Create an easy Excel gantt chart with our miễn phí template

Our easy premade Excel gantt chart template can save sầu you tons of time by organizing your project plan và tackling the tedious scheduling work for you! Use this Excel gantt chart lớn simplify complex projects inkhổng lồ an easy-to-follow plan và track the status of tasks as work progresses. This không tính tiền template is also useful for keeping traông chồng of project deadlines, milestones, & hours worked. Learn more about gantt charts.Before you get started, check out this quichồng Excel vs. comparison khổng lồ see how you can save sầu time & effort managing gantt charts in

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How to use our không tính phí gantt chart Excel template

We made this Excel gantt chart template easy, powerful, and painless to use for projects of any kind—from construction projects lớn trang web redesigns và beyond.You can customize our Excel template lớn view và manage projects over any time period, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Simply plug in your tasks, dates, and resources, & you'll have sầu a presentation-unique Excel gantt chart. Be sure khổng lồ update the percent complete as work progresses to lớn stay on top of project tracking.Want lớn learn how? First, tải về the Excel gantt chart template, then watch our Excel gantt chart tutorial on YouTube below.


Additional Excel project management templates

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Better than Excel gantt charts

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How lớn make a simple gantt chart in Excel

Want khổng lồ learn how to lớn build an Excel gantt chart from scratch? This step-by-step tutorial guides you through how lớn do an Excel gantt chart that maps out dates on your project timeline.

Note: We performed the following steps in Microsoft Excel 365 for Mac, but the basic workflow should be the same on a PC or in any version of Excel with minor changes.

1. Add tasks and dates lớn the Excel worksheet for your gantt chart.

Create columns for Task Name, Start Date, End Date, & Duration, & fill those cells with the basic details for your project tasks.


Format these columns as follows:

Task Name = Text formatStart Date & End Date = Date formatDuration = Number format

Want lớn organize your Excel gantt chart inlớn phases with subtasks? Add a row before the first task in each project phase, & enter the following dates for each task group:

Start Date = Start Date of your first task or milestone in the group or phaseEnd Date = End Date for the last task or milestone in the group or phase

2. Apply an automatic formula lớn calculate task duration

Use a simple formula to subtract the start date from the over date. That way your Excel worksheet will automatically calculate the length of each task in your gantt chart. For example, we entered =C2-B2 into lớn the Duration field for our first task.


Tip: If you started in different cells in your worksheet, be sure to lớn adjust this formula accordingly.

Place your mouse on the right corner of D2 until you see a blaông xã + sign và double-click or drag your mouse down to paste the formula in the remaining cells in column D.


3. Insert a Stacked Bar Chart from the Insert menu

Cliông chồng the Insert tab, and select the bar chart ibé.Choose Stacked Bar from the 2-D Bar section lớn add a chart to your Excel worksheet. This chart type most closely resembles a gantt chart.


4. Set up your Excel gantt chart data

You should see a blank chart in your Excel worksheet now. Right-click the chart, và choose Select Data.


Cliông chồng the plus sign (+) under the Legend entries section lớn add the first data phối. Name it "Start Date." Then cliông xã on the Y values field, & select the data in the Start Date column.


Repeat this process to add a second entry called “Duration,” making sure lớn select the data in the Duration column for the Y values. Click the Horizontal Axis Labels field, và select the entire Task Name column.


Tip: Make sure the Show data in hidden rows và columns checkbox is ticked so your Excel gantt chart will still work if you decide to lớn hide any of the columns or rows in the worksheet.

5. Add the project title to lớn your chart

Double-cliông chồng the Chart Title textbox to select the full title.Enter the name of your project to lớn replace the generic placeholder text.


6. Change the chart date range lớn your project start and kết thúc dates

Copy the Start Date for the first task in your project inlớn a blank cell below your task danh mục, và format that cell as a number rather than a date. Repeat this process for the End Date for the last task in your project.


Now select the horizontal axis of your gantt chart, right-click, và choose Format Axis. Under Bounds, there are fields for Minimum and Maximum. These are the first & last “dates” in the chart. Change the Minimum value khổng lồ the number you got when you converted the first task date into a number và the Maximum value to the number for your last task date.


Hit Enter khổng lồ remove sầu the extra time from the beginning of your chart.

The easiest way lớn build a project plan

You can build a beautiful project plan in just 10 minutes. Best of all, you can easily switch between gantt, calendar, & danh sách views in a single cliông xã.

7. Format the horizontal axis as dates

If the labels on the horizontal axis of your gantt chart show numbers instead of dates, cliông chồng the Number section of the Format Axis window lớn expand it.Change the category from Number to lớn Date. Now the horizontal axis will show readable dates.

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8. Set your Excel gantt chart at weekly intervals

Under Units in the Axis Options section, you’ll find MajorMinor fields. These determine the timeline intervals for your Excel gantt chart.Enter 7.0 into lớn the Major field lớn mix the project timeline in your Excel gantt chart at weekly intervals.


Tip: Want a monthly gantt chart? Set the Major field at 30.0 for monthly intervals.

9. Reorder tasks, and move the date axis khổng lồ the top of your gantt chart

Select the vertical axis, right-cliông xã, & choose Format Axis.


Tiông chồng the Categories in reverse order checkbox.


This also moves the date axis to the top of the chart where it’s a little more useful.

10. Format your stacked bar chart khổng lồ look lượt thích a gantt chart

Clichồng on the first portion of a taskbar with 2 colors to select all of the bars in your first data series. In the example below, our first data series is represented by the xanh taskbars.


Then click the Paint Bucket tab, & expvà the Fill section.Select No fill lớn remove the blue bars that precede your task start dates.


11. Change taskbar colors for a customized look

Click on a single bar twice. Don’t double-click it—cliông chồng it once lớn highlight all the bars in that color, then cliông xã it again to lớn highlight a single bar. Click the Paint Bucket ibé, and choose the color you want from the color fill options.


Tip: Differentiate project phases from subtasks by giving phase taskbars a neutral color, such as gray.


Tip: màu sắc milestones yellow or gold in your gantt chart so they stand out easily from other tasks.


Repeat this process for the rest of the bars in your newly made gantt chart to lớn change their colors.


Congratulations! You’ve created your very own weekly gantt chart in Excel. That was probably a few more steps than you bargained for. Especially if you have sầu lớn bởi vì that every time you need to lớn create a gantt chart for a new project. That’s where comes in.

Build a gantt chart in minutes with

A better, faster, và more collaborative sầu way to lớn create, update, và track gantt charts

Gantt charts that are simple, beautiful, & super-easy lớn manage & update is exactly what was designed from the ground up khổng lồ vì.

Comparison: vs Excel gantt chart

Forget having lớn keep track of multiple Excel gantt chart files for each project and wasting time making sure all your charts are presentation-ready. makes it easy—và dare we say FUN—to create và manage your projects with shareable online gantt charts.Here’s a quiông chồng peek at how you can save time and headaches making gantt charts and managing projects with compared khổng lồ Excel:
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How khổng lồ create a gantt chart in

Ready khổng lồ get started? Follow these easy steps to lớn mix up your first project in


1. Go khổng lồ khổng lồ sign up for your free tài khoản to get started.

2. Once you log in, go to My Projects in the sidebar, and cliông chồng + New Project, then Create New Project.

3. Give sầu your project a name, & choose a project template lớn get you started if you want. Choose your mặc định project view và the days of the week you want lớn be able khổng lồ schedule work in your project. Then cliông chồng Create New Project.


4. Your project is created, & you’re ready to start adding your tasks!

5. Once you’ve sầu added your tasks lớn the task list, just clichồng & drag each taskbar to set the dates và duration.


6. If you have tasks that can’t begin until another task is complete, you can add a dependency to your gantt chart lớn make sure those tasks are always done in the proper order. Simply clichồng the gray dot to the right of the first task, và drag the dependency to the dependent task.


You’re all done! Congratulations on creating your first project in!

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