The Good And The Bad Of Flutter App Development

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“I think React Native is mature, but Flutter is the future.”

User’s bình luận on Reddit

Without knowing it, you’ve sầu probably already used the apps made with Flutter. Whether you shopped on Alibabố, ran an ad chiến dịch on Google Ads, made payments with Google Pay, or used a digital coupon, you’ve sầu likely witnessed the results of Flutter’s still comparatively short history.

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After its alpha launch in May 2017 & the official stable version release in December 2018, it didn’t take Flutter too long khổng lồ gain incredible popularity, judging by the number of stars on GitHub (119k vs React Native’s 95k). And it keeps increasing, substantiating the unfading interest in the sản phẩm.


Changing ứng dụng UI with Hot Reload, source: BuildFlutter

React Native has a similar feature called Fast Refresh and Xamarin offers XAML Hot Reload.

As for the newly introduced web development with Flutter, hot reload is not available. Instead, it’s replaced by hot restart, which has similar function, except hot reload remembers your state & hot restart does not.

+ High performance

A lot of factors go inkhổng lồ assessing an app’s performance: central processing unit (CPU) usage, number of requests per second, average response time, number of frames per second, and more. The Flutter team promises a constant 60fps (or 120 fps performance on devices capable of 120Hz updates), which is the rate at which modern screens display a smooth picture.

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We’ve already explained that the speed of Flutter’s apps is higher due lớn direct code compilation without any bridges that slow down performance.

To assess how well Flutter pulls through, see this retìm kiếm comparing Flutter, Xamarin, & React Native sầu performance. Spoiler alert: Flutter came in first with 58fps và a 220-millisecond launch time. Xamarin launched in 345 ms with 53fps & React Native sầu came second with 57fps and 229 ms.

Other comparisons were also made, with slightly differing results. According to thoughtbot, Flutter almost matched native sầu tiện ích CPU usage, but used 50 percent more memory than React Native sầu, while a recent performance study by inVerita showed Flutter’s cchiến bại lớn native sầu performance with React Native having the worst results.

+ Portability

With the aforementioned release of Flutter 2, Flutter completed its transformation from mobile-focused lớn portable và platform-agnostic. Due lớn Dart’s portability and compilation capabilities, the same codebase can be deployed across five main operating systems: iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, và Windows. Moreover, Google is working on expanding Flutter’s embedding potential to lớn cover cars, TVs, smart trang chính appliances, foldable devices, & so on.

As an example, admire the amazingly beautiful results of the competition held by Google and Lenovo lớn thiết kế a dynamical cloông chồng face, check the educational iRobot Coding App built with Flutter, or watch a đoạn Clip about what’s new in Flutter where Daniel Hall, Chief Engineer at Toyota, announces using Flutter for building next-gen infotainment systems for their vehicles.

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