Fender Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster

I got a fender modern player short scale telecaster. It actually isn"t a bad playing guitar. I was able lớn get a discount on it from guitar center. Figured if I didn"t like it, I have the 30 day option to lớn return.The kích hoạt was a tad high, so a minor adjustment and it plays pretty well. I bought it because I wanted a travel guitar. Overall impressions are pretty favorable, I like the neck pick up, but not too fond of the bridge pick up, probably going khổng lồ replace that one. It is a little tinny sounding. Probably going to lớn replace the pots also. This is where the hack Squad syndrome kicks in.Anyway here"s a few pics. And no it"s not new cat day.Peace TT

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I love my short scale modern player tele. First hack was switching out the tunets lớn fender american vintage tuners(comes with the bushings). They have a way higher gear ratio and the stock tuners were my biggest gripe with the guitar(15:1 vs 7:1). I bởi want to eventually change out the bridge pickup but it"s not too bad in the middle position.

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the scale length makes it shorter. This is a 24" scale length, vs fender"s standard 25.5", or gibson"s 24.75". Và yes, due lớn that, the neck is shorter, with the frets being closer together.i was working in oxnard this weekend, & went into the local gc. They had one of these. The neck was very nicely flamed, but i couldn"t get a decent sound (to my ears) out of the pickups. Reminded me of playing an old mustang. They must have been 24" sl as well.



I probably tried the exact same one at Oxnard GC on last Thursday night. I thought it was interesting, good for a smaller person or someone with small hands. No interest khổng lồ me, however. The selection at that GC was abysmal, in my opinion. No middle tier Fenders- Bajas và the like. I held a new Gibson with the Sharpie logo and robot tuners for about five seconds until I puked into my own mouth a little bit.
I probably tried the exact same one at Oxnard GC on last Thursday night. I thought it was interesting, good for a smaller person or someone with small hands. No interest khổng lồ me, however.
yeah, but they actually had more guitars there than my local store does. the thing about the tele that stuck out to lớn me was the neck. It was so highly figured. Whoever gets that one is getting a stunning neck. But yeah, those are for some small handed folks. But they did used khổng lồ make the mustang, too. Và there might be another short scale in the old fender catalog. I can"t remember off the đứng đầu of my head.

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I had fun trying out both the short scale Tele and Strat (Strat had a gold foil like pickup in the bridge), both sounded pretty good, I have smaller hands but they did feel toy-esque....
I saw a couple of these (Tele & Strat) in the local GC about a month ago but didn"t try them out; maybe I"ll have to see if they are still there.Fender did use that 22-fret, 24" scale on a bunch of guitars over the years:JaguarMustangDuo-Sonic IIMusicmaster IIBroncoFrom what I"ve read the original Musicmaster & Duo-Sonic had an even shorter scale - a 22.5" scale 21 fret neck. Fender revamped those models to the "Duo-Sonic II" và "Musicmaster II" when the Mustang came out - the rework was so all 3 models could nội dung as many parts as possible. At that point in time the 24" scale neck was the "standard" neck, but the 22.5" scale neck was still available on all 3 models as an option for a couple of years.The Bronco came out in 1967; it only had the 24" scale neck so I would assume the 22.5" scale neck option ended in 1966 on the Mustang, Duo-Sonic II và Musicmaster II.
Looks like fender made a few short scales over the years. What"s a good choice for a replacement p/u ?
I got a used a MP Short Scale Butterscotch Blond, threw some flat wounds on it, played it for some jazz/blues and I was so impressed I found a new white blonde and ordered it! Since I only use the Neck pickup (for a jazz guitar anyway) it was exactly what I needed! Got khổng lồ love it!
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Just bought a used Modern Player short scale Tele. The 24" scale và narrower fret spacing is very weird, but I"m trying to adjust. More bothersome is the action. The upper register is giving me that fretting out/sitar sound, even though the kích hoạt is sort of high. Something is wrong with the action. Not sure what. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Hi lớn everyone, a question about this model: where are they made? Usa, Mexico,Japan or what? Thank you in advice!
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