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Fact Sheet
Investment Objective/Strategy - First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund (the "Fund") is a diversified, closed-kết thúc management investment company. The Fund"s investment objective sầu is khổng lồ provide a high màn chơi of total return. The Fund pursues its investment objective by investing at least 80% of its Managed Assets in a diversified portfolio of equity và fixed-income securities of issuers in emerging market countries. "Managed Assets" means the total asset value of the Fund minus the sum of the Fund"s liabilities other than the principal amount of borrowings, if any.

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There can be no assurance that the Fund"s investment objectives will be achieved. The Fund may not be appropriate for all investors.
Closing NAV1$10.55
Closing Market Price2$8.94
Discount lớn Net Asmix Value (NAV)15.26%
Total Managed Assets$58,472,680
Comtháng Shares Outstanding4,991,802
Dividend FrequencyQuarterly
Dividkết thúc Per Share Amt3$0.2500
Distribution Rate411.19%
Daily Volume14,645
Average 30-Day Daily Volume24,276
Closing Market Price 52-Week High/Low$15.84 / $8.85
Closing NAV 52-Week High/Low$16.24 / $10.44

Leverage costs include interest, fees & any upfront/offering costs associated with borrowings by the Fund.

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Total Net Assets with Leverage$58,472,680
Amount Attributable khổng lồ Common Shares$52,672,680
Amount Attributable khổng lồ Preferred Shares$0
Amount Attributable to Other Borrowings$5,800,000
Leverage (% of Total Adjusted Net Assets)9.92%

The above represents U.S. dollar denominated assets và foreign currency denominated assets hedged back into lớn U.S. dollars.
Country Percent
China 13.11%
Brazil 10.25%
Mexico 8.24%
India 8.12%
South Africa 8.09%
Taiwan 4.86%
South Korea 4.24%
Indonesia 4.13%
Saudi Arabia 3.08%
Oman 2.76%




The credit chất lượng và ratings information presented above reflect the ratings assigned by one or more nationally recognized statistical rating organizations (NRSROs), including Standard và Poor"s Rating Group, a division of the McGraw Hill Companies, Inc., Moody"s Investors Service, Inc., Fitch Ratings, or a comparably rated NRSRO. For situations in which a security is rated by more than one NRSRO & the ratings are not equivalent, the highest ratings are used. Sub-investment grade ratings are those rated BB+/Ba1 or lower. Investment grade ratings are those rated BBB-/Baa3 or higher. The credit ratings shown relate lớn the creditworthiness of the issuers of the underlying securities in the Fund, & not to the Fund or its shares. Credit ratings are subject khổng lồ change.
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