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Marvel'S Wolverine Game Teased With Cinematic Trailer

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Cinema quality action sequences with jaw-dropping graphics and detailOver 100 custom moves, reflex quick-kills, and long-range lunge attacksRage abilities to unlock special moves and powersUtilize Wolverine"s Feral Senses for tactical advantages over the enemyReal-time regeneration powers to mend bones and tissues for non-stop combat action

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It still amazes me that more people don"t know about this awesome game. Having played God of War, I wasn"t expecting to find anything new in x-men origins; I was dead wrong. The basic combat in X-men origins is superior to every other God of War clone out there, and stands toe to toe with Krato"s namesake. Wolverine can use his feral senses to track enemies in any enviornment, he can lunge over great distances and impale his enemies on his claws, or go berserk and shred everything in his path.There are two different time periods present in this game. The first shows Wolverine when he was still working for the government. These sections take place in africa, and are an excellent balance of combat and enjoyable, if simple, puzzles. The other time period loosely follows the storyline to the far inferior movie. These segments are almost wall to wall action and they are a lot of fun. Alternating between time periods was a good descsion on the part of the developers. It keeps the gameplay from growing stale.The graphics are more than servicable, the enviornments are colorful, and varied, and the voice acting is very good.Another very strong aspect of this game are it"s boss fights. While it is true that the bosses in the past are almost all copy-pasted, the boss fights in the movie story line are epic. From wiping the floor with the blob, to taming wild Wendigo"s the battles are varied and plentiful.My favorite feature in the game though, has to be the Wolverine on Wolverine fights. What are those you ask? There are Wolverine icons scattered throughout the game. When you collect both, you are able to unlock the outfit on the icon; but first you have to take it. You fight a mirror image of yourself, and once you when, not only do you get a new outfit, but you can fight your doppleganger again any time you want. You can even fight against a friend in this mode, which is just as cool.When all is said and done, only the God of War himself stands in the way of this being the best game in it"s genre. A definite buy.
  • beat24h