Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Weddings are supposed lớn be formal events, all prim và proper. But save those straight-laced traditions for the chapel – the reception is one place where brides và grooms can let loose và celebrate! One unconventional way lớn show your personality and showroom some humor is with a funny wedding cake topper.

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Quirky, hilarious, or a little tongue in cheek, we think these cake toppers are a great way to add some flair lớn your confection.

We searched far and wide khổng lồ come up with a wide variety of toppers that fall into many different themes, but all are undoubtedly funny. Hopefully, you will get a chuckle out of these, and maybe a few laugh-out-louds!


From afar, this classy topper resembles any other. The signature hand-lettered script in a màu sắc of your choosing looks modern and polished. As your guests approach to take a closer look, they’ll be doing a double-take. ‘About Damn Time’, reads this humorous cake topper!

Whether it’s a sentiment expressed by you or your parents, this topper is downright hilarious!


I wish this wedding topper was around when I got married. Mutual weirdness is definitely a big plus of marrying your soulmate. They just get you and understand you lượt thích no one else can. I bet you can even finish each other’s sandwiches – I mean, sentences! I couldn’t resist the Frozen reference…

Nevertheless, this is the ideal cake topper for you và your Kristoff. See what I mean about the weirdness? It would have been perfect for my big day!


Oh my goodness yes, I bet so many of us ladies can relate! This too-true topper depicts a bride pulling her sports-obsessed man away from the big screen. You can customize the television lớn depict nearly any sports team or game. Details on the bride and groom can also be tailored khổng lồ match the couple’s hair, outfit, & more.

For guests who are well aware of the groom’s infatuation with sports, this fitting topper will definitely get a laugh.


This Deer Couple Cake Topper is admittedly a little odd, but the more I look at it the more I like it! It’s a little bit whimsical, somewhat elegant, and for sure quirky. It would work really well for a nature wedding theme or an animal-loving couple. The glazed white finish of the porcelain keeps it classy & just the right amount of weird.

As a bonus, it would look awesome as a sculpture in your home long after your wedding.


Gaming couples rejoice! There is finally a way to include your shared passion as a part of your wedding day.

This bạn Cake topper features a pixelated couple in a retro 8-bit design. Just lượt thích your favorite characters from Zelda or Mario Kart, you can unlock an ultimate achievement – matrimony – with this fun topper.

If you met your match on Tinder, no shame! Think about how many other people have gone on disastrous dates. You got lucky & met your soulmate. Let this Tinder Match Cake Topper stand as a testament lớn your success. You took on the 21st century dating scene and won! It is also incredibly adorable with the đáng yêu customizable characters.

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If you’re considering this cake topper, your beau can probably bench press you in real life. Only the most dedicated athletes would move mountains khổng lồ get their hands on this weight-lifting cake topper. You can alter almost every part of this funny cake topper to lớn match your style và preferences. You can even send in photos for the designer to model the topper off of so it will resemble you and your partner to a T.

8. Fishing Bride Cake Topper

by Yepmax


This sweet fishing cake topper has a vintage feel, which I love. It looks like those elegant porcelain figurines that used lớn grace the shelves of my grandparent’s house. And I mean that in a good way – vintage is in!

With the delightful antique appearance, you would expect a demure bride and a dashing groom. However, in this scene, the bride is reeling in her husband, who she hooked by the seat of his pants with a fishing pole. The set of old-school charm và new-age humor is great!

If you’re planning to buổi tiệc nhỏ the night away, this wedding cake topper is very fitting! The đen silhouette is elegant & understated, working with a variety of cake designs và themes. The name can be personalized, making this a wonderful keepsake.

But the icing on the cake, excuse the pun, is the hilariously drunk bride & groom who are toasting to their life of wedded bliss with more than a few shots.

I see no issue topping a delicious wedding cake, one of the tastiest foods in my opinion, with more food! This custom wedding cake topper can be made into any delectable dish. Vì you và your partner go together like a burger and fries? Cookies & milk? Show your affinity for each other (and for tasty treats) with an adorable food topper complete with a delightful cartoon face.

Do you remember when Mia gave Michael Moscovitz the “I’m Sorry” pizza in the Princess Diaries movie? Couple goals! This Pizza Delivery cake topper would have certainly been their wedding cake topper of choice. You can customize the hair, attire, eye color, & even the bouquet. Pizza is truly the way to lớn your partner’s heart.

Cupcakes instead of a huge tiered wedding cake is a popular wedding trend, but it sort of eliminates the need for a grand cake topper. That doesn’t mean you have lớn leave your cupcakes naked, though. These paper cupcake toppers are awesome. It is a digital tệp tin that you download, customize the bride and groom’s face with your photo, và voila! You have a cute and hilarious-looking paper cut out for each & every cupcake.

We ladies all know who really wears the pants in the relationship, even if it takes our guys a few months of marriage to figure it out. This Bride in Charge cake topper may help to clue them in! The smart and stylish bride is hilariously wearing her man’s pants under her wedding dress & the pant-less hunk is left wondering what happened. Marriage buddy, that’s what happened!

I absolutely adore this topper. Two delightful flamingoes, outfitted with a veil & a bowtie, sends major tropical vibes. If you have a destination or summer wedding planned, this topper & your cake would be a match made in heaven. As flamingoes are one of the few monogamous animals (at least for a season), they’re very fitting for a day of “I do’s”.

How could we resist? While some of us may want to forget the dumpster fire that was 2020, others want to lớn remember how quality their quarantine wedding was. This masked mini couple has a handful of customization options and is designed out of lasting polymer clay, so it will hold up, just lượt thích your memories of social distancing.

Speaking of that, I wonder what happens when the officiant says “you may now kiss the bride”?

We’re Cackling At These Cake Toppers

A wedding is a joyful occasion, và a hilarious wedding cake topper just adds even more fun. There is an option for every theme & couple with many of them being customizable lớn truly reflect you & your true love.

If I could go back to my wedding day, I would forgo the typical cake topper & opt for one of these gems!

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