The fault was/lay with the organizers, who failed to make the necessary arrangements for dealing with so many people.

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(in tennis and some other games) a mistake made by a player who is beginning a game by hitting the ball

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a crack in the earth"s surface where the rock has divided into two parts that move against each other:
a chất lượng in a person that shows that the person is not perfect, or a condition of something that shows that it is not working perfectly:
a crack in the earth’s surface where the rock is divided into two parts that can move against each other in an earthquake (= a sudden, violent movement of the earth’s surface)
Professional athletes cannot be faulted for making millions of dollars when they attract the fans that make the sport popular.
the fault lies with sb We need to lớn decide whether the fault lies with the buyer or the seller in this case.
relating to legal processes, insurance claims, etc. In which it is not necessary khổng lồ decide who is responsible for a bad situation:
lưu ý that this is in contrast to lớn most traditional fault modeling approaches where the fault is represented as an additive or a multiplicative time-dependent quantity.
However, it is also clear that the rural-urban fault line will not be removed or redrawn at least within the foreseeable future.
Subsequent intrusion of silicic magmas along these ring faults yielded the granites now preserved peripheral khổng lồ the caldera-fill sequences.
Neither editor is at fault, but it is another case where the ambiguity of the notation is lost in the precision of the modern edition.
In addition, the signature identification in time series leading khổng lồ fault detection and identification needs to be addressed.





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