Day Of The Dead Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Family traditions are so important! Here on Flourish và Knot, I’ve talked a lot about our family traditions. From the Scottish quaich ceremony at our wedding to the ornaments we put on our Christmas tree year after year, these rituals are at the heart of our family. Now that we’re parents to our beautiful baby Katherine, we want to make sure that she is in cảm biến with her Mexican heritage, despite living in Canada. When I was brainstorming ideas for my next craft, I knew I wanted something both for Halloween & Día de Muertos (the Day of the Dead – an important Mexican holiday that happens on November 2nd). So, I got out my paintbrushes và my glue gun và set about making a funky, colourful painted pumpkin!


Inspired by a beautiful painted pumpkin tutorial from Ariel at PMQ for Two, I phối out to create my own take on Día de Muertos decor. Here’s how I made it!


Acrylic paint in a variety of colours (the brighter the better!)

Fine-tip paintbrushes (I used one with a shorter tip & another, longer-tipped one)

A craft (or real!) pumpkin

Glue gun and glue

Silk flowers in a variety of colours

Pencil and good-quality eraser


Sketch your skull onto the pumpkin. You don’t have to showroom all the details right now – you can go back and make some changes later.

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One thing I found helpful (especially since I free-handed this), was to địa chỉ some basic reference lines to lớn my drawing (centre, middle of nose, centre of teeth etc.). It helped me to keep things mostly symmetrical.

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3. Once you are happy with your basic design, begin khổng lồ fill in some of the major elements with paint.


4. Continue filling in elements of your design, alternating colours khổng lồ get a bold palette. Don’t worry about details yet. You’ll fill those in after you vì chưng a second coat on everything.


5. Apply a second coat of paint khổng lồ your design, so that the shapes and colours really pop! I also added a bougainvillea vine khổng lồ the back of my pumpkin. Khổng lồ see how to vì chưng this in detail, you really need khổng lồ visit PMQ for Two! Ariel’s tutorial is top-notch & really makes it easy to get a gorgeous look. (Oh và did I mention she’s a fellow Canadian blogger?

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