 Inch Glow in The Dark Light Up Sticks các buổi party Favors

Spice up your pool parties with these glow in the dark decorations. These nontoxic and non leaking glow in the dark các buổi party favors are safe & fun for kids. 300 pieces of easy-to-activate and vibrant multi-colored light sticks plus connectors that stay put for hours


$19.50 on Amazon

Glow-in-The-Dark Beer Pong phối Is Perfect For Adult Night Time Fun

Light up Beverage Pong Cups for Indoor Outdoor Nighttime Competitive Fun và events, BBQ’s, Tailgating, Pubs, Party. Includes: 22 Plastic Cups, 22 Lights (Flashing color), 6 Pongs, 24 Waterproof Stickers.


$19.95 on Amazon

LED Beach Ball with Remote Control – 16 Colors Lights and 4 Light Modes, 100ft Control Distance

Nothing screams summer lượt thích a good glow beach ball floating on the pool or through the air at night. Whether it is a themed party, BBQ, or just an ever spent splashing around playing games with friends.

Glow-in-The-Dark Swimming game Set

Use this light-up game set lớn experience Sharks và Minnows, pool rings, dive games, treasure hunts, swimming rings and other swimming games with a new twist!

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