What Does Ctrl+L Do?☆☛✅Selects address bar in a browser. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl+L is used lớn left align a paragraph.

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Also referred lớn as Control L & C-l, Ctrl+L is a shortcut key that varies depending on the program being used. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl+L is used khổng lồ left align a paragraph.Tip
On apple computers, the shortcut to lớn copy is the Command key+L keys.How to lớn use the Ctrl+L lớn use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L, press and hold either Ctrl key on the keyboard và while continuing khổng lồ hold, press the "l" key with either hand.Note On táo bị cắn computer keyboards, the Ctrl key is labeled as "control."Ctrl+L in an mạng internet browser All major mạng internet browsers (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) pressing Ctrl+L brings the address bar (location bar / omnibox) into focus.Ctrl+L in Audacity In Audacity, the Ctrl+L shortcut key silents highlighted sections of an audio track.Ctrl+L in Excel và other spreadsheet programs In Microsoft Excel & all other spreadsheet programs, pressing Ctrl+L opens the Create Table dialog box.Note If you"re editing the contents of a cell and press Ctrl+L, nothing will happen.Ctrl+L in Microsoft PowerPoint In Microsoft PowerPoint, the Ctrl+L shortcut key aligns the line or selected text lớn the left side of the slide.Ctrl+L in Word và other word processors In Microsoft Word và other word processor programs, pressing Ctrl+L left aligns the current paragraph.Using Ctrl+L in PuTTY With PuTTY, the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut clears the screen like the clear command.List of Common Control Key Shortcuts Ctrl+A These two keys will select all text or other objects. Ctrl+B Bold highlighted text. Ctrl+C Copy any selected text or another object. Ctrl+D Bookmark an xuất hiện web page or xuất hiện font window in Microsoft Word. Ctrl+E Center text. Ctrl+F mở cửa find window. Ctrl+G open Find in a browser and word processors. Ctrl+H xuất hiện the Find and Replace in Notepad, Microsoft Word, and WordPad Ctrl+I Italicize text. Ctrl+J View downloads in browsers & set justify alignment in Microsoft Word. Ctrl+K Create a hyperlink for the highlighted text in Microsoft Word & many HTML editors. Ctrl+L Select address bar in a browser or left align text in a word processor. Ctrl+M Indent selected text in word processors and other programs. Ctrl+N Create a new page or document. Ctrl+O mở cửa a tệp tin in most programs. Ctrl+P xuất hiện a print window lớn print the page you"re viewing. Ctrl+R Reload page in browser or right align text in a word processor. Ctrl+S Save the document or file. Ctrl+T Create a new tab in an internet browser or adjust tabs in word processors. Ctrl+U Underline selected text. Ctrl+V Paste any text or another object that has been copied. Ctrl+W Close mở cửa tab in a browser or close a document in Word. Ctrl+X Cut selected text or another object. Ctrl+Y These keys will redo any undo action.

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Ctrl+End Moves cursor lớn the kết thúc of a document instead of over of the line. Ctrl+Z Pressing these two keys will undo any action. Ctrl+Esc mở cửa the Windows Start Menu. Ctrl+Tab Switch between mở cửa tabs in browsers or other tabbed programs. Ctrl+Shift+Tab Will go backwards (right to lớn left). Ctrl+⇧ Shift+ZRedo Decrease font form size Ctrl+>Increase font size Ctrl+=Toggle phông subscript Ctrl+⇧ Shift+=Toggle phông superscript Ctrl+EndBottom(end of document or window) Ctrl+HomeTop (start of document or window) Ctrl+InsertCopy Ctrl+PgDnNext tab Ctrl+PgUpPrevious tab Ctrl+Tab ↹Next window or tab Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Tab ↹Previous window or tab Ctrl+←Previous word Ctrl+→Next word Ctrl+DeleteDelete next word Ctrl+←BackspaceDelete previous word Ctrl+Alt+←BackspaceRestart X11 Ctrl+Alt+↑Rotate screen right-side up Ctrl+Alt+↓Rotate screen upside down Ctrl+Alt+←Rotate screen left Ctrl+Alt+→Rotate screen right Ctrl+⇧ Shift+EscOpen task manager Ctrl+Alt+DelReboot; open task manager or session options20 Common Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys Ctrl+W → Close the active window / document. Ctrl+Z → Undo an action. Ctrl+Y → Redo the last kích hoạt or repeat an action. Ctrl+S → Save a document. Ctrl+P → Print a document. Ctrl+K → Insert a hyperlink. Alt+Left → Arrow Go back one page. Alt+Right → Arrow Go forward one page. Ctrl+C → Copy selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard. Ctrl+V → Paste the most recent addition khổng lồ the Office Clipboard. Ctrl+Shift+A → Format all letters as capitals. Ctrl+B → Applies or removes bold formatting. Ctrl+I → Applies or removes italic
formatting. Ctrl+= → Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing). Alt, F, A → Save As. Alt, S, T, I → Insert Table of Contents. Alt, S, T, R → Remove Table of Contents. Alt, W, F → Full Screen Reading – View > Document Views > Full Screen Reading. Alt, W, R → Ruler. View > Show/Hide > Ruler. Alt, F, X → Exit Word.Other Common Keyboard Shortcuts → kích hoạt Windows key → open or close Start Menu. Windows key + A → open Action center. Windows key + C → mở cửa Cortana in listening mode. Windows key + D → Display or hide the desktop. Windows key + E → mở cửa File Explorer.

Windows key + G
→ xuất hiện Game bar when a trò chơi is open. Windows key + H → open the nói qua charm. Windows key + I → xuất hiện Settings. Windows key + K → xuất hiện the Connect quick action. Windows key + L → Lock your PC or switch accounts. Windows key + M → Minimize all windows. Windows key + R → open Run dialog box. Windows key + S → open Search. Windows key + U → xuất hiện Ease of Access Center. Windows key + X → xuất hiện Quick links menu. Windows key + Number → open the app pinned khổng lồ the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. Windows key + Left arrow key → Snap ứng dụng windows left. Windows key + Right arrow key → Snap app windows right. Windows key + Up arrow key → Maximize app windows. Windows key + Down arrow key → Minimize app windows. Windows key + Comma → Temporarily peek at the desktop. Windows key + Ctrl + D → add a virtual desktop. Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrow → Switch between virtual desktops. Windows key + Ctrl + F4 → Close current virtual desktop. Windows key + Enter → open Narrator. Windows key + Home → Minimize all but the active desktop window (restores all windows on second stroke). Windows key + PrtScn → Capture a screenshot & save in Screenshots folder. Windows key + Shift + Up arrow → Stretch the desktop window lớn the top và bottom of the screen. Windows key + Tab → open Task view. Windows key + "+" key → Zoom in using the magnifier. Windows key + "-" key → Zoom out using the magnifier. Ctrl + Shift + Esc → mở cửa Task Manager. Alt + Tab → Switch between mở cửa apps. Alt + Left arrow key → Go back. Alt + Right arrow key → Go forward. Alt + Page Up → Move up one screen. Alt + Page down → Move down one screen. Ctrl + alt +Tab → View mở cửa apps Ctrl + C → Copy selected items to lớn clipboard. Ctrl + X → Cut selected items. Ctrl + V → Paste content from clipboard. Ctrl + A → Select all content. Ctrl + Z → Undo an action. Ctrl + Y → Redo an action. Ctrl + D → Delete the selected item & move it lớn the Recycle Bin. Ctrl + Esc → xuất hiện the Start Menu. Ctrl + Shift → Switch the keyboard layout. Ctrl + Shift + Esc → xuất hiện Task Manager. Ctrl + F4 → Close the active window. What is an Operating System? » Computer Shortcut Keys và their Functions » Keyboard Function Keys » Computer Basics - Hardware - Software - Parts (Pdf) Word 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf100 Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Faster in Windows 7100 Shortcut Keys in Computer100 Shortcut Keys in Computer a to Z100 Shortcut Keys in Computer tải về Pdf100 Shortcut Keys in Computer Pdf100 Shortcut Keys in Computer Windows 7100 Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word100 Shortcuts Using Keyboard157 Shortcuts for Microsoft Word năm nhâm thìn (Windows)20 Shortcut Keys of Ms Word200 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) khổng lồ Boost Your Productivity30 Keyboard Shortcuts và Its Functions30 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word30 Shortcut Keys in Computer50 Shortcut Keys Computer50 Shortcut Keys of Computer50 Shortcut Keys of Ms Excel50 Shortcut Keys of Ms Word500 Shortcut Keys in ComputerA – Z Function và Control Computer Keyboard KeysAll Short Cut Keys in ComputerAll Shortcut KeysAll Shortcut Keys of ComputerComputer Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Windows Hotkey, Ms

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